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18.06.2018 (15:10) Su-24 short-range bombers deliver missile and bomb strike on mock enemy During the drills, pilots performed a complicate piloting stunt at the altitude of 50m-3,000m, land approach (Afghan variant) – nosedive with maximum gradient.
18.06.2018 (11:53) Private First Class of Airborne Troops becomes best marksman at Maintenance Battalion A team of the Airborne Troops leads in team ranking followed by a team of the Omsk Armour Engineering Institute and team of the Central Military District.
18.06.2018 (11:37) Tank crews of Southern MD master skills at Tank Biathlon tracks Trainings are held at 7km itinerary equipped with various obstacles including escarp, slopes, hill, water obstacles, minefields, S-turn etc.
18.06.2018 (10:02) Electronic Warfare Troops intercept drones at training in Khabarovsky Krai Crews of Zhitel and Altayets complexes have detected, conducted bearing and analysed radio-frequency source transmitted by mock hostile UAV channels.
Show by:  5 10 25
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