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12.02.2015 (11:36) The Baltic Fleet ships has left port of Ceuta Servicemen replenished the stores and laid the course to the assigned area of the Mediterranean.
12.02.2015 (10:31) The Central MD peacekeeping unit will be equipped with modern reconnaissance laser devices LPR-4 Using such devices peacekeepers will be capable to detect, identify and locate objects (targets) and control its maneuvers automatically or manually.
12.02.2015 (05:00) Russian Defence Minister General of the Army Sergei Shoigu arrived in Nicaragua with an official visit In the course of the visit sides will talk on topical questions of the military and technical cooperation and will sign a number of bilateral documents.
12.02.2015 (04:59) Interdepartmental group was created by the Russian Defence Ministry in order to organize the International Military and Technical Forum ARMY-2015 The interdepartmental group is headed by Deputy Defence Minister Colonel-General Pavel Popov.
12.02.2015 (03:55) Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu had a meeting with the President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro In the course of the visit sides marked the opinion similarity between Russia and Venezuela concerning prospects for cooperation, global and regional politics.
12.02.2015 (03:23) Eastern MD will receive missile-gun AA systems “Pantsyr-S1” In 2015 the Eastern MD will receive within the State Defence Order several missile-gun AA systems “Pantsyr-S”.
12.02.2015 (02:19) Russian Defence Minister was awarded the Maintenance of State Security Order in the course of his visit to Caracas The awarding ceremony was headed by the Defence Minister of Venezuela General of the Army Vladimir Padrino Lopez.
12.02.2015 (01:50) Russian Defence Minister has had negotiations with his Venezuela colleague, General of the Army Vladimir Padrino Lopez In the course of the talks the parties discussed topical issues of military and technical cooperation between the two countries and exchanged their opinions concerning the key problems of the global and regional security.
11.02.2015 (17:14) The Northern Fleet Coastal Troops practice night firing More than 2000 servicemen of arctic units are involved in the night training.
11.02.2015 (15:13) Russian task force held NVC defence competitions in the Transnistria The contest was devoted to the 153th anniversary of the eminent Russian organic chemist Nikolay Zelinsky. About 500 servicemen participated in the competition.
11.02.2015 (13:59) Far Eastern Military Command High School celebrates its 75th anniversary The history of the School dates back in February 11, 1940. The Vladivostok Infantry High School was established under command of Klim Voroshilov.
11.02.2015 (12:45) “Pytlivyy” guided missile frigate has become operational After the obligatory course of combat training the crew of the frigate is to perform missions within the permanent formation of the Russian Navy in the Mediterranean.
11.02.2015 (12:00) Main Command of the Navy has introduced a new methodics of navigators training According to the Chief Navigator of the Russian Navy Rear Admiral Eduard Luyk this methods were used at the first time during complex inspection of 5 categories of navigators of the Navy.
11.02.2015 (11:50) Preparation for the Army Games-2015 international contest started in the Western MD Nowadays 5 Naval and army training areas of the Western MD are being prepared for the contest.
11.02.2015 (11:42) The first round of consultations concerning the “Selenga-2015” Russian-Mongolian exercise is held in Ulan-Ude The exercise is planned to be held at one of the training grounds located in the Eastern MD. Su-25, Mi-24, Mi-8 AMTSH and other units of equipment is supposed to be involved in the exercise.
11.02.2015 (10:40) “Aurora” cruiser will come back in summer 2016 and will be moored at its former station This was announced by the Comander-in-Chief of the Russian Navy, Admiral Viktor Chirkov preceding the opening of the exhibition “Aurora” in the history of the Fatherland”.
11.02.2015 (10:36) MASS “Admiral Panteleyev” has destroyed submarine of imaginary enemy in the South China Sea Moreover antiterrorist marine unit practiced protection and defence of the Pacific Fleet detachment which performs combat service tasks in the Pacific Ocean.
11.02.2015 (09:20) The Soutern MD mechanised infantry becomes familiar with a new EW system The EW units of the Southern MD motorized infantry brigade located in Volgograd have received an advanced EW system “Borisoglebsk-2”.
11.02.2015 (07:40) Defence Minister General of the Army Sergei Shoigu to visit Latin American countries – Venezuela, Nicaragua and Cuba In the course of his visit to Caracas the head of the Russian military department will have negotiations with Defence Minister of Venezuela General of the Army Vladimir Padrino Lopez.
11.02.2015 (07:27) By the 70th anniversary of the victory in the Great Patriotic War the Russian and Soviet soldiers who lost their lives on the territories of China and North Korea will be memorialized The Interregional Public Organization of Veterans of Western MD has prepared for publication a “Memorial album of the grave sites the Russian and Soviet soldiers who lost their lives on the territories of China and North Korea” by the 70th anniversary of the victory in the Great Patriotic War.
11.02.2015 (06:09) For the first time the Eastern MD 500 contract servicemen have finished an intensive general military course In the Eastern MD over 500 contract servicemen have finished the first intensive general military course this year which has taken place on the basis of military units located in Zabaykalsky Krai and Khabarovsk Krai.
10.02.2015 (22:05) The number of practical driving hours for the drivers of the Western MD as been increased In the course of the winter training of the servicemen there will be conducted more than 100 exercises and trainings in diffirent types of terrain where they will cover over 600 km.
10.02.2015 (18:41) In the course of the exercise pilots of the Chkalovskaya air base will conduct long-range flights Crews of Tu-154, Tu-134, Il-62, Il-18, An-12, An-72, Il-76 and Mi-8 will conduct flights to airdromes located in Engels, Tambov, Irkutsk, Perm, Klin, Ivanovo and Orenburg.
10.02.2015 (18:10) The Northern Fleet NBC defence units will hone their special skills in severe conditions of the Arctic The Northern Fleet NBC coastal defence units have started field trainings. The exercises take place at the firing ranges located near Severomorsk and Polyarny towns.
10.02.2015 (16:03) Strategic Missile Troops Commander inspects the Kapustin Yar firing range The main goal is to control the preparation of the firing range experimental and testing base for the test operations of advanced strategic missile systems.
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