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05.02.2021 (19:00) The frigate of the Northern Fleet Admiral of the Fleet Kasatonov complete a business call in Algeria The call lasted for several days, after which the North Sea residents continued to carry out their assigned tasks in the Mediterranean Sea.
05.02.2021 (15:00) Baltic Fleet Engineers Prepare for Professional Skills Competition The naval stages of the all-army competitions Engineering Formula and Safe Route will be held in preparation for the International Army Games 2021 at several training grounds in the Kaliningrad region.
05.02.2021 (12:45) New S-400 air defenсe systems in Triumph in the Volga region repelled an air attack of a mock enemy as part of the first exercise after taking up combat duty In the course of practical operations, the anti-aircraft gunners created an echeloned defenсe and carried out the capture, escort and electronic launches from the S-400 air defenсe system against the tactical and strategic aircraft of the mock enemy.
05.02.2021 (12:30) Russian Defenсe Minister checks the fulfillment of the state defence order by the Military-Industrial Corporation Mashinostroyenia General of the Army Sergei Shoigu inspected the production base on the subject of work in the interests of the military department, as well as the unique installations of the bench base of the enterprise.
05.02.2021 (09:30) The crew of the newest SMB Grayvoron is being trained for the first sailing after being admitted to the Black Sea Fleet At the initial stage, the crew passes the first coursework task, within which the personnel practice the tasks of organizing daily ship service and perform actions to prepare the SMB for battle and campaign.
05.02.2021 (08:23) Anti-aircraft gunners of the Southern Military District in the Kuban received the latest MANPADS Verba The launches of remotely controlled aircraft will be performed using special simulators in the daytime and at night in various weather conditions and under the influence of false thermal noise.
05.02.2021 (03:00) Vaccination of personnel of the Russian peacekeeping contingent with the second component of the Sputnik-V vaccine began in Nagorno-Karabakh Upon completion of vaccination, all military personnel receive a certificate of preventive vaccinations against a new coronavirus infection, which indicates the dates of introduction of the first and second components of the Sputnik-V vaccine.
04.02.2021 (17:26) Pilots in the Kaliningrad region will refuel aircraft in the air The crews of the Su-30SM multipurpose fighters and the Su-24M front-line bombers of the Baltic Fleet naval aviation unit will be involved in the development of this element.
04.02.2021 (15:32) The crews of the coastal missile system Bal of the Black Sea Fleet performed missile firing at a sea target According to the plan of the exercise, the Bal battalion, performing tasks as intended in one of the positional areas of the Crimea, discovered a simulated enemy ship, took the target for escort and destroyed it with an accurate missile hit.
04.02.2021 (15:16) With combat crews of the S-400 Triumph air defence system in the Leningrad Region, an exercise was conducted in a new positional area During the exercise, anti-aircraft gunners took up combat duty for the air defence of military and state facilities, and also practiced the tasks of repelling massive missile air strikes of a mock enemy.
04.02.2021 (13:42) In the Leningrad Region, signalmen of the combined arms army of the Western Military District will determine the best crews during the Confident Reception competition As part of the first stage of the professional skill competition, the best crews will be selected to present their units at the all-army stage of the competition.
04.02.2021 (08:00) Servicemen of the Southern MD have started preparing for the International Army Games 2021 Tank Biathlon competition Crew training is carried out as part of the planned combat training of tank units.
04.02.2021 (03:00) Russian UAV crews of the Joint Russian-Turkish Centre exercise control over the observance of the ceasefire regime in Nagorno-Karabakh Russian military personnel are monitoring the ceasefire using unmanned aerial vehicles Forpost and Orlan 10.
02.02.2021 (15:55) Servicemen of the Baltic Fleet have started preparing for the International Army Games-2021 "Tank Biathlon" competition More than 100 servicemen of a separate tank battalion of the army corps of the Baltic Fleet are participating in the training sessions at one of the training grounds in the Kaliningrad region, over 20 pieces of equipment are involved.
02.02.2021 (15:29) More than 1,000 patients were treated at the multifunctional medical center of the Russian Defence Ministry in Orenburg The medical center consists of two infectious diseases departments, as well as reception, intensive care, diagnostic and disinfection departments.
02.02.2021 (14:25) Teams of diving specialists from all fleets arrived in Sevastopol to prepare for the "Depth" competition Diving teams of the Black Sea, Baltic, Northern and Pacific fleets, as well as the Caspian Flotilla will conduct training sessions for participation in the competition at the Joint Training Center of the Navy for a month.
02.02.2021 (13:30) Russian Defence Minister General of the Army Sergei Shoigu holds teleconference with leadership of Armed Forces During the meeting, they discussed the situation with the coronavirus infection in the Armed Forces, the implementation of the state defence order for the supply and maintenance of aircraft and the implementation of a Strategy for ensuring the uniformity of measurements in Russia up to 2025.
02.02.2021 (12:03) The servicemen of the Russian military base in Abkhazia have worked out the destruction of unmanned aerial vehicles of a mock enemy During the exercise, the complex forces of the EW units carried out the search and tracking of small-sized low-flying targets, and the units of the Strela-10 anti-aircraft missile systems performed the defeat of the detected UAVs.
02.02.2021 (11:05) The crews of Su-34 fighters of the Southern Military District carried out bombing operations in the South of Russia In the course of the tasks, the pilots used the Khibiny electronic suppression systems, which allowed them to overcome the air defence system of a mock enemy.
02.02.2021 (05:52) The second stage of the competition "Sniper Frontier" kicks off at the EMD training ground in Buryatia The winners of the second stage of the competition "Sniper Frontier" will take part in the district stage of the competition.
02.02.2021 (05:02) Specialists of the International Mine Action Center of the Russian Defence Ministry in Nagorno-Karabakh continue to work on clearing the area Discovered explosive objects and unexploded ammunition are removed and destroyed at a specially equipped landfill.
01.02.2021 (17:30) Preparations for the all-army stage of the Seaborne Assault competition have begun in the Baltic Fleet At the stages of the competition, the marines will have to perform military-applied exercises: running at various distances, overcoming an obstacle course, hand-to-hand combat, target shooting, driving, and also take part in the team relay.
01.02.2021 (16:10) Corvette Stoyky and tanker Cola of the Baltic Fleet passed the Suez Canal Having passed the Suez Canal, the ships entered the Red Sea and headed for the designated point of the Gulf of Aden, where they will continue to carry out tasks as intended.
01.02.2021 (15:15) The second qualifying stage of the Army Scout Masters competition has started in the Army Corps of the Air Defence Troops During the competition, servicemen demonstrate the coherence of the teams' actions on the assault strip, practice determining the location of a mock enemy and perform firing exercises from standard weapons.
01.02.2021 (13:30) Joint Statement by Joint Coordination Committee of the Russian Federation and the Syrian Arab Republic on the problems of the repatriation of the Syrian refugees and IDPs in the COVID-19 environment February 01, 2021 The Syrian government carries out set of measures to assure state guarantees for Syrians in security, health and legal regulation aspects
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