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07.12.2016 (15:37) Naval aviation base of the Baltic Fleet receives Su-30SM newest fighters Fighter crews have passed training course in the Combat training center of the naval aviation in Yeysk.
07.12.2016 (14:33) Crews of the Baltic Fleet warships launched exercise in Baltiysk and Kronstadt The servicemen are preparing the ships for combat, carry out ship damage control and defensive in permanent location stations.
07.12.2016 (12:24) More than 6,000 contract servicemen of the Western MD passed 4-week intensive training course The servicemen improved their skills in operating independently: they practiced making fire, drawing water, equip their positions, provide medical assistance, and navigating the terrain.
07.12.2016 (08:13) Servicemen of the Eastern MD practice operating new hardware The training programme allows to raise the professional level of servicemen and master the new hardware more quickly.
07.12.2016 (07:36) Su-30SM fighters carried out flights in low-temperature conditions Crews of the Eastern MD aviation regiment practiced instrument referenced controlling, carried out landing independently and in pairs.
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