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26.10.2018 (18:16) Special forces servicemen of Western Military District perform over 13,000 jumps within summer training period at training centre in Tambov Region Landing was carried out with weapons and additional equipment weighing more than 100 kg including special amphibious containers.
26.10.2018 (17:55) Black Sea Fleet Commander launches exercise at Novorossiysk naval base The exercise will last for five days. It involves a total of over 2,000 troops, missile boats, small ASW ships and amphibious boats, Bal, Bastion and Bereg coastal anti-ship systems, aircraft and helicopters of the Black Sea Fleet’s Naval Aviation and Marine Infantry.
26.10.2018 (17:22) Some 20 Mi-24P attack helicopters to enter service with Central Military District aviation The Central Military District’s board departed to accept the new equipment. At the moment, the Kamensk-Uralsk airbase is equipped with Mi-8 MTV-5 helicopters.
26.10.2018 (16:50) Military delegation from India learns about activity of Western Military District During the visit to St. Petersburg, foreign troops visited the Central Naval Museum and the Signal Military Academy named after Marshal of the Soviet Union S.M. Budyonny.
26.10.2018 (12:53) Chiefs of general staffs of CSTO countries discuss improving air defence system It was announced by General of the Army Valery Gerasimov, the Chief of the Russian General Staff, by the end of session.
26.10.2018 (12:11) Servicemen from Southern Military District acquire new experience in detecting improvised explosive devices in Pakistan Pakistani specialists demonstrated their methods in detecting and setting traps, trees with thorns, logs at height and other traps in the forest during the Friendship 2018 Russian-Pakistani exercises.
26.10.2018 (12:03) Russian and Pakistani special forces units train to eliminate mock illegal armed groups at Friendship 2018 exercises Servicemen from the two countries will practise search operations in mountainous and forested areas, and also descend using alpine equipment.
26.10.2018 (10:44) Air defence units of Northern Fleet start live fire drills at Ashuluk training ground Commander of the army Admiral Nikolay Evmenov who had arrived at the training ground supervised the drills.
26.10.2018 (09:06) Pilots and air defence units of Black Sea Fleet alerted within scheduled inspection Pilots practised evasive actions and redeployed to alternate aerodromes.
25.10.2018 (17:17) Russian Deputy Defence Minister Colonel General Alexander Fomin holds talks with Vice Minister of National Defence of South Korea Seo Ju-seok The sides exchanged views on the development of the situation on the Korean Peninsula, as well as on the prospects for expanding bilateral cooperation in the defence sphere.
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