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26.03.2020 (09:37) The pilots of Su-25SM3 strike-fighter used the newest sighting-navigation complex "Solt-25" The crews also worked out take-off and landing in pairs, performed elements of complex and group aerobatics, such as horizontal "barrels", "turns", "dive slides with large angles of inclination".
26.03.2020 (09:29) The qualifying stage of the competition "Gunsmith Master" ended in the Tula guard airborne formation The matters of individual training of military personnel of repair units were worked out, where they eliminated identified malfunctions of artillery and anti-aircraft weapons, and then hit targets on the firing line for a time.
26.03.2020 (01:10) Military specialists of the Russian Defence Ministry arrived at the Orio al Serio airfield in the city of Bergamo Along the entire route, Russian vehicles were accompanied by Italian carabinieri vehicles.
25.03.2020 (19:17) A round-race of engineering vehicles of the guards tank army WMD was completed in the Moscow region. The best crew will present the tank formation at the district stage of the "Engineering formula" competition.
25.03.2020 (18:53) Military dog handlers of the Leningrad air force and air defense army performed at the contest "True friend" The competition was attended by dogs of the guard and mine-search services represented by breeds Black Russian Terrier, Moscow Watchdog, East-European Shepherd.
25.03.2020 (16:30) The Russian Defence Minister spoke at a meeting of the Federation Council The head of the military Department told the senators about the state of the Armed Forces and the main directions of their further development.
25.03.2020 (16:15) In Tajikistan, Russian military personnel destroyed a mock enemy while trying to capture military facilities Information about the approach of sabotage groups to the objects of the military unit came from the crew of unmanned aircraft "Orlan-10" in the course of conducting aerial reconnaissance.
25.03.2020 (14:00) Russian Armed Forces will check its readiness to combat coronavirus infection According to the Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation, General of the Army Sergei Shoigu, the check will start on March 25 in accordance with the decision of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Armed Forces.
25.03.2020 (09:30) The fifteenth Il-76 of the Aerospace Forces of the Russian Federation delivered to Italy means for the fight against coronavirus The operation to transfer Russian military specialists, special equipment and property to Italy to assist in the fight against coronavirus infection continues.
25.03.2020 (09:00) The qualifying stage of the competition "Tank biathlon" started at the site of Strugi Krasnye near Pskov More than 50 military personnel take part in the competition and 15 tanks T-72B3 are involved. The first races will take place today.
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