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02.03.2021 (13:00) The Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation during a visit to the Avistar-SP enterprise in Ulyanovsk set the task to enter the production of up to 10 IL-76MD-90A aircraft per year As Sergei Shoigu noted at the meeting, in 2020, the military department received three such aircraft, and in plans for 2021-five vehicles.
02.03.2021 (12:00) The battalion of the military police of the Southern Military District returned to the permanent deployment point in Chechnya after performing special tasks in Syria For five months, about 200 military police officers performed tasks to protect the objects of the grouping of Russian troops, ensure the safety of civilians in the liberated settlements and escort humanitarian convoys.
02.03.2021 (11:00) The Russian Defence Minister will check the progress of the state defense order at the Aviastar-SP plant in Ulyanovsk Sergei Shoigu will inspect the production facilities of the aviation enterprise, as well as hold a meeting on the development and supply of military transport aircraft.
02.03.2021 (06:20) EMD signalmen are preparing for the district stage of the Confident Reception competition at the training ground in Buryatia In preparation for the competition, the signalmen train in performing the exercise of control shooting from a machine gun, in receiving radiograms from the equipment of the Morse code sensor.
02.03.2021 (03:39) Safe Environment competition was opened in Primorye by specialists of the NBCP of protection of the EMD The competition program includes the stages Individual Race, Fire Training and Relay Race.
02.03.2021 (03:00) About 30 pilgrims from Nagorno-Karabakh accompanied by Russian peacekeepers visited the Christian monastery of Amaras As a result of the agreements reached, the Amaras monastery was located in the immediate vicinity of the line of demarcation of the parties in Nagorno-Karabakh.
01.03.2021 (19:50) Three competitions of the Games 2021 are planned to be held at the territory of China Participation in different competitions of the Games-2021 on the territory of other states is also considered by Chinese side.
01.03.2021 (18:40) Military doctors of the mobile multidisciplinary hospital of the Southern Military District in Abkhazia discharged the last patients During the period of operation of the hospital since October 20 last year, Russian doctors in Abkhazia received more than 3.7 thousand residents of the republic for treatment and consultation.
01.03.2021 (16:15) The opening of the all-army stage of the Depth 2021 competition took place in Sevastopol The ceremony took place at the diving range of the training centre for the training of military rescuers and diving specialists of the Joint Training Centre of the Navy in Karantinnaya Bay.
01.03.2021 (15:30) Sayan March field training competition for mountain units will be held at the military-sports training centre of the Central Military District The competitions will be held within the framework of the Games 2021 and will begin in mid-March.
01.03.2021 (12:00) A large-scale field training with air defence units began in the Southern Military District Combat training events are held at 30 training grounds. More than 3.5 thousand servicemen of the air defence troops of the Southern Military District are taking part in them.
01.03.2021 (10:30) Statement of the Joint Coordination Headquarters of Russia and Syria on the problems of the return of Syrian refugees and internally displaced persons in the context of the spread of coronavirus infection As a result of the joint activities of the Russian Federation and the SAR, to date, 2,222,960 Syrian refugees and internally displaced persons have returned to the places of their chosen residence.
01.03.2021 (07:59) EMD missile formation is preparing for the district stage of the Special Route competition at the training ground in Buryatia The competition is divided into three stages: transport maneuver, fire biathlon and control line.
01.03.2021 (05:10) The first round of negotiations on the Selenga 2021 joint Russian-Mongolian exercise to be held in March During the teleconference, the general concept of the upcoming exercise, the composition of the forces and means involved, the order of material and technical support of the troops, as well as the plan of mass sports and cultural and leisure activities will be discussed.
01.03.2021 (03:00) Four more new block-modular towns were erected by CSS specialists for Russian peacekeepers in Nagorno-Karabakh The construction of block-modular townships allows creating comfortable living conditions for personnel and abandoning field food points, bath and laundry points, field warehouses.
28.02.2021 (15:17) The small missile ship Orekhovo-Zuevo of the Black Sea Fleet passes the Black Sea straits towards the Mediterranean Sea The small missile ship Orekhovo-Zuevo is making a planned transition from the Black Sea to the Mediterranean to perform special missions and will replace the small missile ship Vyshny Volochek.
27.02.2021 (14:25) Russian Defence Minister holds telephone talks with Armenian Defence Minister Vagharshak Harutyunyan They discussed issues of bilateral cooperation, the current situation in the region and areas where Russian peacekeepers are performing their tasks in Nagorno-Karabakh, as well as other issues of mutual interest.
26.02.2021 (14:32) The joint exercise of the patrol boat Pavel Derzhavin and coastal missile system Bal was held at the Black Sea Fleet During the exercise the crew of the patrol boat Pavel Derzhavin worked out the search and detection of the mock enemy warship and destruction of her together with the coastal missile system Bal.
26.02.2021 (12:18) Russian Head of the Military Department chairs Defence Ministry Board Session Issues related to the state and further development of electronic warfare troops, the creation of regional centres of psychological work for military districts and the Northern Fleet, as well as the transfer of capital construction facilities of the Armed Forces were considered.
26.02.2021 (10:09) Russian military doctors in Abkhazia continue treatment of patients with coronavirus infection Over the period of operation of the mobile multidisciplinary hospital in Sukhumi, more than 3 thousand residents of the Republic of Abkhazia received outpatient consultations, more than 5 thousand PCR tests were carried out.
26.02.2021 (08:25) The selection of the best crews for the competition Masters of Armored Vehicles of the Games-2021 is held at the Northern Fleet Drivers compete in driving vehicles for speed and correctness of overcoming obstacles.
26.02.2021 (03:00) Russian sappers continue demining in settlements of Nagorno-Karabakh The detected explosive devices were removed and destroyed at the specially equipped Ballidzha training ground.
25.02.2021 (22:00) Russian Defence Minister General of the Army Sergei Shoigu held telephone talks with his Armenian counterpart Vagharshak Harutyunyan The heads of the defence ministries discussed topical issues of the fulfillment of tasks by the Russian peacekeeping contingent in Nagorno-Karabakh, the situation in the Republic of Armenia, as well as a number of other issues of mutual interest.
25.02.2021 (21:00) The CSTO Joint Headquarters hosted a conference on the results of the organization's activities for 2020 and its tasks for 2021 Representatives of defence departments and the media of the CSTO member states took part in the video conference.
25.02.2021 (19:10) Statement by the spokesperson of the Russian Ministry of Defence The Russian Defence Ministry, with bewilderment and surprise, got acquainted with the statement of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan that the Iskander missiles used in Nagorno-Karabakh by the Armenian Armed Forces "did not explode or only exploded by 10%."
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