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19.02.2018 (23:00) Russian inspectors to make evaluation visit to military object of the Netherlands, pursuant to Vienna Document 2011 Such events take place in order to verify information on Military Forces and information on plans for the deployment of major weapon and equipment systems.
19.02.2018 (16:11) Minister of Defence checks process of training officers in Novosibirsk High Military Command School Colonel Vitaly Razgonov, the head of the High Military Command School reported to General of the Army Sergei Shoigu that the experience of the military operation in Syria had been implemented in the teaching practice.
19.02.2018 (14:41) Frigate Admiral Essen, patrol ships Pytlivy and Smetlivy carry out exercises in Black Sea After these tasks, the crews are to carry out a joint ship exercise, which includes a naval encounter.
19.02.2018 (12:53) Minister of Defence checks organization of work at Krasmash plant General Director of the plant Vladimir Kolmykov reported to General of the Army Sergei Shoigu, the head of the military department, on the progress of the state defence order, modernization of the production base of the plant to produce prospective products.
19.02.2018 (08:41) Minister of Defence checks implementation of State Defence Order in Krasnoyarsk Krai and Novosibirsk region Besides, the Minister of Defence will listen to the report of the Central Military District Command on combat training, educational process in military units and formations of the region.
19.02.2018 (07:42) Major amphibious ship Peresvet conducts tactical special drill to load and unload military equipment The Marines practised unloading and loading military equipment and met the time standards at the Klerk training range.
19.02.2018 (06:01) Naval Air Force practise first-ever in-flight refuelling on Su-30 SM aircraft The number of take-offs and landings amounted to more than 40.
17.02.2018 (08:00) Eastern MD reconnaissancemen practiced operating behind lines of the simulated enemy in Buryatia The special attention was paid to improving skills in using modern armament, including Vintorez sniper rifle as well as technical and special means of reconnaissance.
16.02.2018 (15:18) Russian Defence Minister supports initiative on deploying Patriot Park in Khakassia General of the Army Sergei Shoigu noted that the task of the Supre Commander-in-Chief on deploying an air defence missile brigade was accomplished. Social infrastructure is to be constructed in the garrison.
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