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28.10.2020 (15:30) The crews of Ka-27PL helicopters of the Baltic Fleet destroyed the submarine of the mock enemy They worked out the tasks of searching and tracking the submarine with the integrated use of radar and sonar equipment, and then conditionally destroyed the underwater target with the help of aerial bombs.
28.10.2020 (15:15) New UAVs "Orlan-10" entered service in the mountain motorized rifle unit of the Central Military District in Tuva The "Orlan-10" unmanned aerial vehicle is designed for monitoring objects in hard-to-reach areas in any weather conditions.
28.10.2020 (14:37) The newest frigate of the Northern Fleet "Admiral Kasatonov" performed a test launch of an anti-submarine missile in the Barents sea The launch was carried out as part of the qualification serial tests of the product and was recognized as successful.
28.10.2020 (12:15) Russian Defence Minister General of the Army Sergei Shoigu instructed to provide assistance to the Kurgan region in the fight against coronavirus infection In the near future, a combined team of military medical specialists will be sent to the region to provide advice and treatment to patients with COVID-19.
28.10.2020 (10:57) Russian military inspectors will visit the site of the Slovenian Armed Forces Such activities are carried out in accordance with the 2011 Vienna document on confidence-and security-building measures.
28.10.2020 (08:00) Crews of missile systems "Bal" and "Bastion" of the Black Sea Fleet repelled the attack of conditional saboteurs on the column The training was held in accordance with the Black Sea Fleet's combat training plan when the complexes returned to the PDP after completing tasks.
28.10.2020 (03:30) Young crews of MiG-31 fighters of the Pacific fleet naval aviation started working out group flights The main goal of training flights is to increase combat readiness and the effectiveness of the actions of the crews of the fighter squadron when performing tasks for their purpose as part of groups.
27.10.2020 (17:05) Military medics of the Southern Military District continue to receive patients in a mobile hospital deployed in Abkhazia for patients with coronavirus infection Currently, the hospital is treating 55 patients with a confirmed diagnosis of a new coronavirus infection, all of them citizens of the Republic of Abkhazia.
27.10.2020 (16:34) CMD artillerymen successfully completed all tasks during a major exercise near Orenburg As part of the practical part of the exercise, the artillery and missile troops of the Central Military District completed 14 combat training tasks to inflict fire damage on a mock enemy, as well as destroy its critical objects.
27.10.2020 (15:55) Mongolian military personnel crossed the Russian border to participate in the international exercise "Selenga-2020" This year, the joint exercise will be held for the first time in a "remote" format, where each of the parties will perform tasks at different ranges.
27.10.2020 (14:33) The last unit returned to the Black Sea Fleet after participating in the "Kavkaz-2020" maneuvers During the exercise, military personnel on their regular anti-aircraft missile systems "Osa" worked out practical actions with missile strikes at the Ashuluk range.
27.10.2020 (13:55) The scouts of a motorized rifle unit learned how to direct a rocket artillery strike in the Kemerovo region Control of the destruction of targets in the air was carried out using the UAV "Orlan-10".
27.10.2020 (10:34) In the North Caucasus, special forces of the Southern Military District eliminated a secret camp of mock terrorists using armored vehicles " Tiger-M" The explosive charges IM-120, flares and blanks for small arms were used during the exercise.
26.10.2020 (15:45) Specialists of the NBC protection of the Russian Ministry of Defence disinfected more than 85 thousand square meters of infrastructure facilities in Abkhazia during the day 30 servicemen of the Black Sea Fleet took part in the processing activities, 11 NBC protection vehicles were involved.
26.10.2020 (13:30) Motorized skirmishers worked out counteraction to mobile groups of the mock enemy during exercises at the Kara-Haak training ground During the exercise, special attention was paid to the issues of fire destruction of high-speed maneuverable targets that mimic high-pass vehicles, which are widely used by illegal armed groups.
26.10.2020 (11:30) The air defense duty forces of the Black Sea Fleet held an exercise to cover the basing point from a missile strike Air defense crews of the ships escorted and destroyed air targets with anti-aircraft missile weapons designed for air defense of ships from all means of air attack.
26.10.2020 (09:15) Aerospace Forces ground-based facilities took control of the Russian navigation spacecraft "Glonass-K" Launched on October 25, at 10:08 pm (Moscow time) from the Plesetsk cosmodrome in the Arkhangelsk region, the "Soyuz-2.1B" medium-class launch vehicle successfully launched the Russian navigation spacecraft "Glonass-K" into orbit.
26.10.2020 (05:00) Military medics of the Southern Military District continue to receive patients with COVID-19 in a mobile multidisciplinary hospital around the clock Currently, 42 patients with a confirmed diagnosis of a new coronavirus infection are being treated in the hospital, all of them are citizens of the Republic of Abkhazia.
26.10.2020 (04:00) Russian Aerospace Forces successfully launches "Soyuz-2" rocket carrier from Plesetsk cosmodrome At the estimated time, the "Glonass-K" spacecraft was launched into the target orbit by the "Fregat" upper stage and taken over by the ground-based facilities of the VKS Space Forces.
26.10.2020 (00:00) Russian inspectors plan to make an observation flight over Slovenia The observation flight over Hungary will be carried out from 26 to 30 October 2020 from the Papa Open Skies airfield. The maximum flight range will be 500 kilometers.
24.10.2020 (00:00) October 24 is the Day of Special Forces of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation Today marks the 70th anniversary of the decision to create separate special-purpose companies in the Armed Forces. Subsequently, they were successively reorganized, first into battalions, and later into brigades, which currently constitute the basis of the special forces of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.
23.10.2020 (18:04) A complex exercise of the motorized rifle regiment and the electronic warfare brigade of the Central Military District took place at the training ground near Yekaterinburg More than 600 military personnel took part in the exercise, which was held as part of the 2020 control check, about 70 pieces of equipment were involved.
23.10.2020 (14:40) The German military representative was briefed about the position of the Russian Defence Ministry on the participation of the German side in NATO military exercises «STEADFAST NOON» and «RESILIENT GUARD» The German military representative was informed about the position of the Russian Defence Ministry on the participation of the German side in NATO military exercises «STEADFAST NOON» and «RESILIENT GUARD» where the use of American tactical nuclear weapon was practiced.
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