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06.05.2015 (13:03) Combat training intensity of the Southern MD army aviation increased by 30% Crews of the Kuban airbase have already participated in 10 exercises for last four months.
06.05.2015 (10:33) Ten Airborne artillery units to perform fireworks in seven Russian towns About 1.500 salute bursts will light the night sky over Novorossiysk, Tula, Ulan-Ude, Pskov, Ussiriysk, Anapa, and Tupse.
06.05.2015 (09:15) Over 100 exercises to be held in Strategic Missile Forces in 2015 In order to improve the quality of full combat readiness training on patrol routes, the number of training days will be increased by 32.
06.05.2015 (07:30) Eastern MD army aviation crews performed 22 firefighting flights in Zabaykalsky Krai on May holidays Army aviation crews from the airbase of the Eastern MD located in Zabaykalsky Krai have continued to perform firefighting tasks on May 1-4.
06.05.2015 (07:00) Eastern MD military commissariats to be equipped with automated system “Passport” By the end of the 2015, all the Eastern MD military commissariats will have been equipped with automated system “Passport” which will keep the information concerning conscripts using electronic card system.
Show by:  5 10 25
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