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02.02.2015 (06:30) The Transbaikal conscripts finished intensive general military course More than 4 thousand servicemen, conscripted in autumn 2014 and finished intensive general military course, will perform practical tasks within units and crews.
02.02.2015 (05:30) The Eastern MD servicemen, located in Amur River region, will be examined medically on-the-service More than 4000 servicemen, located in large units of Amur River region, will be examined with the use of the mobile photofluorographic complex in the first quarter of 2015.
02.02.2015 (00:00) Russian Airborne Commander-in-Chief Colonel-General Vladimir Shamanov will hold a meeting with Egyptian Air Force Commander-in-Chief Major-General Hamai Hammad Al-Seid Eino Commanders-in-Chief will discuss condition and prospects for the military cooperation development.
01.02.2015 (18:00) The only Russian Peacekeeping motorized infantry brigade celebrates it's 10th anniversary Commander of 2nd Guards Army Major General Igor Seritsky warmly greeted brigade’s personnel, veterans and their family members and addressed to them with a congratulational speech.
31.01.2015 (07:01) In the Eastern MD tank and motorized rifle formations, located in Buryatia, combat training intensity will be increased by half This must develop professional skills of both conscripted and contract servicemen, make them initiative and confident during the combat.
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