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31.08.2015 (12:41) Baltic Fleet marines repelled naval assault of the simulated enemy Battalion tactic exercise of the Baltic Fleet marines was held at the Khmelevka (Kaliningrad region). The servicemen conducted defence operations as the shore.
31.08.2015 (11:52) Russian Defence Minister General of the Army Sergei Shoigu held a board session Issues concerning training cadets of the military institutes, staffing the Russian Navy with contract servicemen, condition and development of the naval aviation were discussed during the session.
31.08.2015 (10:12) Black Sea Fleet Epron rescue vessel started performing tacks in the Mediterranean Having performed tasks in the Russian Navy ship grouping, the vessel will move to the Indian Ocean in order to take part in the joint activities with the Indian Navy.
31.08.2015 (09:42) Based on GLONASS new monitoring system been used during the allover supply exercise The system is designed to operate at temperatures from -40 to +55 degrees Celsius.
31.08.2015 (06:40) Eastern MD reconnaissancemen practicing passing water obstacles Complex water crossing exercises started simultaneously at eight ranges of the Eastern MD in the course of the large-scale field training of reconnaissance units.
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