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11.10.2019 (14:57) Servicemen of Russian Airborne Regiment went to Brest, where they will take part in a joint Russian-Belarusian exercise It will take place at the Brest training ground of the separate airborne assault brigade of the Special Operations Forces of the Armed Forces of Belarus from October 21 to 25.
11.10.2019 (13:38) Unbreakable Brotherhood 2019 to be held in Tajikistan It will be the final one in the course of Combat Brotherhood 2019 joint operational-strategic exercise of the Collective Security Treaty Organization.
11.10.2019 (12:30) Scouts of Russian military base in Abkhazia during exercise destroy sabotage group of mock enemy To defeat targets imitating camouflaged equipment and people, the military consumed about 50,000 of ammunition, as well as more than 70 hand grenades.
11.10.2019 (12:22) Moscow hosts Defence Ministry Board Session They discussed issues concerning improving control over the targeted use of funds for state defence orders, the work of the ERA Military Innovative Technopolis, and prospects for the development of the psychological service of the Armed Forces.
11.10.2019 (05:23) Pacific Fleet tactical group of ships conducts air defence exercise in Sea of Japan In the training ground, the small anti-submarine ships Koreets, MPK-221 and the missile boat R-29 during the exercise fulfilled the tasks of collective defence of the detachment in repelling an air attack.
09.10.2019 (14:07) Laos Military Delegation arrives in Chita for final planning conference on Laros 2019 Joint exercise preparetion The issues on sending the Russian contingent to Laos, and transferring arms and military equipment to the military for the duration of the exercise will be discussed.
09.10.2019 (12:40) Pakistan Special Forces showed particular interest in Russian-made body armor during Friendship 2019 exercise They were truly amzed by the fact that it was impossible to penetrate it from SVD Dragunov sniper rifle from a distance of 100 m.
08.10.2019 (18:51) Russian military delegation discusses cooperation in science and education with colleagues from Angola The sides expressed interest in bilateral contacts between research and teaching staff, the joint introduction of new education technologies and in information exchange.
08.10.2019 (18:04) Russian military engineers discuss bilateral cooperation with Indian counterpart Indian military delegation led by Brigade General Vinay Gupta, head of the military engineering support department of the headquarters of the Land Forces visited International Mine Action Centre of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation
08.10.2019 (13:42) Nothern Fleet auxiliary vessels call at Cyprus Limassol The sea tanker Vyazma and the rescue tug SB-406, providing long-range cruise of the Marshal Ustinov missile cruiser, will replenish fresh water, fuel and food supplies, as well as carry out scheduled work on the equipment.
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