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04.02.2015 (14:57) The Pacific Ocean Fleet detachment has left Vladivostok for the Pacific Ocean department Within the long-distance campaign the Pacific Ocean Fleet detachment crew will visit nine countries with unofficial visit. The first port of detachment call will be Cam Ranh (Vietnam). The detachment is supposed to reach it on February 14.
04.02.2015 (11:09) The St. Andrew’s flag were flown on new diving boats in Sevastopol The search and rescue diving boats SMK-2094 and RVK-1045 are designed for supporting underwater technical operations which are performed by two divers simultaneously at the 60-meter depth.
04.02.2015 (08:02) Units located in Buratya practice reconnaissance tactics. The Eastern MD units located in Buryatia practice reconnaissance tactics within the field training.
04.02.2015 (07:01) Artillery batteries commanders’ contest started in the Eastern MD. The first stage of the artillery batteries commanders’ contest started in the Eastern MD. Artillery officers compete in firing and fire-control, tactic, technical, special, reconnaissance and PE training standards execution.
03.02.2015 (19:52) Deputy Defence Minister Anatoly Antonov held a meeting with Serbian ambassador Slavenko Terzich Sides discussed Russian-Serbian military cooperation.
03.02.2015 (16:53) More than 50 Central MD airbases’ crews practiced day and night in-flight refueling Mig-31BM and Su-24M aircraft followed the aerial refuelling tankers Il-78 at the distance of ten meters at the speed of 550-600 kilometers per hour. The tanker was refueling both aircraft simultaneously giving them more than 4 tons of fuel per minute.
03.02.2015 (16:29) The Eastern MD forces were equipped with advanced multiple launch rocket systems Tornado-G The first MLRS Tornado-G target practice will be performed by the Eastern MD motorized infantry formation’s artillerymen within the field training in the first quarter of 2015.
03.02.2015 (15:23) The Russian Navy center for surface ship crews training is ready to teach 10 crews per year Specialist training is carried out using unique simulators which have no analogues in the world.
03.02.2015 (14:25) The ships of the Caspian flotilla have repulsed an aviation strike of an imaginary enemy Crews of ship air defence systems jointly with the aviation of the Southern MD have performed training exercises of repulsing an aviation strike of an imagery enemy at the Caspian flotilla stationing sites.
03.02.2015 (13:44) For the first time the international contest “Experts of tactical reconnaissance” has taken place in the Land Force Russian and foreign servicemen under the age of 45 without any restrictions for medical reasons and who has achieved high professional results can take part in the contest.
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