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15.01.2020 (03:51) The "Admiral Vladimirsky" oceanographic research vessel of the Baltic Fleet completed a port call in Rio de Janeiro as part of a round-the-world expedition of the Russian Navy During the four-day visit to Rio de Janeiro, the crew rested after a difficult ocean crossing, replenished water, fuel and food supplies.
15.01.2020 (01:10) The Aerospace Forces received the latest S-350 "Vityaz" anti-aircraft missile system During the reception of the complex on the ground in the Astrakhan region crews of the Antiaircraft missile troops (AMT) training center fulfilled their tasks, including detection and conditional destruction of the real air targets whose role was performed by MiG-29SMT.
14.01.2020 (14:34) Special forces near Novosibirsk destroyed the camp of mock militants during a planned exercise After entering the camp, the soldiers silently eliminated the guards and destroyed the enemy, opening fire with AK-74M assault rifles, "KORD" heavy machine guns and RPG-26 grenade launchers.`
14.01.2020 (14:24) EW specialists of SMD in Chechnya conducted a training session on radio suppression With the help of the "Leer" electronic warfare system, the military blocked and shut down the communication ranges of the mock enemy within a radius of 6 km.
14.01.2020 (14:18) In Armenia, young MiG-29 pilots of the SMD performed an interception of air targets of a mock enemy In addition, they worked out actions on forced landing of the violators at the military airfield.
14.01.2020 (13:28) The crew of the "Admiral Essen" frigate of the Black Sea Fleet conducted air defense training in the Mediterranean sea Combat information posts detected and classified mock targets, and air defence units successfully eliminated the targets by electronic launches.
14.01.2020 (13:01) The first flight and tactical training of a fighter squadron equipped with the latest Su-35C will take place in the WMD aviation regiment in the Tver region The event will involve three military airfields in the Voronezh, Kursk and Tver regions, as well as military aviation ranges in Karelia.
14.01.2020 (12:02) Tankers of Kantemirovskaya division worked off the destruction of low-flying air targets from machine guns KPVT Targets appeared in front of gunners at a distance of 300 to 2000 meters. Compliance with the standard has become more difficult due to weather conditions.
13.01.2020 (16:15) A large anti-submarine ship of the Northern Fleet "Vice-Admiral Kulakov" began to pass the Bosphorus The passage of the strait zone will be completed by Russian sailors tomorrow morning and will continue to perform the tasks of the campaign in the Mediterranean sea.
13.01.2020 (15:23) Northern Fleet's missile cruiser "Marshal Ustinov" entered the Mediterrenian sea Within several days the ship will continue to work according to the plan of a distant campaign and to show the Andreevsky flag in the region.
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