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17.01.2020 (12:30) Specialists of the Logistics of the Russian military base in Abkhazia have started preparing for the Army International Games At the Gudauta, Tsabal, and Nagvalou ranges, military personnel are working out standards for deploying special equipment for organizing food and consumer services for units.
17.01.2020 (11:15) Mountain motorized infantry personnel of the SMD in Karachay-Cherkessia with the support of artillery stopped the offensive of the mock enemy During the exercise at the Kobu-Bashi training ground, the gunners of the motorized rifle unit fired self-propelled howitzers, multiple-launch rocket systems, and mortars at targets that mimicked the enemy's attacking infantry and artillery.
17.01.2020 (10:00) Navy minesweeper "Valentin Pikul" of the Black Sea Fleet conducted artillery fire in the sea The minesweeper's crews hit sea targets that mimic an enemy ship and a floating sea mine, and then worked out actions on repelling an air attack.
17.01.2020 (09:15) The military personnel of the Ulan-Ude formation of the airborne forces were trained in tactical training and management of units in combat During work out of tactical actions, special attention was paid to the organization of interaction, fire control of regular and attached units.
16.01.2020 (17:05) Russian Deputy Minister of Defence Lieutenant General Yunus-Bek Yevkurov checked the condition of the Uspenovsky training ground and the quality of training sessions in the army corps units on Sakhalin The Deputy head of the military Department noted the confident approach by equipping the training ground with elements, good organization of training and filling the field camp by more than 80%.
16.01.2020 (16:24) The newest minesweeper of the Black Sea Fleet "Ivan Antonov" passes the Black sea Straits The minesweeper will be part of the permanent force of the Navy in the Mediterranean.
16.01.2020 (16:16) More than 5 thousand soldiers of the tank army of the WMD in five regions of Russia have started the first qualifying stages of the Army international games More than 1.5 thousand modern models of weapons, military and special equipment are involved in the competitions.
16.01.2020 (14:05) Scouts of the Southern Military District near Volgograd received the latest radio station "Namotka-KS" Portable radio stations are designed to provide military personnel with simplex two-way telephone, telegraph and digital communications.
16.01.2020 (12:43) The commander of the CMD troops checked the combat readiness of units and formations of the 2nd combined arms army in the Volga region During the inspection, Colonel-General Alexander Lapin heard the leadership of the formation about the implementation of the action plan for 2020.
16.01.2020 (05:50) In Kamchatka, scouts of the marine corps of the Pacific Fleet (PF) work out special tasks in the shores of the Pacific ocean In accordance with the plan of combat training of coastal troops of the Pacific Fleet, intelligence units in Kamchatka began performing special tasks in the coastal zone.
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