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27.08.2018 (17:02) Aerospace Forces exceed 100 sorties during Army 2018 IMTF Aviation demonstration involved aerobatic Swifts, Russian Knights, Golden Eagles teams, and Mi-8, Mi-26, Ka-52, Mi-35, and Mi-28N helicopters.
27.08.2018 (16:09) Over 50,000 people visits Army 2018 IMTF in Rostov region Last year, more than 25,000 people attended the six-day Army 2017 Forum.
26.08.2018 (16:41) Russian Navy armaments, military and special equipment’s showing in framework of Army-2018 IMTF is over in Kronstadt The forum included a wide cultural programme participated by ensembles. Also the forum involved different sports events.
24.08.2018 (13:30) Army 2018 IMTF starts in Khabarovsk The aviation part of the exhibition is presented by Tu-134UBL, An-12, An-26, Su-35S the newest fighter jet of the 4++ generation and fighter-bomber su-34.
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