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10.08.2020 (00:38) Russian group to inspect an envisaged area in Germany The inspection is conducted in order to determine the scale of military activity within the envisaged area which is subject to notification or to identify the absence of the military activity which is subject to notification.
10.08.2020 (00:14) The Russian Federation to carry out an observation flight over the territory of Germany It will be carried out in the period from 10 to 14 August from the Open Sky Cologne Bonn Airport.
03.06.2020 (08:51) The frigate of the Black Sea Fleet "Admiral Grigorovich" and the rescue ship "Professor Nikolai Muru" stood up for the raid of the port of Colombo After resupply, they will continue to perform mission in accordance with the task.
18.05.2020 (12:23) The fourth aircraft with military personnel and special equipment took off from the Serbian airfield towards Russia The combined unit of the Russian Defence Ministry performed tasks to assist in the fight against the spread of coronavirus infection in the Republic of Serbia.
10.05.2020 (08:45) The third column with military personnel and equipment of the combined detachment of the Russian Defence Ministry in Italy went to the airfield for departure to Russia On May 10, it is planned to make two flights and deliver 14 military personnel and 4 units of special military equipment to Russia.
10.05.2020 (07:00) In two days, Russian Aerospace forces returned to Russia more than 30 servicemen and 8 pieces of equipment from Italy The transfer of military personnel and special equipment of the combined detachment of the Russian Ministry of Defence is carried out in a planned manner.
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