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16.08.2017 (18:26) Baltic Fleet Marines training in coastal defence during the exercise near Kaliningrad The bilateral BTE is focused on well-coordinated and efficient actions on the battlefield, and issues concerning combat vehicles camouflage, overcoming mine-explosive obstacles and fortifications on the seashore, and fire damage to the simulated enemy.
16.08.2017 (17:02) Western MD received Pantsyr individual protection kits Each individual protection kit includes shield, helmet, protection means for hands, legs, breast and back. The kit is made of composite materials.
16.08.2017 (16:15) Interceptors and tactical bombers of the Central MD practised in-flight refueling over Ural The flights were performed at the altitude of 5,000 m. The pilots from the cities of Perm (Bolshoe Savino airfield) and Chelyabinsk (Shagol airfield) were engaged in the training.
16.08.2017 (16:01) Deputy Defence Minister Lieutenant General Alexander Fomin had a meeting with the Minister of National Defence of Equatorial Guinea Juvenal Nsue The parties discussed issues of cooperation in the military field. They also exchanged their views on actual issues of regional and international security.
16.08.2017 (14:59) Caspian Flotilla air defence crews repelled aviation strikes of conditional enemy Alert units of four control centres and more than 10 ships, motor boats, and vessels of the Flotilla were involved in the training.
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