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09.06.2015 (11:55) Patriotic event “Russian Airborne: no indifference towards orphans” to take place according to the Airborne Comander The first event is taking place today in Ulyanovsk. Servicemen of the 31st Separate Guard Airborne brigade are visiting the “Solovinaya Rosha” orphanage.
09.06.2015 (11:25) US inflate “Russian violations” to implement their own military plans This was stated by the Deputy Defence Minister Anatoly Antonov commenting information posted by the Western media concerning deployment of ballistic and cruise missiles in Europe by Pentagon in order to strike preemptively against Russian facilities.
09.06.2015 (10:43) Preparations for the Russian-Egyptian military naval exercise “Friendship bridge – 2015” are about to be finished in the port of Alexandria At the present time the United Exercise Command is holding final briefings with the ship crews concerning different stages of the exercise.
09.06.2015 (10:06) Russian Defence Minister visited the Russky Island garrison in the course of his working trip to the Far East General of the Army Sergei Shoigu inspected the Pacific Fleet Special Task Force units at one of the Island bays.
09.06.2015 (07:30) Drivers of the Eastern MD reconnaissance units located in Buryatia practice extreme driving of combat vehicles The drivers carry out maneuvering at high-speed road sections, passing a track within columns at high and low speeds, cornering of different difficulty.
09.06.2015 (06:45) Eastern MD aviation grouping on Sakhalin reinforced by three combat fighters The main goal of redeployment is the improvement of flight skills of the fighter crews.
08.06.2015 (19:27) “Russian Knights” to perform in the Far North on Russia Day Demonstration flights will take place in the course of the “Contract service is your choice!” patriotic event held in Archangelsk.
08.06.2015 (18:39) Servicemen of the Aerospace Defence Troops finished projecting military hardware involved in the Forum “Army-2015” S-400 “Triumph” air defence missile complexes, Pantsir-S air defence artillery missile weapons, radiolocation systems and complexes, and other military armament and hardware arrived in Kubinka.
08.06.2015 (17:17) Black Sea Fleet detachment arrived at the Alexandria port Here the necessary preparations for the joint Russian-Egyptian military naval exercise “Friendship bridge-2015” are being finished.
08.06.2015 (16:43) Russian Defence Minister ordered to duplicate speed the infrastructure constriction for the Kuril units During listening the Eastern MD Command report, the Defence Minister also ordered to pay special attention to development of the modern infrastructure of the Arctic units.
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