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18.10.2019 (16:00) Minister of Defence present the Order of Zhukov to Military Academy of Communications and Krasnodar Higher Military School The awarding ceremony, at which the highest state awards were fixed on the banners of educational institutions, was held at the National Centre for State Defence Control of the Russian Federation.
18.10.2019 (14:07) Aerospace forces group will visit South Africa The purpose of the visit is the development of bilateral military cooperation and the development of cooperation between the Russian Aerospace Forces and the Air Force of the Republic of South Africa.
18.10.2019 (14:06) Western MD combat aircraft crews destroy mock enemy command post during Interaction 2019 exercise in Nizhny Novgorod region In total, during the development of practical actions, more than 100 pieces of aircraft armament were used.
18.10.2019 (13:50) National Centre for State Defence Control hosts Military Acceptance Day chaired by Russian Minister of Defence It was dedicated to summing up the implementation of the state defenсe order in the third quarter in terms of arms supplies, military hardware and the construction of military infrastructure facilities.
18.10.2019 (11:38) Laros 2019 joint exercise of Russia and Laos planning conference ends in Transbaikal In the course of joint work, its participants determined the procedure for conducting joint training, cultural and leisure activities, the number and composition of the participants in the exercise, the order of movement, accommodation and meals of military personnel.
18.10.2019 (07:58) Western MD tank army scouts in Belarus destroy column of militant equipment at night during Search 2019 CSTO exercise About 120 reconnaissance officers and over 40 weapons and military hardware take part in the exercise from the Tank Army of the Western Military District.
17.10.2019 (17:04) Within Grom 2019 strategic command post exercise, training with strategic deterrence forces is held The tasks provided during the large-scale training event were fully completed, all missiles reached their targets, confirming the specified characteristics.
17.10.2019 (15:57) Cruiser Marshal Ustinov completes business call to Cyprus His crew replenished fuel, water and food supplies to established standards. Also, the sailors rested on the beach and visited the sights of Cyprus.
17.10.2019 (14:40) Western MD diverse artillery group provides fire support to the CSTO defending forces at Interaction 2019 exercise Msta-S, Gvozdika, Akatsiya, MLRS Grad and Uragan as well as mortars Sani and other precision weapons were involved in he exercise.
17.10.2019 (11:39) Events dedicated to 75th anniversary of the beginning of the Carpathian-Duklin operation of the Great Patriotic War takes place in Slovakia They were attended by employees of the Representative Office of the Russian Defence Ministry, and the War Memorials Association of International Memorial Cooperation.
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