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Information about Mine Action International Conference

1. General information

Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation organized a meeting of the international experts and the experts of federal law enforcement authorities on humanitarian demining issues and countering improvised explosive devices, which will take place May 21-24, 2018.

 2. Participants

The country which received official invitation and sent two representatives.

 3. Language

Working language – Russian, English, Spanish and Arabic.

 4. Costs

The committee will defray expenses of the meeting, conferences, food service, as well as accommodation during the event. The participants will defray all other expenses, related to personal transport and air tickets.

 5. Registration

All participants are to send their registration forms to the organization committee before April 20, 2017 (preferably via e-mail).

 6. Venue

The conference will take place:

Theoretical part on the territory of the Federal state institution Congress-exhibition center “Patriot” (Alabino, Naro-Fominsk area, Moscow region)

Practical part on the territory of the Federal budgetary institution “International Demining Center of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation”(Nahabino, Krasnogorsk area, Moscow region).

 7. Accommodation

Participants will be staying at the “Azimut Hotel Olympic Moskva”, located at: 129110, 18\1 Olympiisky Avenue, Moscow.

 8. Transfer from the airport to the hotel

Committee will provide the necessary transportation in order to transfer the participants from the airport or railway station to the hotel, venue of the conference and back. Participants are entitled to select a means of transportation or use a personal vehicle.

 9. Dress code

Military uniform for the officers, suits for civilians, informal outfit for the other participants.

 10. Presentation submission deadline

The participants are able to provide send their documents and presentations to the committee before May 10, 2018. Please inform the organization committee if it will be necessary to provide a computer, video player, disks and other data storage devices’ readers.  Presentation cannot exceed 15 minutes.

 11. Weather conditions

In  may the temperature in Moscow varies between 14 – 16 degrees. Time zone: GMT + 3.

 12. Currency rate

1 dollar – 60 rubles.

 13. Contact information:

Sergei Abramov, email:, phone: +7-495-498-54-08, fax: 8-495-498-43-20

Alexandr Porhunov, email:, phone\fax: +7-495-566-07-38.

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