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10.08.2018 (07:42) Army Scout Masters 2019 to take place in Indian city of Jaisalmer The Army Scout Masters 2018 international contest involved the teams from Russia, China, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Sudan, Kazakhstan, Zimbabwe and Belarus.
10.08.2018 (00:41) Military delegation of Republic of Serbia arrives in St. Petersburg The delegation made up of 200 officers, sergeants and soldiers is going to participate in a joint Russian-Serbian tactical live-fire exercise, which is to be held at two training ranges in the Leningrad Region on August 13-17.
09.08.2018 (20:50) General of Army Valery Gerasimov, Chief of Russian General Staff, meets General Zubair Mahmood Hayat, Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee The sides exchanged views on the regional security, state and prospects of bilateral cooperation in the military and technical fields.
09.08.2018 (19:20) Military Medical Relay Race officially closed in Krasnoye Selo Following the results, the Russian team won the Military Medical Relay Race contest, followed by the People's Republic of China. Kazakhstan took the third place.
09.08.2018 (16:56) Russian serviceman becomes best scout at international competitions in Novosibirsk It is necessary to note that Senior Sergeant Vyacheslav Artemenko, Russian BMP-2 IFV driver, set a new record on IFV.
09.08.2018 (12:22) Iran won the Depth international contest Today awarding and closing ceremony will be held in Nowshahr(Iran).
09.08.2018 (11:14) Russian Navy team is in the lead in Sea Cup 2018 international contest Currently, the best result was shown by the Russian team, ahead of colleagues from Kazakhstan by 14 points.
09.08.2018 (10:46) Final stage of the Seaborne Assault international contest continues in China Today, relay races on caterpillar vehicles continue at the training ground of the Marine Corps Admiral Mountain in Quanzhou (PRC).
09.08.2018 (10:08) Closing ceremony of International Army Games 2018 will be held in Kazakhstan Three competitions were held in Kazakhstan within the framework of the International Army Games 2018: Masters of Artillery Fire, Falcon Hunting and Confident Reception contest among signal units.
09.08.2018 (10:03) Falcon Hunting international contest will represent new exercises in 2019 It was announced by Bolat Jurabayev, the chief referee, when interviewed by reporters.
09.08.2018 (08:51) Negotiations of experts on the war on the Korean peninsula of the U.S.–Russia Joint Commission on POW/MIAs The sides determined the directions for further cooperation in establishing the fate of American servicemen who disappeared during the war in Korea.
08.08.2018 (22:24) Members of U.S.–Russia Joint Commission on POW/MIAs visited The World War II Memorial in Washington Russian delegation came to Washington on August 6 to participate in talks of the experts of the working group of the Commission on War on the Korean Peninsula.
08.08.2018 (15:22) Russian team become the winner of the Army Scout Masters international contest During the contest Russian scouts were in the lead, ahead of the teams from China, Uzbekistan, Sudan, Zimbabwe, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Belarus.
08.08.2018 (13:07) Depth 2018 completed in Iran Tomorrow the teams will participate in sports activities, will play football and volleyball friendly matches and, after which there will be held the awards and closing ceremonies.
08.08.2018 (10:11) Kazakhstan wins Falcon Hunting international contest Yesterday, the final stage of the contest took place. Participants will compete in finding objects in three reconnaissance districts with the area from 9 to 25 square kilometers at a distance from 10 to 35 kilometers from starting position of the UAV.
08.08.2018 (05:00) Russian Defence Ministry publishes a video clip about women's team participating in Masters of Armored Vehicles international contest Drivers of the Russian women's team will take part in the competition on KamAZ-4350, KamAZ-5350, KamAZ-65225 tractor unit and UAZ-3163 Patriot vehicle.
07.08.2018 (21:26) Russian women are in the lead at Military Medical Relay Race Leaders are followed by Kazakhstan and China.
07.08.2018 (20:20) Russian paratroopers are the best in Airborne Platoon competition in Pskov The relay race includes an obstacle course and shooting ranges where military competed in accuracy and high rate of fire from grenade launchers, macine guns and assault rifles.
07.08.2018 (19:46) Individual race completed at the Korla training ground On the eve, the Russian team had an intensified training at the race track. They looked over the route and its specifics.
07.08.2018 (19:02) Army Scout Masters international contest: final stage completed Eight teams passed a water crossing and made a forced march with live-fire tasks. Scouts from the People's Republic of China showed the best results.
07.08.2018 (18:43) China wins first semi-final relay race Chinese tank crews turned out to be the best, completing the relay race in 1 h 45 min 34 sec. Chinese military also showed best result in shooting – they engaged 18 out of 24 targets.
07.08.2018 (18:39) Sniper Frontier contest completed at Brestsky training ground It involved riflemen of four teams from Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and China.
07.08.2018 (17:30) Deputy Defence Minister Colonel General Alexander Fomin completes his visit to Pakistan The main purpose of his visit was to attend the first meeting of the Russia-Pakistan military advisory committee on defence and security.
07.08.2018 (16:11) Highland units complete Elbrus Ring Participants of the international contest made a 100km march round Elbrus fulfilling all the tasks.
07.08.2018 (14:17) Iran, Russia and Venezuela are in the lead of Depth contest Today, military divers competed in the following disciplines: close space entry, welding, rendering first aid to the drowned, maintaining the life of the emergency vessel.
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