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24.04.2015 (15:00) Anti-sabotage exercises were carried out in the Caspian Flotilla According to scenario underwater sabotage group of simulated enemy was carrying out reconnaissance in the area of ship anchorage followed by mine planting on the underwater part of hull of missile ship Dagestan.
24.04.2015 (15:00) Russian Minister of Defence had negotiations with Deputy Chairman of Cuba Council of Ministers Ricardo Cabrisas The parties discussed the state and prospects of further cooperation in military and technical fields as well as considered a number of other important issues for both countries.
24.04.2015 (14:27) Crews of military and transport aviation eliminated fire near Chita in the shortest time Pilots carried out two flights with a 30-minute interval and dropped 84 tons of water eliminating open fire and preventing flame spread in the direction of inhabited areas.
24.04.2015 (13:51) Another consignment of cargo delivered to the Franz Josef Land for construction of the Northern Fleet facilities Yury Arshnevsky, Polar King, Victor Tkachev, Inzhener Veshnyakov and Mikhail Somov charter ships are used for transportation.
24.04.2015 (13:15) 300 servicemen of the Central MD will take part in the festive procession held in the capital of Khakassia The parade team will be formed by the railway brigade of the Central MD which is presently occupied with liquidation of consequences of fire in some regions of the Khakassia Republic.
24.04.2015 (12:13) Three military parades and 56 ceremonial processions will take place on the territory of the Central MD More than 36,000 servicemen will take part in these events and 800 pieces of military equipment and 60 aircraft will be involved.
24.04.2015 (12:10) Southern MD railway units participate in the preparation of facilities at the Military and Patriotic Park of Recreation and Leisure “Patriot” Their main mission is to make a 10-kilometre railway from Alabino to Kubinka to deliver armament and military hardware to the “ARMY-2015” forum.
24.04.2015 (10:52) Citizens of Blagoveshchensk to see examples of the newest military hardware on the Victory Day In particular, on the central square of the city for the first time tactical unit control complexes based on armoured personnel carrier BTR-80, carrier BTR-82AM with gun armament, the newest automobiles and other equipment will be displayed on May 9.
24.04.2015 (10:16) The crew of Caesar Kunikov large landing ship of the Black Sea Fleet will take part in the celebration on the occasion of Victory Day in Kerch hero city The warship will be moored at the very heart of the city and will be open to citizens and visitors.
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