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10.08.2020 (00:38) Russian group to inspect an envisaged area in Germany The inspection is conducted in order to determine the scale of military activity within the envisaged area which is subject to notification or to identify the absence of the military activity which is subject to notification.
10.08.2020 (00:14) The Russian Federation to carry out an observation flight over the territory of Germany It will be carried out in the period from 10 to 14 August from the Open Sky Cologne Bonn Airport.
07.08.2020 (09:15) The Russian military base in Abkhazia receives modern mobile kits for psychological study of military personnel The received equipment makes it possible to more accurately select psychologically compatible crews of combat vehicles.
07.08.2020 (04:10) EMD's signalmen began to deploy command posts at the Kashtak training ground During the practical part, the servicemen organize stable and secure communications using open, closed and satellite channels.
07.08.2020 (03:00) MiG-31 fighter of the Pacific Fleet naval aviation intercepted a mock violator of the air border in Kamchatka at night From the Yelizovo airfield, the crew of another MiG-31 fighter-interceptor from the duty forces was raised to intercept the mock intruder, which practiced the detection, capture with the sight and destruction of the target with the implementation of an electronic missile launch.
06.08.2020 (13:40) The ARMY 2020 Forum will create the most comfortable working conditions for foreign specialists Within the framework of the Forum, negotiations and meetings of the heads of defence departments of foreign states with the leadership of the Russian Ministry of Defence, other federal executive bodies of the Russian Federation and representatives of the Russian defence industry are expected.
06.08.2020 (13:10) Briefing for representatives of the military-diplomatic corps of foreign states was held in Moscow on the eve of the IMTF ARMY 2020 At the briefing, Major General Andrei Goncharov, Chief of the Main Directorate for Research and Technological Support of Advanced Technologies of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation, spoke about the main events of the forum.
06.08.2020 (12:30) Russian Defence Minister General of the Army Sergei Shoigu inspects the Teikovo Strategic Missile Forces formation During his working trip, he checked the organization of combat duty at the mobile command posts of the missile division and missile regiment.
06.08.2020 (11:30) Minesweeper of the Black Sea Fleet Vice-Admiral Zakharyin has completed mine action in the Mediterranean Sea During the training, the crew searched for mines in the designated sea area using various types of contact and non-contact trawls.
06.08.2020 (09:23) ARMY International Military and Technical Forum will be held in Primorye at five exhibition sites Traditionally, the main forum site will be the 33rd pier of the Pacific Fleet on Korabelnaya embankment in Vladivostok.
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