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27.11.2020 (12:00) Residents of Stepanakert thanked the Russian peacekeepers As a token of gratitude to the servicemen who ensure peace in the region, they presented them with fruit sets and national sweets.
27.11.2020 (10:13) Doctors of the medical team of the Ministry of Defence organized the work of an ambulant center for patients with COVID-19 in the Kurgan region The center conducts computed tomography, x-ray examinations, electrocardiogram, and issues disability certificates and sets of necessary medications for ambulant treatment.
27.11.2020 (10:05) Military doctors of the Central Military District in Khakassia have developed a special menu for patients of the mobile hospital This is due to the fact that almost half of the total number of patients have chronic diseases, including diabetes, heart disease, overweight and others.
27.11.2020 (07:30) IL-38 aircraft crews of the Pacific Fleet worked out a group search for a submarine of a mock enemy In addition, anti-submarine aviation pilots honed their piloting in tight formation and the co-ordination of air-crews.
27.11.2020 (07:00) Russian peacekeepers are helping to restore infrastructure, electricity and gas supply in Stepanakert Russian peacekeepers are ensuring the safe return of refugees and the ceasefire in Nagorno-Karabakh.
27.11.2020 (05:00) About 150 explosive objects were destroyed by Russian military engineers in Nagorno-Karabakh Ammunition that cannot be evacuated to the landfill is destroyed on the spot after ensuring safety.
26.11.2020 (21:31) More than 1,700 refugees have returned to Stepanakert during the current day A peacekeeping contingent of the Russian Federation has been deployed to monitor the ceasefire and military operations in Nagorno-Karabakh.
26.11.2020 (17:20) The commander of the Central Military District summed up the results of the joint Russian-Tajik exercise As Colonel-General Alexander Lapin noted, a characteristic feature of the exercise was its conduct against the background of the growing unstable international situation in the Central Asian region.
26.11.2020 (15:54) The frigate Admiral Gorshkov performs test missile firing in the White Sea According to objective control data, the Circon hypersonic anti-ship missile successfully hit a sea target at a distance of 450 km.
26.11.2020 (13:19) Corvette Boykiy has completed the tasks in the English Channel entered the Atlantic Ocean The main task of the campaign is to ensure a permanent naval presence of the Baltic Fleet ships in the area of its responsibility.
26.11.2020 (11:15) CMD's mobile hospital deployed in Khakassia to treat COVID-19 patients helps reduce burden on local healthcare facilities In the military hospital, patients from Abakan, Chernogorsk, Ust-Abakan, Sayanogorsk and other cities are being treated.
26.11.2020 (07:00) Public transport is being restored and peaceful life is being restored in Stepanakert Civilians continue to return to their homes.
26.11.2020 (05:39) Mobile medical and nursing brigades to combat COVID-19 formed on the basis of the military hospital of the Air Defence Forces in Ulan-Ude Military doctors make rounds of residences of military retirees, servicemen in the reserve and civilian personnel receiving treatment at home for primary and secondary collection of biological material for research.
26.11.2020 (05:00) Russian peacekeepers ensure control over the implementation of the trilateral agreement during the transfer of control over the Kelbajar region Servicemen of the Russian peacekeeping contingent ensured the safety of the civilian population and the orderly transfer of the area.
26.11.2020 (05:00) Russian Aerospace Forces test an upgraded ABM After a series of tests, she reliably confirmed the inherent characteristics, and the combat crews successfully completed the task, hitting a conditional target with a given accuracy.
25.11.2020 (21:45) Another buses accompanied by Russian peacekeepers that transport refugees arrived in Stepanakert 16 buses proceeded from Yerevan to the main square of Stepanakert, delivering more than 680 people to Nagorno-Karabakh.
25.11.2020 (20:49) The head of the Main Directorate of Research Activities of the Russian Ministry of Defence reported on the results of the work of the Commission on Innovative Projects in 2020 According to him, over the past year, the Main Directorate, together with the contented bodies of the military command, conducted a number of successful tests and military-technical experiments to assess and characteristics of promising developments.
25.11.2020 (18:10) The Russian Defence Ministry noted an increase in initiative projects approved in the interests of the Russian Armed Forces The Commission of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation on innovative projects and technologies, based on the results of work in 2020, in the interests of the Armed Forces, selected 94 initiative developments.
25.11.2020 (16:14) The Russian Defenсe Ministry summed up the results of the International Conference on the Return of Syrian Refugees, held in Damascus on November 11-12 As Colonel General Mikhail Mizintsev noted at a meeting of the joint coordination headquarters of Russia and Syria, the conference was held at the highest organizational level.
25.11.2020 (12:42) The final meeting of the Commission on innovative projects and technologies was held at the Russian Ministry of Defence Speaking with a welcoming speech to the participants of the meeting, General of the Army Pavel Popov noted that in 2020, active work was carried out to simplify mechanisms and reduce the time for the introduction of advanced developments carried out by enterprises on an initiative basis.
25.11.2020 (11:00) EMD's military medical unit will provide assistance to the population in Nagorno-Karabakh The medical squad includes doctors, nurses and junior medical personnel, who will be in constant readiness to provide the first medical, qualified and specialized medical care.
25.11.2020 (08:39) The Ministry of Defenсe received Su-35S multipurpose fighters This delivery completes a five-year contract, within the framework of which 50 Su-35S aircraft were delivered to combat duty in the regiments of the Russian Aerospace Forces by the end of 2020.
25.11.2020 (08:00) Guarantee peace anywhere in the world Russian peacekeeping forces are always ready to fulfill tasks to maintain stability and security
25.11.2020 (07:00) Russian peacekeepers provide security of civil motor vehicles transit through Lachin corridor in Nagorno-Karabakh Since November, 14 Russian peacekeepers have provided the security of the return of more than 11 thousand residents of Nagorno-Karabakh to their former places of residence.
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