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09.07.2020 (14:02) Military personnel of the WMD's field hospital started the march from the Botlikh village to in the Moscow region For more than a month, military medics have been helping residents of Dagestan to combat the spread of coronavirus infection.
09.07.2020 (13:26) The all-army competition "Army Scout Masters" has ended The first place was taken by the team of the Novosibirsk Higher Military Command School, the second place – the team of the Southern Military District, the third – the Central Military District.
09.07.2020 (12:25) Engineering Formula all-army stage finishes in Southern MD The competition was attended by 10 teams from formations and units of engineering troops of the central, district and army subordination of the military districts and the Northern Fleet.
09.07.2020 (11:54) The team of the airborne special forces unit from Kubinka near Moscow won the second stage of the all-army competition "Polar Star" According to the results of two stages of the competition, the scouts share the first place with the soldiers of the Ivanovo guards airborne unit.
09.07.2020 (09:25) SMD's team wins Safe Route all-army stage within International Army Games 2020 During the all-army stage, the competitions Safe Route, Engineering Formula, and Open Water were attended by over 1,100 military personnel consisting of 10 teams for each competition.
09.07.2020 (00:00) The final stage of the competition "Aviadarts-2020" was completed at the training ground near Ryazan» Aerodromes in the Ryazan, Kaluga and Bryansk regions, as well as the Dubrovichi training ground near Ryazan, are used for the competition.
08.07.2020 (20:59) Development of communication nodes of field mobile control points of modular type will be discussed at the forum "ARMY-2020" Current issues of organizational and technical construction of communication nodes of mobile field control points of modular type will be the subject of professional discussion during the scientific and business program of the international military-technical forum "ARMY-2020".
08.07.2020 (11:30) Clear Sky contest openning ceremony at Azov Sea Competitions among units of Igla portable anti-aircraft missile systems on armored personnel carriers APC-82A will be held at the Yeisk training ground in the Krasnodar Territory from July 5 to 11.
08.07.2020 (08:05) The all-army stage of the Equestrian Marathon competition will be held at the Kara-Haak training ground in the Republic of Tuva A week before the start of the competition, participants will be instructed, drawing lots, training personnel, weapons, equipment and animals.
08.07.2020 (06:10) Preparations for large-scale exercise started at the EMD's Tsugol training ground In total, 4,000 servicemen were engaged in the drills. The drills involved over 600 pieces of military equipment.
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