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28.04.2015 (19:14) Marines of the Pacific Fleet’s Kamchatka Grouping took the sea aboard a major landing ship In the Kuril Archipelago’s islands "black berets" will practise tasks of amphibious assault on an unequipped coast and defence of the bridgehead captured.
28.04.2015 (17:51) In the course of the exercise crews of the Baltic Fleet ASW ships destroyed imaginary enemy submarine The search of the Vyborg diesel-electric submarine was performed by Ka-27PL helicopters.
28.04.2015 (17:05) New meteorological system “Ulybka-M” tested in the Central MD The main difference between “Ulybka-M” and the former system is its capability to measure atmosphere parameters without balloons at the altitudes of up to 40 km, which are used for acquisition of data used in artillery and missile systems firing.
28.04.2015 (16:57) Black Sea Fleet ships and naval aviation training In the course of the training, crews of Samum small missile ship and four motor boats will develop their skills in conducting a sea battle and will also perform firings at sea and air targets.
28.04.2015 (16:15) Central MD helicopter crews detected and fought the forest fire in Tyva In order to liquidate fire spread, firefighters fitted with necessary equipment landed to the assigned area.
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