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21.04.2021 (16:20) SMD signalmen deployed a unified communication system during the control check for the winter training period During the exercise, more than 80 tasks were performed to maintain communication channels and protect information while actively countering the electronic warfare means of a mock enemy.
21.04.2021 (14:30) Artillery men of the army corps of the Baltic Fleet participate in firing with the use of UAVs With the help of unmanned aerial vehicles, the reconnaissance of targets is carried out and their coordinates are transmitted in real time to the fire control points.
21.04.2021 (13:00) The first Russian-Algerian military exercise will be held in North Ossetia The exercise will take place in September this year at the Tarskoye training ground. The event is planned to involve about 80 military personnel of the Southern Military District of motorized rifle formations stationed in the North Caucasus.
21.04.2021 (12:00) The first planning conference on the Russian-Pakistani exercise Friendship-2021 took place in Islamabad The delegates of both countries discussed the idea, goals and objectives of the exercise, the composition of forces and means, and agreed on the time and place of its holding.
21.04.2021 (11:00) The dog handlers competition True Friend started in the Southern Military District The dog handlers will pass the dog-biathlon track, obstacle line and will demonstrate the service skills during the competition.
21.04.2021 (08:15) The crews of the army aviation of the EMD will conduct tactical flight exercises in Transbaikalia Pilots of Mi-8AMTSh transport helicopters will land on unprepared sites, as well as work out the landing of tactical troops, and the evacuation of conditionally wounded servicemen.
21.04.2021 (03:00) The joint Russian-Turkish Center continues to carry out tasks to monitor compliance with the ceasefire regime in Nagorno-Karabakh Monitoring of the situation is carried out around the clock with the help of unmanned aerial vehicles, in particular, the Forpost and Orlan-10 UAV systems.
20.04.2021 (18:15) Two Tu-160 strategic missile carriers of the long-range aviation perform planned flight over the neutral waters of the Baltic Sea All flights of the Russian Aerospace Force are carried out in strict accordance with the International airspace management system.
20.04.2021 (17:25) A Board session of the Russian Defence Ministry was held in Moscow under the leadership of the head of the military department Issues related to the construction of shelters for aircraft, the implementation of the plans of the Southern Military District and the Northern Fleet, and the prevention of a new coronavirus infection in the Russian Armed Forces were discussed.
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