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22.11.2020 (00:15) A detachment of the International Mine Action Centre arrived in the Lao People's Democratic Republic for humanitarian demining of the country's territory This is the third mission of the Russian military personnel of the mine centre to the Lao People's Democratic Republic.
31.03.2020 (17:10) The squad of the International Mine Action Center returned to Russia from Laos A detachment of 34 soldiers was delivered by an Il-76MD military transport aviation of the Russian Aerospace Forces to the Chkalovsky military airfield.
30.03.2020 (00:00) International Mine Action Centre squad completes humanitarian demining of Laos In the course of work from October 2019 to March 2020, Russian experts in the Lao territory of more than 10 hectares discovered and disposed of more than 830 explosive objects.
07.02.2020 (15:21) The head of the military Department got acquainted with the promising developments of the Central Scientific-Research Institute of Engineering Troops The Minister of Defence, in particular, was shown a device with which the means of engineering intelligence will be able to find explosive items by evaporations of explosives and a remote mining system.
07.02.2020 (15:15) The Defence Minister instructed to develop a evolution concept of the International mine action center of the Russian Armed Forces The head of the military Department noted that the concept should provide for the creation of a new laboratory complex for testing and the development of the center's landfill base.
07.02.2020 (15:06) The Defence Minister checked the international mine action center in the Moscow suburb of Nakhabino The head of the military Department was shown training classes, including for training specialists in improvised explosive devices, a training complex, towns for humanitarian demining and mine search dogs.
20.01.2020 (17:56) Russian military personnel found more than 500 explosive items in Laos Clearance of 120 hectares of land in Sienghuang province is carried out by a detachment of the International mine action center of the Russian Armed Forces.
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