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12.05.2017 (09:03) About 100 sportsmen-skydivers of the Russian Airborne troops are preparing for the Ryazan Kremlin 2017 international competitions In course of training, about they will carry out 3,000 parachute jumps from different altitudes.
29.07.2016 (09:00) Military servicemen from 38 countries-participants of the 40th World Military Parachuting Championship left for permanent locations On the last day of the 40th World Military Parachuting Championship, 15 representatives of countries-participants performed “Jump of Friendship” from the altitude of 4,000 meters.
25.07.2016 (11:01) Russia hands the baton to Germany in holding the World Military Parachuting Championship Competitions will be held on different landing sites of the parachute club near the Warendorf town in the mid July, 2017.
23.07.2016 (13:50) Male and female teams of Russia are on the leading positions of the World Military Parachuting Championship in landing accuracy According to the conditions of the contest, competitors are to perform parachute jump from the altitude of 1.200 meters at the restricted area of 2 cm in diameter.
23.07.2016 (09:22) Military paratroopers from all over the world conducted record number of parachute jumps during the 4th day of the Championship 30 male teams performed more than 350 jumps, and 12 female teams carried out more than 50 parachute jumps.
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