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Address to the participants of the Conference

Dear colleagues,

We would like to invite two representatives of your engineering troops specializing in mine and IED clearance to participate in the Third International Conference on Mine Clearance to be held in Moscow on May 21-24, 2018.

The delegations are expected to arrive on May 21, 2018, while their departure is scheduled for May 24, 2018.

The Russian Federation will cover all costs related to accommodation, meals and transportation provided to the delegations during their stay in the Russian Federation. Flights to the Russian Federation and back shall be paid for by the Sending Party.

The conference is to be attended by the representatives of more than
40 foreign countries and 6 international organizations.

The conference will focus on the issues of humanitarian demining and clearance of improvised explosive devices.

The conference will be organized in the following manner:

Day 1 – general meeting;

Day 2 – the participants shall be divided into two subgroups: subgroup 1 – humanitarian demining; subgroup 2 – IED clearance.

The participants are requested to provide their presentations on the above topics. Provision of notifications of the intended presentation topics (via email:, prior to April 1, 2018 would be greatly appreciated. Please note that the presentations should be limited to a maximum of 15 minutes.

The Russian Side would like to share its experience and provide a report on the results of the mine clearance operation in the city of Deir ez-Zor, Syrian Arab Republic.

The conference will demonstrate the capabilities of the International Mine Action Center of the Russian Federation Armed Forces in training experts in humanitarian demining and present engineering equipment used for humanitarian demining and IED clearance in various conditions.

We look forward to active and fruitful involvement of your representatives in the course of the conference.

Please also find attached the application form and administrative classification.

The schedule of the conference will be updated on after April 1, 2018.

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