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15.01.2019 (13:00) Russian Defence Minister General of the Army Sergei Shoigu holds teleconference with leadership of Armed Forces They discussed issues related to improving the quality and efficiency of operational and combat training, rearmament and logistics of the troops, improvement of military infrastructure.
15.01.2019 (12:55) Russian military delegation to attend celebrations marking 70th Anniversary of the Lao People's Army Founding Day Opening of a representative office of the Russian Defence Ministry in Laos is also timed to this significant date.
15.01.2019 (11:36) More than 1,000 pits to be prepared by military engineers in the Bureya dam The preparatory work will be followed by explosions to remover the block.
15.01.2019 (10:01) Airborne Troops receive new engineering equipment The EOV-3523 military excavators on the basis of a KamAZ high-performance vehicle with improved tactical and technical characteristics will enable specialists to work on the soils of any category.
14.01.2019 (19:00) Russian Strategic Missile Forces to receive over 100 pieces of automobile and engineering equipment Among new items there are trucks and cars, buses, evacuation tractors, engineering vehicles, universal road machines, excavators, wheeled cranes and various electrical equipment.
14.01.2019 (15:20) Black Sea Fleet trains for new exercises of Depth 2109 contest Divers practise new exercises and continue training in the main disciplines.
14.01.2019 (15:10) Military engineers of Southern Military District train for Engineering Formula qualifying stage At the Volzhsky training ground, military personnel, in particular, are improving their skills in equipping trenches and laying roads on rough terrain with the analysis of a forest blockage.
14.01.2019 (12:00) Legendary T-34 tanks arrive in Irkutsk They were welcomed by hundreds of citizens, including veterans of Great Patriotic War, military and Yunarmiya members.
13.01.2019 (13:00) CSS to deliver over 300 tons of explosives to remedy rock collapse in the area of Bureya reservoir A separate engineer brigade of Eastern Military District will be involved in blasting operations in the area.
13.01.2019 (12:44) Military mountaineers train for Elbrus Ring, Karachay-Cherkessia, Southern Military District In preparing for the contest, the military will also pratise rescue operations and evacuation of the wounded.
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