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17.02.2015 (14:10) Two modern corvettes will be laid down on February 20 These corvettes will be equipped with unique strike, anti-air and anti-submarine weapons which will make them capable to operate in any modern sea battle.
17.02.2015 (11:02) The Northern Fleet aviation practice night operating The Ka-27 crews of the Northern Fleet conducted night training missions concerning detection and track of the imaginary enemy submarines.
17.02.2015 (09:30) The Baltiysk Military Naval Institute is equipped with the Regel modern simulator The simulator is designed to practice maritime mission navigation security and allows simulating mission performance in any weather conditions.
17.02.2015 (06:40) In 2015 the Eastern MD will receive advanced reconnaissance radar facility “Zoo-park-1M” This year the Eastern MD artillerists will receive advanced reconnaissance radar system “Zoopark-1M” aimed to locate positions of enemy missiles and artillery.
17.02.2015 (06:26) Russian-Mongol exercise “Selenga-2015” will for the first time take place at the “Tsugol” firing range in Transbaikalia The first stage of consultations concerning planning of the Russian-Mongol military exercise “Selenga-2015” in the Eastern MD has been accomplished.
16.02.2015 (16:58) Military officials and citizens paid tribute to the memory of the soldiers be killed in the line of duty Mourning ceremony took place in the Internationalist Park at the avenue of the Glory of Saint-Petersburg and at the Seraphim cemetery.
16.02.2015 (14:28) The Black Sea Fleet ships performed combat practicing in the Mediterranean Targets were deployed in the Eastern part of the Mediterranean. Firing was performed by Ladny missile frigate and Yamal large landing ship.
16.02.2015 (13:59) The Eastern MD command group will perform terrain survey for the future locations of arctic units Command representatives will perform terrain survey and organize cooperation with local government bodies.
16.02.2015 (13:01) Commander-in-Chief of the Land Force set off for a working trip to India Training of the Indian specialists in the Russian military educational establishments, sharing experience and participating in the International Army Games-2015 contest are the main topics of the talks.
16.02.2015 (11:50) Caspian flotilla assault marines units have held joint exercise with the transport aviation of the Southern MD Marines practiced small arms firing at land targets and have performed landing operation from transport compartments of Mi-8 helicopters.
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