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18.02.2019 (10:22) Russian inspectors to make an observation flight over Turkey The AN-30B observation aircraft will fly along the agreed route, and the Turkey's representatives on board will monitor the use of special equipment and compliance with the provisions of the Treaty on Open Skies.
18.02.2019 (10:14) US to make an observation flight over the Russian Federation from the Khabarovsk airfield This flight is envisaged as part of the Treaty on Open Skies.
18.02.2019 (10:02) Russian group to inspect an envisaged area in Bulgaria Its purpose is to determine the extent of the military activities carried out within its limits or to confirm the absence thereof.
18.02.2019 (08:51) Mortar crews hold exercise in Central Military District The servicemen perform firing tasks as part of crews and platoons by semi-direct fire and from a closed position at ranges from one to two kilometers in the daytime and at night.
15.02.2019 (14:37) Tank Biathlon preliminaries kick off in Central Military District involving some 1,000 troops The T-72B3 crews compete in firing from a tank gun and a large-caliber machine gun against appearing and moving targets at a distance from 900 to 2,200 meters imitating armored vehicles and low-flying helicopters.
15.02.2019 (12:25) Engineers stationed in Kuban alerted as part of combat readiness check Having completed a 100-km march to the designated area, engineering troops will meet standards for various engineering tasks to support combat operations of motorized riflemen, tank crews and artillerymen.
15.02.2019 (09:02) Fighter jets of Transbaikalia train to intercept a spy plane, Eastern Military District On surveillance the Su-30SM crews detected an aircraft flying at an extremely low altitude without any identification marks.
15.02.2019 (04:59) Sea Cup 2019 preliminaries kick off in Kamchatka The winners will qualify for the April's contest to compete with the Pacific Fleet's teams.
15.02.2019 (04:20) Second stage of Safe Environment preliminaries completed in Eastern Military District Participants competed in three stages: individual race on 2,300m loop, relay race, and shooting range.
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