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02.05.2015 (07:48) A book to tell about long-range cruises of the Pacific Fleet It tells about all Commanders of the Fleet since who held this post in 15-year period, and covers the international activity of the Fleet ship grouping.
02.05.2015 (06:53) Military hardware participated in the Khabarovsk military parade training Pantsir-S and Tor M-2 air defence complexes, TOS-1M Buratino heavy flamethrower systems, BM-21M1 Tornado missile reactive launch systems, and Tigr armored vehicles were involved in the training for the first time.
02.05.2015 (06:15) Eastern MD training centre held a sports festival Winners were awarded valuable gifts and certificates.
01.05.2015 (10:10) Eastern MD engineer units practiced flood fighting in Zabaikaliye Servicemen explored ice surface, bottom and width of river in order to learn the possibility of block during ice drifting.
01.05.2015 (06:45) Eastern MD military units located in Amur Region are ready to receive fresh reinforcements The main attention during the work with young soldiers is attached to their socialization in the army community. They will be under careful supervision of commanders, psychologists who will render them help in their military formation.
01.05.2015 (06:00) Eastern MD servicemen held a sports festival on May 1 Over 5 000 servicemen and members of their families took part in it.
30.04.2015 (20:10) Crew of the Soobrazitelny corvette of the Baltic Fleet carried out firing on sea and air targets Air bombs SAB-250 dropped by tactical bomber Su-24 of the naval aviation were used as air targets.
30.04.2015 (18:57) For the first time in many years, heavy tracked vehicles arrived to the Palace Square of the Saint Petersburg The military parade rehearsal on the famous square of the city on the river Neva involved about 4 000 servicemen and 100 military vehicles.
30.04.2015 (18:30) Russian Airborne delegation to visit China The delegation is headed by the Airborne Commander Colonel-General Vladimir Shamanov. According to the visit plan, the Russian Airmorne servicemen will visit units of the Chinese People's Liberation Army.
30.04.2015 (17:32) “Val” silent rifles were adopted for service in reconnaissance units of the Central MD The rifle uses 9 mm sniper cartridges SP-5 and SP-6 able to break through armored jacket of Class 3 and light armored vehicles.
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