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25.03.2015 (15:42) Russian President signed order on spring conscription According to the decree 150 145 draftees will be enlisted from April 1 till July 15.
25.03.2015 (15:20) Central MD flamethrower operators destroyed fire positions of the imaginary enemy Servicemen conducted RPO-A Shmel flamethrower firing with fuel air explosive munitions in order to destroy the imaginary enemy fire positions.
25.03.2015 (14:40) Russian Deputy Defence Minister Anatoly Antonov had a meeting with Egyptian Defence Minister Adviser Major-General Muhammad El Assar During the meeting parties confirmed positive mind on developing military cooperation between two countries.
25.03.2015 (13:39) Crew of Sovershenny combat ship completed training at the Naval Joint Centre The servicemen are currently training on the Baltic Fleet ship of the same type. In a month time the trainees will take their graduating exams to be able to operate on their own and they will be ready to receive a new ship from the manufacturer.
25.03.2015 (13:18) Best ship crews of the Caspian Flotilla were selected to participate in the “Caspian Sea-2015” International contest The crews of more than 20 ships competed for the best ship award. Among the participating ships there are Tatarstan and Dagestan missile carrier ships, Grad Sviyazhsk, Uglich, Veliky Ustyug, Volgodonsk, Makhachkala and Astrakhan small-size missile and artillery ships.
25.03.2015 (12:00) Black Sea Fleet marines to finish preparations for practicing at the Opusk training ground The logistics battalion servicemen have already deployed a camp for personnel, equipped stationing for vehicles and erected targets for fire practice.
25.03.2015 (10:42) Military Academy of the Signal Corps is getting prepared for Informatics International Competition for cadets 44 teams including 29 are from Russian military academies, 5 are from the Commonwealth of Independent States, and 12 teams are from civil higher education establishments will take part in the Competition.
25.03.2015 (10:00) Artillery skills contest to be held in the Airborne Forces The biggest competitions of the artillery airborne troops will take place in late March at the Luzhsk firing range (Leningrad region) under the supervision of the Airborne Forces Artillery Commander.
25.03.2015 (09:30) Boxing championship of the Northern Fleet to start on March 26th The competition will take place at the “Arochny” sports centre in Severomorsk, where a ring and spectators’ seats have already been mounted. The championship opening ceremony will start on March 26 at 16:00.
25.03.2015 (06:23) Flame-thrower operators of the Eastern MD NBC units conducted first firings The servicemen study the usage of flame throwers in the Republic of Buryatia, Primorsky Krai, Zabaikalsky Krai and Amur Region.
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