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Viktor Bondarev V. Bondarev
Commander of the Aerospace Forces, Colonel General
Vladimir Korolev V. Korolev
Commander-in-Chief of the Navy, Admiral
Oleg Salyukov O. Salyukov
Commander-in-Chief of the Land Forces, Colonel General
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Viktor Bondarev

Viktor Bondarev

Commander of the Aerospace Forces, Colonel General


Born on 7 December 1959 in the village of Novo-Bogoroditskoye (the Petropavlovsk District of the Voronezh Region).

He graduated from the Borisoglebsk Higher Military School of Pilots (1981), Air Force Academy named after Yu.A. Gagarin (1992), and the Military Academy of the RF Armed Forces’ General Staff (2004).

During his service he occupied the following positions: the flight instructor, senior flight instructor, flight commander, deputy squadron commander, squadron commander, senior regiment navigator, deputy commander of aviation regiment, aviation division commander, deputy commander of AF and AD Army, commander of AF and AD Army, Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Air Force.

From July 2011 to May 2012 — the Chief of the Main Staff of the Air Force / First Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Air Force.

By the RF Presidential Decree of 6 May 2012 he has been appointed the Commander-in-Chief of the Air Force.

Honoured Military Pilot, Pilot-Sniper. Has totally more than 3000 flight hours. Has mastered over 3 types of aircraft: L-29, MiG-21, Su-25 and design changes of the last-mentioned.

Personal decorations: the Order of Service to the Homeland in the USSR’s Armed Forces, the Order of Courage, the Order’s Medal of Merit for the Fatherland 2nd grade, 11 Medals.

Awarded the title of Hero of the Russian Federation for courage and heroism during an antiterrorist operation in the North-Caucasian area by the Decree of the RF President of 21 April 2000.

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