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30.09.2015 (10:43) Russian paratroopers arrived in South Korea to participate in the parachute competitions at the World Military Games The servicemen will compete in landing accuracy as well as aerial acrobatics.
20.07.2015 (07:33) Servicemen of Belarus to participate in the Parachuting championship of the Airborne Troops for the first time The competitions, which will last for five days, will involve over 70 best sportsmen from Russian Airborne Troops and the Special Task Forces of the Republic of Belarus.
14.05.2015 (12:16) Airborne jointly with aviation to show demonstration performance at the opening of the Race of Heroes The Airborne will show seizure of strategic facilities and elimination of illegal armed groups. Firing cover will be provided by four Su-27 fighters and two Mi-24 helicopters.
05.05.2015 (10:13) Southern MD paratroopers training for the Armed Forces Championship During the training sportsmen improved their skills in landing to restricted areas, practices elements of the individual acrobatics.
17.04.2015 (12:12) The Southern MD sky jumping team are getting ready for the Armed Forces and the Russian sky jumping Championships During the training session in Krasnodar Krai the servicemen of the Southern MD sky jumping team have started to execute complicated formation skydiving figures.
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