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13.07.2020 (22:03) The role of the military police in restoring the statutory order in the troops will be discussed at the forum "ARMY-2020" Specialists will exchange experience and develop common balanced approaches that will help strengthen law and order and military discipline in the Armed Forces.
10.07.2020 (17:30) At the "ARMY-2020" forum, the prospects for the development of the marine corps of the Navy will be discussed The development of the marine corps of the Navy for the period up to 2030 will be discussed during the international military-technical forum "ARMY-2020".
08.07.2020 (20:59) Development of communication nodes of field mobile control points of modular type will be discussed at the forum "ARMY-2020" Current issues of organizational and technical construction of communication nodes of mobile field control points of modular type will be the subject of professional discussion during the scientific and business program of the international military-technical forum "ARMY-2020".
07.07.2020 (15:00) At the forum "ARMY-2020" will show a reconstruction of the air battle of the Great Patriotic war In memory of the heroes of the front-line years, honored pilots will demonstrate flights on "Piper Kab" and Yak-52 aircraft.
03.07.2020 (11:45) At the "ARMY-2020" forum, experts will discuss the possibilities of digital transformation of military shipbuilding As a result of the round table, proposals will be formulated to create digital copies of promising samples of gas turbine and diesel engines, as well as diesel-reduction, diesel-gas turbine and gas turbine units.
01.07.2020 (13:25) The Russian Defence Ministry is holding a competition for the best project in the field of information technology in the interests of ensuring the defence and security of the state The interdepartmental expert commission will start reviewing the competition entries on August 10, 2020. The winners and laureates will be determined by August 24.
28.06.2020 (02:00) Operators of the 11th scientific company are preparing to participate in the IMTF ARMY 2020 The VI international military-technical forum "ARMY-2020" will be held in August 2020 at the "Patriot" Convention and exhibition center (Kubinka, Moscow region), the Alabino training ground and Kubinka airfield.
26.06.2020 (10:00) The latest underwater laser cutting device will be demonstrated at the "ARMY-2020" forum This innovative development will allow divers to perform manual laser gas-dynamic cutting of metal structures, as well as products made of composite materials at depths of up to 60 m.
25.06.2020 (15:00) Experts of the Russian Defence Ministry will discuss the experience of implementing 3D technologies for creating new weapons at the "ARMY-2020" forum The discussion will identify priority and new applications of 3D printing in the interests of the Russian Defence Ministry, as well as ways to address current issues.
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