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23.10.2020 (14:31) Iskander-M crews near Orenburg were alerted as part of summing up the results of combat training in 2020 The servicemen have already practiced overcoming water obstacles and loading onto railway platforms; within a week they will perform a number of combat training tasks.
23.10.2020 (14:06) Anti-aircraft gunners and pilots of the Southern Military District destroyed about 100 air targets in the Krasnodar territory and the North Caucasus during the exercise When practicing combat exercises for aviation crews, special attention was paid on reducing the time required for decision-making by the commanders, as well as to the actions of military personnel during a massive missile and air strike.
23.10.2020 (12:45) The Black Sea Fleet mine defense ship "Ivan Antonov" conducted an exercise with a detachment of large landing ships During the exercise, the crew of the mine defense ship completed the tasks of conducting mine reconnaissance and making a passage in the minefields of a mock enemy for a detachment of ships consisting of three LLS.
23.10.2020 (08:25) Russian military personnel in Tajikistan repel night attack of a mock enemy In total, more than 500 personnel were involved in the exercise.
22.10.2020 (18:44) Night exercise of the CMD aviation army started in three regions of Russia The crews of Mi-24 attack helicopters and Mi-8 army aviation transport and combat helicopters of the Central Military District will work out about 30 episodes during a night tactical flight exercise.
22.10.2020 (17:26) More than 700 WMD tankers confirmed their professionalism at the training grounds in the Moscow region Live firing took place as part of a control check of the troops during the summer training period.
22.10.2020 (16:38) Anti-submarine ship Vice-Admiral Kulakov completes a business call to Greece During their three days in the port of Piraeus, the North Sea residents replenished their supplies of water, fuel and food.
22.10.2020 (13:27) Mortarmen of the Southern Military District destroyed a mock enemy in the mountainous and wooded area of Dagestan Military personnel with the help of 120-mm mortars "Sani" hit more than 100 targets located at a distance of up to 7 thousand meters, simulating lightly armored vehicles, manpower, and firing points of a mock enemy.
22.10.2020 (12:43) Russian Defence Minister General of the Army Sergei Shoigu holds teleconference with leadership of Armed Forces The meeting discussed issues related to preventing the spread of coronavirus infection in the Armed Forces, organizing and conducting a draft campaign, as well as organizing the educational process in educational institutions of the military department.
22.10.2020 (10:19) Rescuers of the Central Military District completed the operation to ensure the landing of the Soyuz MS-16 descent vehicle The landing and meeting of the cosmonauts took place as usual. Aviation and land search and rescue teams accompanied the capsule on the descent trajectory at the beacon signal until landing and were the first to arrive at the landing site.
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