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15.06.2015 (15:06) “Race of Heroes” finished in Yekaterinburg Over 2 000 citizens tested their skills on a 7,2-kilometre track with 23 different obstacles.
12.06.2015 (11:46) Sports event devoted to the Russia Day is held in the Operational grouping of the Russian troops in Transnistria The competitions involved about 30 teams, sports contests were also held for servicemen’s children.
11.06.2015 (16:03) CSKA to deliver a presentation of the Winter World Military Games at the Forum “Army-2015” The CSKA representatives will also show the goalie mask of Vladislav Tretiak, gloves of Valeri Kharlamov, and the discuss of the first Soviet Olympic Champion Nina Ponomareva.
29.05.2015 (14:42) Armed Forces orienteering championship starts in the Central MD Over one hundred sportsmen of ten teams from military districts, fleets, service arms and armed services as well as CSKA take part in the competition.
26.05.2015 (19:37) CSKA’s helicopter aerobatic team will take part in the 1st International Air Show in Sochi Our military pilots have long been the absolute leaders of the world helicopter sport, always gaining unconditional victories in the most prestigious competitions.
25.05.2015 (17:54) Honoring of prize-winners of the 1st Open Hockey Championship of the Russian Navy held in St. Petersburg The Commander-in-Chief of the Navy Admiral Viktor Chirkov personally presented awards to the best naval hockey players.
21.05.2015 (22:15) Participants of the third “Race of Heroes” will be prepared by the two-time World Sambo Champion Yana Kostenko On May 23, the third “Race of Heroes” will take place at the range of the Tamanskaya motorized rifle division (Alabino, Moscow Region).
08.05.2015 (09:40) The “Race of Heroes” participants will meet MG bursts and salvos At the full of obstacles 10-km distance organization personnel will equip several fire ambushes, which are supposed to “cheer up” participants with blank rounds.
01.05.2015 (06:00) Eastern MD servicemen held a sports festival on May 1 Over 5 000 servicemen and members of their families took part in it.
30.04.2015 (12:44) Sport company added as part of the Central MD motorized rifle brigade Unit will be finally formed in autumn 2015 and will consist of 50 servicemen who are competitive sportsmen and masters of sports.
29.04.2015 (12:32) Applied swimming championship starts in Kronstadt One hundred sportsmen take part in the competition. According to the experts, the most difficult element is long diving.
21.04.2015 (07:26) Cadets of Far Eastern Aerospace Defence Command School to plant the Victory Banner on the highest point of Russia and Europe – mountain Elbrus The replica of the Victory Banner along with the flags of service arms and armed services, and the flags of the countries participants of the competition will be planted after mass climbing on the Elbrus on height 5645 metres.
18.04.2015 (06:44) Olympics of pre-conscription youth held in the Eastern MD training centre located in Zabaykalsky Krai Over 300 school children take part in the Olympics of pre-conscription youth devoted to the 70h anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War.
17.04.2015 (15:03) The Air Force’s championship on military-applied swimming is over It was attended by 125 servicemen, representing 24 picked teams of military control bodies, formations and military units (organisations) of the Air Force.
16.04.2015 (15:15) Military pentathlon championship held at the Baltic Fleet Over 50 servicemen from 11 teams which represented military formations and units of the Fleet competed in firing Kalashnikov assault rifles, swimming at 50 m, grenade throwing, cross and barrier line.
14.04.2015 (19:00) The servicemen of the Arctic combat units competed on the snowy slopes of Elbrus The winter mountain triathlon Championship of the Armed Forces has finished in Treskol (The Kabardino-Balkar Republic) at the mountain warfare and survival training Center of the Ministry of Defence of Russia.
10.04.2015 (13:34) First aquathlon championship finished at the Pacific Fleet Duels lasted for 30 seconds. The winner is the person who is the first to get a band from opponent’s leg. The sportsmen could use only a mask, a breathing pipe and paddles.
10.04.2015 (12:12) The Armed Forces Winter Mountain Triathlon Championship started in the Elbrus region The Championship will be divided into three stages: skiing, ice climbing and patrol racing.
08.04.2015 (08:39) Russian Defence Minister established first CSKA physical culture school In his words General of the Army Sergei Shoigu expressed confidence that new “stars” of Russian sport, who will glorify this country at the most prestigious competitions, will grow up in its drill halls.
15.03.2015 (06:25) Western MD staff officers compete in swimming About 100 officers of 26 teams participated in 100- and 50-meter swimming races.
13.03.2015 (18:39) Vladislav Shkurikhin won the gold medal at the snowboard world championship in China In a high-mountain duel he overplayed his CSKA comrade Valery Kolegov.
11.03.2015 (14:00) CSKA athletes participated in the Russian Kickboxing Championship Anton Nagorny and Artem Vidiakin won golden medals at 71 kg and 75 kg categories.
04.03.2015 (09:27) Olympic champion Aleksey Nemov initiated the young students of Tuva into the CSKA fans club “Find your own kind of sports which will win your heart forever and it will help you to become a figure!” addressed the famous gymnast to the young men at the autograph signing session.
12.02.2015 (15:06) Two-time Olympic gold medalist, pole vaulter Yelena Isinbayeva returns to CSKA At the press-conference Yelena Isinbayeva claimed that she would go to the Olympics 2016 in Rio de Janeiro only if she would be able to fight for gold.
11.02.2015 (11:50) Preparation for the Army Games-2015 international contest started in the Western MD Nowadays 5 Naval and army training areas of the Western MD are being prepared for the contest.
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