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23.01.2017 (15:30) Russian Tu-22M3 long-range bombers carried out an aviation strike on ISIS terrorists’ objects in the Deir ez-Zor area According to the objective monitoring data, all assigned targets have been hit. All Russian aircraft came back to the airbases after performing assigned combat tasks.
23.01.2017 (14:53) Paratroopers perform combat readiness tasks Within 5 days, Airborne servicemen will practice putting units and formations on highest levels of combat readiness, conducting marching to assigned areas and perform combat training tasks.
23.01.2017 (13:50) Military engineers of the Western military district tank formation demolished the ice blocking during training in the Moscow region This spring the demolition units will be providing security of bridges and other constructions during ice drift.
23.01.2017 (12:43) Russia-Japan exercise was held in the Sea of Japan Admiral Tributs major anti-submarine ship and Boris Butoma major tanker of the Pacific Fleet took part in the exercise.
23.01.2017 (09:51) Attack aviation of the Eastern MD carried out target bombing at extremely low altitudes Pilots improved their skills in operating Su-25SM in winter at day- and nighttime independently and in pairs.
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