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19.04.2019 (07:30) Pacific Fleet pilots make maiden flight by upgraded MiG-31BM fighter jets During training flights, the MiG-31BM crews performed missions in pairs and tested specifications of the planes.
18.04.2019 (18:45) Second stage to be held in Strategic Missile Forces for title of best RCB protection unit The participating units will perform more than 20 driving standards by the chemical reconnaissance vehicles (RKhM-6), firing combat training and RCB protection in competition.
18.04.2019 (17:00) District stage of Road Patrol contest finishes among military traffic inspectors, Southern Military District During competition the military showed the highest score. The best result belongs to an inspector of the 11th Military Automobile Inspectorate from Vladikavkaz.
18.04.2019 (16:45) Bilateral battalion tactical exercise completed in Taman motorised rifle division The main objective of the event was to improve officers' command skills, as well as to refine interaction between motorized rifle, artillery and tank units.
18.04.2019 (13:45) Opening ceremony of Guardian Order competition carried out in North Ossetia In accordance with the contest results the best military policemen of the district will qualify for the all-army stage.
18.04.2019 (09:45) First winners announced in Pskov according to first day results of Polar Star contest The best result among gunners was shown by the military from Ussuriysk airborne formation. Special forces from Moscow region have the higher score in such nominations as Miner Under Cover, Partner, Sniper, and Grenade Launcher
18.04.2019 (09:30) Baltic Fleet monitors NATO ships operating in Baltic Sea Surface action groups, Bastion and Bal coastal missile systems, naval aircraft are on duty in the assigned regions.
18.04.2019 (06:35) Pacific Fleet Il-38 crews conduct anti-submarine search in Arctic The anti-submarine aircraft IL-38 crews made a flight to an area of the Arctic Ocean to practise independent tactical techniques to search and classify submarines.
18.04.2019 (06:27) Pacific Fleet and Royal Thai Navy holds joint drills in Sea of Japan Navy men of the Pacific Fleet and Royal Thai Navy practised joint tactical maneuvering and trained to organise communications and signalling.
17.04.2019 (21:44) Technopolis ERA representatives discuss collaborative opportunities with innovative companies in Kazan During the Russian Venture Forum in Kazan the Military Innovative Technopolis ERA (MIT ERA) representatives discussed the collaborative opportunities with innovative companies in IT and robotics.
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