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29.12.2018 (14:02) Russian Defence Minister and Turkish Minister for Foreign Affairs to discuss situ-ation in Syria It was announced by Russia's Minister of Defence General of the Army Sergei Shoigu during the opening ceremony in Moscow.
29.12.2018 (07:14) Eastern MD team completes preparation for the all-army stage of the Sayan March ski-mountaineering contest The servicemen conducted an intensive training in the area of Avachinsky pass between the volcanoes Koryak and Avachinsky as part of the preparation.
28.12.2018 (17:26) Russian Defence Ministry to participate in five national projects This was announced today during an interview with journalists by Deputy Defence Minister General of the Army Dmitry Bulgakov.
28.12.2018 (16:01) Russian Deputy Defence Minister General of the Army Dmitry Bulgakov opens a bridge in the Tula region This is one of the three bridges built by the decision of the Head of the Military Department, General of the Army Sergei Shoigu, and upon the request of the region’s governor Alexei Dyumin, for organizing transportation.
28.12.2018 (14:27) Triumph crews repel an air strike within exercises in Siberia, Central Military District According to the training scenario, the S-400 systems covered the Pantsir-S1 anti-aircraft missile and gun systems.
28.12.2018 (14:01) Anti-terror units undergo training on the eve of New-Year holidays, Central Military District The military personnel trained actions to repel enemy's attempts to attack military facilities by sabotage.
28.12.2018 (13:20) Anti-aircraft units train to cover troops from air attack in Kuban Combat crews operate Igla MANPADs, Tunguska, Buk-M2, Strela-10, Tor and Osa anti-aircraft systems.
28.12.2018 (12:27) Scouts train to engage mock enemy at training ground in Stavropol region, Southern MD During the exercise, scouts of the formation stationed in North Ossetia practised to evacuate mock wounded and conduct chemical reconnaissance.
28.12.2018 (10:06) Black Sea frigate Admiral Makarov calls at the port of Limassol, Cyprus The necessary material supplies will be replenished, and the crew will have an opportunity for rest, an tour round historical sites of the city.
28.12.2018 (09:26) Yuarmiya members talk with Syrian peers via telebridge organised by Russian Defence Ministry The children quickly found a common language - they shared New-Year greetings, spoke about national traditions, holidays, and sang to each other.
27.12.2018 (14:38) Mi-24P helicopters make maiden flights over Ural, Central Military District During the flights they got acquainted with the landmarks, practised piloting and mastered navigation sighting complex.
27.12.2018 (11:29) Russian Defence Minister and Chief of EMERCOM laid wreaths to Rescuers Memorial in Moscow Today Russia marks the Day of Rescuer. Together with colleagues from the EMERCOM it is also celebrated by search-and-rescue forces of the Russian Armed Forces.
26.12.2018 (20:30) Delegation of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation visits the Islamic Republic of Iran The Russian delegation discussed a number of issues on further military cooperation as part of the talks, and invited Iran to take part in the anniversary International Army Games 2019.
26.12.2018 (18:29) Black Sea Fleet frigate Admiral Essen arrives in Sevastopol after performing tasks in the Mediterranean Sea The solemn ceremony dedicated to the arrival of the warship from the distant cruise was held in Sevastopol under the leadership of the Commander of the Black Sea Fleet Vice Admiral Alexander Moiseyev.
26.12.2018 (17:56) Over 40 BTR-82A APCs join combined arms army of Western Military District in Bryansk region Military equipment has undergone tested for technical condition, as well as armaments, hydraulic systems and special equipment.
26.12.2018 (17:50) Major ASW ship Severomorsk completes a call at Limassol and continues to conduct tasks in the Mediterranean Sea The crew replenished the warship’s supplies to the established standards and visited the city during the stay. Cyprus Navy Commander visited the major ASW ship.
26.12.2018 (12:15) Three Mi-24P helicopters enter the service with army aviation brigade in Sverdlovsk region, Central Military District New combat vehicles will be used in various tactical exercises from company to brigade level.
26.12.2018 (10:15) Scouts of the Russian military base in Armenia train to engage fire targets of the mock enemy Over 150 servicemen and 30 pieces of hardware are involved in the drills.
26.12.2018 (09:00) Selenga 2019 international exercise to be dedicated to anniversary of Khalkhyn Gol battle The sites, compositions of troops engaged in the drills will be approved at planning conferences to take place next year in Russia and Mongolia.
26.12.2018 (08:29) Su-24 aircraft of the Eastern MD perform special tasks in Primorsky Krai The pilots performed combat training tasks in cooperation with the Air Defence duty forces and the Pacific Fleet warships.
25.12.2018 (22:46) Time spent underway in 2018 of surface ships and submarines increases by 10% Over the same period last year, the Russian ships spent some 13,000 days at sea.
25.12.2018 (21:15) A batch of T-72B3 tanks delivered to Kazan Higher Tank Command Red Banner School The military school is being supplied with latest models of weapons and military equipment to improve training level of cadets educated to serve in tank units of the Russian Armed Forces.
25.12.2018 (13:42) Russian Defence Minister General of the Army Sergei Shoigu holds teleconference with leadership of Armed Forces The agenda included summing up results of the year, in particular, the commanders of military districts reported on implementation of the action plans.
25.12.2018 (12:17) Mi-28N and Mi-8AMTSh engage infantry and armored objects of the mock enemy at night During flight tactical exercise the troops practised some ten tactical episodes to provide fire support for ground units, engage command posts and manpower, and to conduct air reconnaissance.
25.12.2018 (11:44) Russian motorized rifle units eliminate a hidden camp of mock terrorists in the mountains of Tajikistan The crews of the 2S3 Akatsiya self-propelled howitzers fired 152mm artillery projectiles at the found camp of terrorists within 10 minutes and only then the motorized rifle units moved forward on cleaning the camp under the cover of tanks.
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