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17.05.2018 (16:34) Army Scout Masters contest commences in Orenburg region, Central Military District The Army Scout Masters contest is comprised of all the modern scout missions. The team representing the Ural tank division has taken the lead following the results of the first day.
17.05.2018 (16:14) Snipers from Central Military Districts show good results at Sniper Frontier all-army competition The contest takes place in Khabarovsky Kray. Representatives of the Central Military District are striving to get on the podium in all categories.
17.05.2018 (13:29) Safe Environment final stage commences in Strategic Missile Forces Best RChB units will represent the Strategic Missile Forces at the Safe Environment all-army competition which are to take place at Pesochnoye training ground in Yaroslavl region.
17.05.2018 (09:50) Sniper Frontier 2018 is underway in Khabarovsky Krai, Eastern Military District Servicemen have already completed the Sniper in the Offensive exercise, demonstrating their skills in firing from standing, prone and kneeling positions.
17.05.2018 (05:59) Pacific Fleet rescuers train to help a submarine in distress on the bottom The AC-30 carried out three dockings with the dummy submarine.
17.05.2018 (05:39) ASW exercise carried out by Pacific Fleet ship formation in Vladivostok One of diesel submarines of the Primorye formation simulated the enemy. The ships used under-keel sonar stations to locate the enemy.
17.05.2018 (04:02) Serbia, Austria and Russia lead at International Military Motor Vehicle Drivers Competition The most challenging phase was driving in reverse gear on curved line.
17.05.2018 (00:39) Yars launchers of Novosibirsk missile formation move along their patrol routes AVs are to be used to conduct aerial reconnaissance.
17.05.2018 (00:05) Army Air Defence Development to be discussed in Smolensk It is also planned to conduct a round table to discuss modern views on employment of the Army Air Defence formations, military units and the prospective armaments system.
17.05.2018 (00:01) Elbrus Ring commences in Karachay-Cherkessia More than 100 servicemen of the Southern Military District are involved in the events.
16.05.2018 (23:08) Best K9 team of CMD to be selected in Altai Krai Best K9 will represent the Centre Military District at all-army competitions.
16.05.2018 (20:20) Road Patrol competition to commence in the Russian Armed Forces Best road patrol teams from all districts and fleets will compete in the event.
16.05.2018 (19:36) Russian and Belarus Special Forces train counterterrorism actions in Ulyanovsk Servicemen operated the BTR-82A vehicles, high-speed ATVs and advanced signal and control complexes when assaulting positions.
16.05.2018 (19:30) Aviadarts 2018 all-army competition to take place in Ryazan region Pilots will compete in physical training, air reconnaissance, pilotage, fighting against ground targets, overwhelming hostile air defence systems and elements of dogfight.
16.05.2018 (19:08) Deputy Defence Minister Alexander Fomin meets Markus Ederer, EU Ambassador to Russia The parties exchanged their views on security in Europe.
16.05.2018 (17:48) Far East Combined-Arms Command School sets a record for swimming on IFV at all-army competition of the International Army Games When crossing a water obstacle, infantry fighting vehicles manoeuvred between barriers. Every touching of a barrier caused penalty time.
16.05.2018 (12:38) Clear Sky all-army competition among AD units to commence at Eysky training ground, Krasnodarsky Krai More than 200 troops making up eight teams will compete in the event.
16.05.2018 (12:31) Russian military base in Armenia takes part in competition among special units of Southern Military District During a fortnight, servicemen are competing in individual and team categories in tactical, fire, engineer, medical and alpine training at the Daryal training ground in North Ossetia-Alania.
16.05.2018 (10:37) Northern Fleet search-and-rescue forces take part in Barents 2018 Russia-Norway exercise It is held in accordance with intergovernmental agreement signed by Russia and Norway in October 4, 1995.
16.05.2018 (08:08) Russian Defence Ministry official website opens section for 33rd CISM WMC Wrestling More than 350 servicemen represent 22 countries at the CISM championship.
15.05.2018 (19:49) Engineers of Baltic Fleet compete in Open Water 2018 contest The competition is held to upgrade professional skills of participants and select the best fleet crews for assault bridging equipment and ponton bridging equipment.
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