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08.06.2019 (19:28) Seaborne Assault 2019 finals complete in Kaliningrad region Over 200 marines from the Baltic, Northern, Black Sea, Pacific fleets and Caspian Flotilla participated in the contest.
08.06.2019 (14:42) Frigate admiral Gorhskov, Northern Fleet, crosses the Equator for the first time In late April the frigate Admiral Gorshkov, Northern Fleet, took part in celebrations marking the 70th anniversary of the People's Liberation Army Navy.
07.06.2019 (14:16) Seaborne Assault contest team relay races begin in Kaliningrad region After them it will be possible to find out the winners of the competition.
07.06.2019 (12:01) SMD flamethrower operators win White Sun district competition For the first time, its participants compete in TOS-1A Solntsepyok heavy flamethrower systems in the skill of shooting at individual, areal targets and shelters of a mock enemy.
07.06.2019 (11:57) EMD's tank crews train for Tank Biathlon international contest in Alabino For nearly two months, during the training, five crews will compete for the honorable right to represent the Russian Federation in one of the most dynamic and spectacular stages of the competition.
07.06.2019 (04:37) Pacific Fleet diesel submarines practice a duel with torpedo fire in Sea of Japan The exercise at sea was provided by major ASW Admiral Panteleyev and the vessels of the auxiliary fleet.
06.06.2019 (15:09) CMD's servicemen to represent Russia at Equestrian Marathon international stage in Mongolia The competition will be attended animal units of the mountain motorized rifle brigade deployed in the Republic of Tuva.
06.06.2019 (13:18) Representatives of SMD command and leadership of Dagestan discusses issues related to Army 2019 IMTF For the first time, divisions of the Caspian flotilla will take part in its events, which will demonstrate the combat capabilities of ships and boats in the sea ranges near Astrakhan and Caspian.
06.06.2019 (08:38) Motorized riflemen test the latest modification of Typhoon-K armored vehicle in Western Sayan The exercise involved more than 500 troops and up to 50 pieces of hardware.
05.06.2019 (16:08) Baltic Fleet continues Seaborne Assault 2019 contest Marines teams of the Baltic, Northern, Black Sea and Pacific Fleets, the Caspian Flotilla, theFar Eastern Higher Military Command School and the Ryazan Higher Airborne Command School take part in it.
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