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20.09.2019 (08:00) Airborne special forces groups provide guidance and adjustment of precision-guided weapons and aircraft at Donguz training ground within Tsentr 2019 maneuvers Landing in the area of the upcoming combat training operations will be conducted from a height of more than 2,000 meters using the Arbalet parachute systems.
20.09.2019 (03:00) 130 military helicopters of Russia and China involved in Tsentr 2019 maneuvers Army aviation will provide for the transfer and landing, cover of main troops, the delivery of goods, and deliver strike on the combat formations of a mock enemy.
20.09.2019 (01:00) Iskander-M missile complex hits mock enemy target within Tsentr 2019 To evaluate the effectiveness of hitting a target, an Orlan-10 unmanned aerial vehicle was used.
18.09.2019 (07:43) Mountain motorised rifle unit of Central MD and servicemen of Republic of Kyrgyzstan repel attack of illegal armed groups in the Tian Shan mountains With the support of artillery units, assault and army aviation aircraft, the attack of the mock enemy was repelled.
18.09.2019 (05:39) Servicemen of Iskander-M missile complexes prepare main and reserve launching positions During the exercise, the crews will practice combat launch at the base camp of mock terrorists at the Sary-Shagan training ground.
18.09.2019 (05:23) About 80 Il-76 aircraft are relocated to operational airfields within Tsentr 2019 maneuvers For the first time, such number of transport aviation aircraft will be involved in the landing of personnel and equipment of the airborne units simultaneously at the same landing site.
18.09.2019 (04:07) Military personnel of Russia and Tajikistan will carry out joint operation to destroy mock illegal armed groups during Tsentr 2019 maneuvers Practical action of the troops will take place at the Liaur training ground in the Republic of Tajikistan.
18.09.2019 (02:10) Electronic warfare units cover command posts from missiles and reconnaissance within Tsentr 2019 maneuvers At the training grounds of the Central Military District, EW units cover their own command posts and important industrial facilities.
18.09.2019 (01:00) UAV and MLRS ensure movement of main units within Tsentr 2019 maneuvers in Tajikistan During the preparation of the units for the offensive, the crew of reconnaissance unmanned aerial vehicles in the direct video signal transmission mode within a radius of 10 kilometers discovered sabotage reconnaissance groups.
17.09.2019 (14:25) Defence ministers of Russia and Kazakhstan discuss development of cooperation between military departments at meeting in Moscow General of the Army Sergei Shoigu and Major General Nurlan Yermekbayev also exchanged views on a number of issues related to the regulatory framework, personnel training, and joint combat training activities.
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