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21.09.2018 (14:10) Missile units carry out electronic launches from Iskander-M complexes, Western Military District They made a 300km march to positions, equipped pillboxes, deployed combat vehicles for the launches, practise to load a training missiles from a transporter to a launcher.
21.09.2018 (11:45) Scouts of Western Military District train to isolate terrorists and liberate hostages in Nozhny Novgorod region Before the training combat they surveyed the territory using the Intrigan optical electronic complex and Grusha unmanned aerial vehicle to receive intelligence about the adversary.
21.09.2018 (11:15) Helicopter pilots train to engage ground targets during flight tactical drills in Armenia Mi-24P and Mi-8MTV helicopters in pairs and flights jointly with ground troops in reconnaisance-strike systems trained to fire non-guided missiles.
21.09.2018 (10:46) Bialteral battalion tactical exercise takes place at Russian base in Armenia Particular attention is attached to warfare experience from modern armed conflicts, and independent decision-making by battalion commanders.
20.09.2018 (12:01) Ka-27PL shipborne helicopter makes scheduled sorties over the Mediterranean from frigate Admiral Grigorovich Ship crews held trainings to check air control systems of the vessel ensuring helicopter flights.
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