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10.12.2019 (07:37) Russian servicemen receive military equipment from representatives of the Lao People's Armed Forces to participate in the Laros 2019 first-ever joint Russian- Laotian exercise During the active phase of the exercise, servicemen of tank units will take part in the practical exercises with live-fire drills.
09.12.2019 (16:43) Baltic Fleet research vessel Admiral Vladimirsky reaches the Atlantic Ocean The research vessel is making a round-the-world oceanographic expedition dedicated to the 200th anniversary of the discovery of Antarctica and the 250th anniversary of the birth of Admiral Ivan Krusenstern.
09.12.2019 (16:08) Tank crews from Zabaykalsky Krai arrive in Laos to participate in the Laros 2019 first-ever joint Russian- Laotian exercise Having overcome about 4,000 kilometers, the Il-76 military transport aircraft with Russian servicemen on board has landed at Wattay International Airport in Vientiane, the capital of Laos.
09.12.2019 (12:42) Russian Defence Minister General of the Army Sergei Shoigu holds teleconference with leadership of Armed Forces They discussed issues concerning the beginning of the new training year in the troops, increasing the serviceability of strategic missile carriers.
09.12.2019 (08:18) Pacific Fleet rescue vessel Igor Belousov concluded its visit to Vietnam The rescue vessel Igor Belousov represented the Pacific Fleet in the first bilateral Russian-Vietnamese exercise to assist a disabled submarine lying on the ground
05.12.2019 (13:00) Field training with snipers and grenade launchers kicks of in Voronezh region At the training grounds of the combined arms army of the Western Military District in the Voronezh Region, training with RPG-7 hand-held anti-tank grenade launchers, AGS-17 automatic grenade launchers and snipers has begun.
05.12.2019 (12:45) Servicemen of the Western MD tank army together with military police practiced blocking of mock terrorists during the exercise in the Moscow region More than 200 servicemen and about 20 pieces of special and military equipment were involved in solving the tasks.
05.12.2019 (12:00) The joint Russian-Vietnamese exercise to assist a submarine in distress will be held in the port of Cam Ranh The Russian side will be represented by the rescue vessel Igor Belousov of the Pacific Fleet and Bester 1 deep-towed vehicle AS-40.
05.12.2019 (09:30) Southern MD K-9 teams in Armenia start preparing for True Friend contest The main efforts in the training are aimed at completing a 3 km obstacle track, training endurance on a 1.5 km track with firing a small-caliber rifle.
05.12.2019 (07:30) India provides Eastern MD servicemen with tanks and infantry fighting vehicles within the land stage of the Indra-2019 Russian-Indian joint exercise About 300 servicemen of the Eastern Military District units, stationed in Primorsky Krai, will participate in the exercise on the Russian side.
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