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21.04.2015 (07:26) Cadets of Far Eastern Aerospace Defence Command School to plant the Victory Banner on the highest point of Russia and Europe – mountain Elbrus The replica of the Victory Banner along with the flags of service arms and armed services, and the flags of the countries participants of the competition will be planted after mass climbing on the Elbrus on height 5645 metres.
18.04.2015 (06:44) Olympics of pre-conscription youth held in the Eastern MD training centre located in Zabaykalsky Krai Over 300 school children take part in the Olympics of pre-conscription youth devoted to the 70h anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War.
17.04.2015 (15:03) The Air Force’s championship on military-applied swimming is over It was attended by 125 servicemen, representing 24 picked teams of military control bodies, formations and military units (organisations) of the Air Force.
16.04.2015 (15:15) Military pentathlon championship held at the Baltic Fleet Over 50 servicemen from 11 teams which represented military formations and units of the Fleet competed in firing Kalashnikov assault rifles, swimming at 50 m, grenade throwing, cross and barrier line.
14.04.2015 (19:00) The servicemen of the Arctic combat units competed on the snowy slopes of Elbrus The winter mountain triathlon Championship of the Armed Forces has finished in Treskol (The Kabardino-Balkar Republic) at the mountain warfare and survival training Center of the Ministry of Defence of Russia.
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