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16.03.2015 (09:31) Combat readiness of Northern Fleet, Western MD formations and Airborne Troops will be inspected according to the order of Vladimir Putin Sergei Shoigu said that 38 thousand servicemen, 3360 vehicles, 41 combat ships, 15 submarines, 110 aircraft and helicopters are involved in the inspection.
16.03.2015 (09:30) 15 Defence Ministers of European, Latin American, Asian and African countries will take the leadership of military delegations at the IV Moscow Conference on International Security Within the discussion panels perspectives of the international cooperation in the counterterrorism and maintaining global and regional stability will be discussed.
16.03.2015 (07:51) Central MD motorized rifle units received highly upgraded T-72B3 tanks Motorized rifle brigade of the Central MD has received 15 highly upgraded T-72B3 tanks from the “Uralvagonzavod” corporation within the fulfillment of the State Defence Order.
16.03.2015 (05:50) Servicemen of tank and motorized infantry units perform tasks within platoons in Transbaikalia In the course of organizational training the servicemen will have to perform a number of training tasks day and night, to act as combat security, anti-airborne and antitank reserve forces.
16.03.2015 (00:00) French specialists to carry out observation flight over the territory of Russia and Belarus The observation flight will be carried out on March 16-20 on an C-130-N aircraft within the Treaty on Open Skies.
16.03.2015 (00:00) Russian specialists to inspect the assigned district of Bosnia and Herzegovina Such inspection is conducted in order to define scale of military activity which must be announced in advance or to confirm its absence.
16.03.2015 (00:00) Russian specialists to carry out observation flight over the territories of Benelux and Germany The foreign experts will control the use of the observation equipment and implementation of the Treaty onboard the An-30B.
15.03.2015 (17:34) Russian Deputy Defence Minister Tatiana Shevtsova undertook a working trip to Pskov Jointly with pupils of the Russian Defence Ministry boarding school Deputy Minister of Defence Tatiana Shevtsova visited places of attraction of Pskov as well as a unit of the 76th Guards Airborne Division.
15.03.2015 (06:25) Western MD staff officers compete in swimming About 100 officers of 26 teams participated in 100- and 50-meter swimming races.
14.03.2015 (06:55) Enlistment office of the Republic of Buryatia started working at its new ad-dress The new address is: 7a, Boyevaya street, Ulan-Ude.
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