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Central Sport Club of the Army

The “Pilot-Demonstrating military-and-sport ground of Universal Military Training” was founded in February 1923 on the base of the pre-revolutionary “Community of ski sports lovers” with the help of the Central Department of the work-people military training. It was located in the Sokolniki park of Moscow. It was the first central sport organization of the Red Army. It was built to develop paramilitary sports, such as: athletics, weightlifting, football, basketball, gymnastics, boxing, shooting and ski sports, ball hockey.

After 5 years this organization entered the Central House of the Red Army as a department of physical training and sports.

The Central Sport Club of the Ministry of Defence was founded in October 1953. The sport bases of House of the Red Army and the Air Force of the Moscow Military District entered the Club. In 1960 it was renamed as the Central Sport Club of the Army (CSKA). In 1963 the Soviet Ministry of Defence published a special order № 88 which said that the 29th April 1923 is the official foundation day of the Club.

Such outstanding sportsmen as Vsevolod Bobrov, Vladimir Kuts, Yuri Vlasov, Victor Sidiak, Victor Krovopuskov, Stanislav Pozdnyakov, Yevgeny Grishin, Vladimir Salnikov, Irina Rodnina, Vladimir Nazlymov, Victor Kuzkin, Alexandr Ragulin, Vladislav Tretiak, Anatoly Firsov, Dmitry Belozerchev, Yelena Vialbe, Andrei Homutov, Arcady Vorobyov, Leonid Zhabotinski, Eduard Sibiryakov, Umar Mavlihanov, Mark Midler, German Sveshnikov, Alexandr Zaytsev, Georgy Mondzolevsky, Victor Klimenko, Valeri Kharlamov, Vyacheslav Fetisov were trained in the Club of the Army.

There have always been outstanding coaches, such as: Anatoly Tarasov, Boris Arkadiev, Vitaly Arkadiev, Alexandr Gomelski, Yuri Chesnokov, Stanislav Zhuk, Mark Rakita, Miron Winer, Mark Midler, Valery Muratov, Tatiana Tarasova, Yevgeny Zagorulko in the CSKA.

Twenty sportsmen and coaches were awarded the Order of Lenin. Bust monuments of them dress the Walk of Fame which is in front of the main office building if the Club.

11000 champions of the USSR and Russia have been trained by the CSKA since its foundation.

250 thousand of sportsmen finished the CSKA school.

The CSKA sportsmen won 1086 Olympic Games medals, including 475 golden ones.

The CSKA sportsmen won 4500 International and Europe Cups medals, including 2629 golden ones.

Nowadays the Club is training 670 sportsmen, including 49 Merited Masters of Sports, 90 International Masters of Sports, and 109 Masters of Sports.

120 coaches work for the Club, including 46 Merited Soviet and Russian coaches.


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