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28.05.2015 (09:43) Pacific Fleet ships set off at open sea to perform combat training within groups In the future, it is planned to conduct artillery and rocket firings using AK-176 and AK-630 systems, as well as AA complex Osa-M at aerial and surface targets.
28.05.2015 (06:46) One third of servicemen from the Jewish Autonomous Region been provided with housing Such results were achieved by realization of allowance programme for building or buy-ing apartments by the servicemen.
28.05.2015 (06:15) First conference concerning the joint Russian-Indian exercise “Indra Navy-2015” to be held in Vladivostok In the course of the negotiations Russian and Indian servicemen will discuss the exercise area, tasks and objectives of the exercise, and the order of materiel supply.
27.05.2015 (17:45) Russian paratroopers training Belarusian colleagues to use the Arbalet-2 parachute system About 30 Belarusian Special Task Force servicemen will have been trained at the Ryazan Airborne Special Training Centre by June 10.
27.05.2015 (14:56) Baltic Fleet opens the Navy shooting championship In total, 70 servicemen will compete for the title of the best shooter of the Navy. All exercises are performed in military uniform, without using sports equipment.
27.05.2015 (14:22) On the eve of the Day of Military Motorist the SMD’s military automobile inspectors are conducting preventive action "Driver is our profession!" In order to increase the prestige of this profession and for preventing road-transport accidents more than 100 inspectors will hand over to the RF Armed Forces drivers specially designed memo instructions.
27.05.2015 (12:20) Latest search and rescue motor boats involved in process of training divers and military rescuers It has been informed by Head of Search and Rescue Service of the Russian Navy Captain 1st rank Damir Shaikhutdinov.
27.05.2015 (12:00) Chairman Chief of the Russian General Staff started CIS member states’ Committee of Chiefs in Sochi According to the agenda, around 15 different issues of military cooperation between militaries of CIS member states were discussed.
27.05.2015 (11:40) In the Barents Sea, the Northern Fleet’s forces began the demonstrative exercise for general and officer students of the RF AF General Staff’s Military Academy In total, the exercise of the NF’s all-arms forces set in motion 10 warships and support vessels as well as airplanes and helicopters of naval aviation.
27.05.2015 (10:55) The Russian military base in Armenia has been supplemented with the latest EW complex ‘Infauna’ For the first time, this formation will use the newest multifunctional complex of radio reconnaissance and electronic countermeasures during battalion and base tactical exercises, which will be held in the summer training period.
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