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18.03.2019 (15:00) Iran hosts Depth 2019 International Diving Contest Its participants will compete in underwater orienteering with the use of a compass, assistance to a confused diver and first aid, search and lifting of a sunken product, underwater welding, cutting.
18.03.2019 (12:20) Naval stage of Keys to the Sky contest kicks off in Kaliningrad region Pantsir-S anti-aircraft missile and gun system crews from Baltic, Northern, Pacific and Black Sea Fleets and Caspian Flotilla are involved in this competition.
18.03.2019 (09:56) Confident Reception preliminaries finish in Eastern MD The servicemen practiced tasks aimed at raising the level of professional training, improving the coordination of subunits and checking the combat capabilities of modern and prospective communications technology in conditions as close as possible to real ones.
17.03.2019 (23:58) The Russian Federation is to perform an observation flight on the Russian AN-30B surveillance aircraft over the France territory The observation flight over France will be carried out from 18 to 22 March 2019 from the Orleans Bricy Open Skies airfield.
17.03.2019 (18:06) Military traffic inspectors from military districts and Northern Fleet train for Road Patrol regional stage In 2019 the contest program includes another competition - "Acceleration and Emergency Braking" where the participants will show their reaction and sense of dimensions of the car.
17.03.2019 (11:20) Russian Deputy Defence Minister inspects Plesetsk Cosmodrome in Arkhangelsk region The Deputy Head of the Military Department, together with the commander of the Russian Aerospace Defence Forces, Colonel General Alexander Golovko, checked the progress of the construction of the unified launch technical complex of the Angara space rocket complex.
Show by:  5 10 25
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