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26.10.2015 (14:40) Tomsk patronage delegation visited a nuclear-powered missile cruiser of the Pacific Fleet The commander of the submarine "Tomsk" held for the guests a tour of the ship, acquainted them with the crew and living service conditions. Currently, the crew includes more than 10 people, previously called up from Tomsk and continuing service under the contract.
26.10.2015 (10:42) This year the Russian military base in Abkhazia has received more than 80 pieces of modern military equipment Thus, the plan for delivering new equipment to the formation was fully implemented for 2015, while the share of modern samples makes up more than 80 percent.
26.10.2015 (10:15) Training ship Smolny of the Baltic Fleet is passing through the English Channel The ship is returning from a long sea cruise within maritime practice of cadets of the Russian Defence Ministry’s naval educational institutions. Smolny is planned to arrive in Baltiysk on 29 November.
26.10.2015 (09:00) Five Airborne formations to receive new EW systems by end of 2015 Most of them, such as Infauna, Lesochek and Lorandit, are unique according to their characteristics and have no foreign analogues.
26.10.2015 (08:10) Signalmen of the Russian military base in Armenia master new equipment during an exercise In the course of the tactical exercise at the Kamkhud range, the servicemen will practice deployment of tropospheric, wired and optical communication lines using new Auriga-1,2V complexes, satellite radio stations Belozer and Liven.
Show by:  5 10 25
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