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14.02.2018 (14:48) Small ASW ship Kabardino-Balkaria of Baltic Fleet conducts artillery fire at sea target In accordance with the Fleet’s combat training plan, the ship successfully performed artillery firing at mock enemy’s ship, simulated by towed shield-target.
14.02.2018 (13:43) Sailors of Caspian Flotilla start training for Sea Cup 2018 The ship crews will perform combat artillery firing at surface and air targets; will conduct naval drills to practise navigation into anchorage at a maximum speed.
14.02.2018 (13:25) Army Scout Masters 2018 second qualifying stage starts in Eastern Military District Fourteen team-winners of the contests that took place in the Eastern Military District earlier, take part in the competition.
14.02.2018 (08:19) Fighter pilots stop convoy of illegal armed group in Primorsky Krai About 20 aircraft were involved in the drills.
13.02.2018 (18:11) Orenburg Region hosts preliminaries of Suvorov Attack contest The best crews are to be selected for representing the 2nd Combined-Arms Army at the competitions in the Central Military District.
13.02.2018 (17:21) Indian Navy delegates visit research vessel Admiral Vladimirsky, Baltic Fleet, in Mumbai The ship crew made excursions to the museums and toured the sights of the city.
13.02.2018 (15:29) Two thousand scouts eliminate mock enemies at Eastern MD ranges Servicemen practise the task of the stealth maneuvering and the storming of buildings, simulating command posts and communication centers.
13.02.2018 (14:28) Three new Solntsepek systems fielded in Eastern MD The TOS-1A Solntsepek is designed for setting on fire and eliminating hostile fortifications and buildings, and incapacitating light-armoured and automobile vehicles.
13.02.2018 (08:19) Airborne troops to compete in driving BMD-4M AFV The first competitions among units armed with newest combat vehicles are to take place in course of the Airborne Platoon contest preliminaries.
13.02.2018 (07:25) New Su-34 fighter-bombers eliminate mock enemy’s stronghold in Khabarovsk Krai, Eastern Military District During the training, the pilots practised air navigation, routing and evading threats.
12.02.2018 (17:43) Research vessel Admiral Vladimirsky, Baltic Fleet, calls at Mumbai, India The ships will replenish fuel, water and food supplies at the calling port of Mumbai, and crew will visit the port and take a rest after long sailing.
12.02.2018 (17:03) Baltic Fleet forms team to participate in Sniper Frontier Some 150 snipers from three main units of the Army Corps of the Fleet participate in the competition this year.
12.02.2018 (13:52) Airborne Troops starts Airborne Platoon contest The best divisions of formations from Tula, Pskov, Novorossiysk, Kamyshin, Ivanov, Ulyanovsk, Ussuriysk, Ulan-Ude, Ryazan, Stavropol, Kostroma, experts of the Omsk Airborne Troops Training Centres and cadets of the Ryazan High Airborne Command School will take part in the competition.
12.02.2018 (12:07) Pilots eliminate mock hostile airfield during drills at Russian Air Base in Armenia The MiG-29, Mi-24P, Mi-8MTaircraft have practised more than 20 training flights.
12.02.2018 (11:09) Top 10 crews to take part in Tank Biathlon and Suvorov Attack district competitions, Eastern Military District Some 50 pieces of hardware and more than 280 servicemen in teams will take part at the district competitions.
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