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28.08.2020 (18:32) For the first time at the forum "Army-2020" in Novosibirsk, a mobile complex of medical care was installed The complex includes sorting and evacuation, dressing and operating modules equipped with the necessary equipment for autonomous operation.
28.08.2020 (18:32) Participants of the "Aviadarts-2020" competition have started the main stage of the contest During this stage, the contestants will perform practical bombing, shooting from aircraft guns, launching unguided missiles at the targets that the crews got during the draw.
28.08.2020 (18:24) Near Samara, guests of the "Army-2020" forum were shown the latest AK-12 assault rifle The main advantage of the AK-12 is improved accuracy of fire, the ability to change the side of the ejection of cartridges, as well as increased ergonomics – a convenient fuse and several modes of fire – automatic, single and cut-off two shots.
28.08.2020 (18:02) At the international contest "Seaborne Assault" the control of equipment and weapons of participants is carried out The judges check all personnel at the finish line for the uniform, the presence of weapons and equipment registered at the start.
28.08.2020 (17:50) In Belarus, sniper pairs entered the fight at the Sniper Frontier competition Earlier, the results of the first stage of the competition were summed up, according to the results of which the places of snipers in the individual standings and the rating of each team were determined.
28.08.2020 (17:45) The first training of Russian and Chinese military personnel participating in the "Open water 2020" competition took place in the Vladimir region In the six stages of the competition, Russian and Chinese military personnel will have to quickly carry out the transfer of military equipment to the other side of the river using this equipment.
28.08.2020 (17:40) Judges of the Open water 2020 competition in the Vladimir region have passed international certification In six stages of the competition, Russian and Chinese military personnel will be able to quickly transfer military equipment to the other side of the river using special means of engineering troops.
28.08.2020 (17:25) Twenty-five-ruble coin "Armi" became the draw of participants of the "Open water-2020" contest in the Vladimir region According to the results of the draw, the Oka river gate № 2 will become a platform for the Chinese team, the Russian gate № 3 – the width of the river in these gates reaches 500 m, the depth – up to 10 m, the flow rate of 1.5 m per second.
28.08.2020 (17:15) Military doctors from six countries of the world provide emergency assistance to conditionally wounded on the battlefield as part of the Games 2020 in Uzbekistan Medical officers within the framework of the international competition "Military Medical Relay Race" had to perform the most complex medical manipulations on an impromptu battlefield against the clock.
28.08.2020 (15:14) Patriot Exhibition and Convention Centre hosted a ceremony of awarding participants of the ARMY-2020 International Military-Technical Forum Head of the Main department of research and technological support of advanced technologies (innovative research) of Russian Defence Ministry Major General Andrey Goncharov presented awards to the best exhibitors in six categories.
28.08.2020 (14:48) Participants of the International Military-Technical Forum Army-2020 were awarded for their contribution to its organization and holding Major General Andrey Goncharov said that the Grand Prix of the forum was awarded to the staff of the JSC "Concern VKO "Almaz-Antey".
28.08.2020 (14:21) Participants of the international competition Clear sky are ready for the second stage of the competition The second competition day is scheduled for August 29. The "sprint race" will be started by the team of Vietnam, then Laos, Cambodia, Uzbekistan, Belarus, Russia and Pakistan.
28.08.2020 (14:00) Military climbers of Russia and Uzbekistan will overcome a rocky terrain with a height of 150 meters as part of the Elbrus Ring All obstacles will be overcome with standard weapons and in full equipment, the weight of which is at least 30 kg.
28.08.2020 (13:52) International Army games 2020 debutants show decent results and make more experienced participants worry The Chief Judge of the Games, Major General Alexander Peryazev, summed up the results of the past competitive day at a briefing for journalists at the joint press center of the Army international games 2020.
28.08.2020 (10:51) Participants and guests of the international competition "Safe Route" will be able to visit the "Partisan village" It United the collective image of partisan villages of the Great Patriotic war.
28.08.2020 (10:00) Chinese national team held a day of its national cuisine at the competition "Masters of Armored Vehicles" in the Voronezh region The national cuisine day allowed the participants of the competition "Masters of Armored Vehicles" to distract from the event's rich program and aroused great interest in traditional Chinese dishes that have Russian analogues.
28.08.2020 (09:50) About 10 thousand people attended the "Army-2020" forum in Yekaterinburg on the opening day The static display of modern weapons and military equipment includes the latest modifications of the T-72 tank, BTR-82A armored personnel carrier, etc.
28.08.2020 (09:11) Specialists of the Airborne forces at the "Army-2020" forum held a number of round tables on the development of samples of the military equipment in the interests of the airborne troops The purpose of the round table is to develop a common understanding of the issues of improving existing and creating new models of military vehicles.
28.08.2020 (07:22) Airborne Platoon has started the Patrol Race stage In total, 11 teams take part in the stage.
28.08.2020 (06:54) The team of the Russian Federation again took the first place at the start of the Road Patrol-2020 competition in Uzbekistan The races will be held on patrol cars "CHEVROLET NEXIA-3", produced in Uzbekistan.
27.08.2020 (23:38) Military cooks from 6 countries of the world have started the final stage of the "Field kitchen" competition at the Alabino WMD training ground The final stage of the competition will be baking bread, after which the judges will determine the winners of the competition.
27.08.2020 (22:13) Russian "Tigers" updated the record of the firing stage of the "Military rally" in Tuva Participants of the "Military rally" performed for speed the installation, loading ammo in the machine gun and shooting at targets that appear for 10 seconds, using only about 50 rounds.
27.08.2020 (21:29) As part of the IMTF "ARMY-2020" working meetings were held with a number of foreign military delegations to discuss issues of cooperation In particular, fruitful negotiations took place with specialists from the Republic of Serbia, Mongolia, the Republic of Sudan and the Lao People's Democratic Republic.
27.08.2020 (20:55) More than 5 thousand spectators expect to see the closing of the competition "Masters of Armored Vehicles-2020" in the Voronezh region. Also, the company of the honor guard of the Preobrazhensky regiment of the Western Military District will hold the closing ceremony of the competition, awarding winners in more than 10 categories, as well as awarding valuable prizes and gifts.
27.08.2020 (20:16) A cynologist from the Republic of Belarus set a record for passing a 300-meter obstacle course at the "True friend" competition Junior Sergeant Sodik Dilmurodov with a Belgian shepherd named "Kliff" closed the top three.
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