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10.10.2018 (09:43) Gunners of SMD to eliminate mock enemy command posts During exercise, the methodology of reconnaissance and fire contours was practiced.
10.10.2018 (07:44) Helicopter carrier landing platform dock Tarlac, the Philippines, completes her first-ever visit to Vladivostok Filipino seamen visited the diesel-powered submarine Komsomolsk-on-Amur, the Pacific Fleet to learn about service conditions of the Russian submariners.
10.10.2018 (07:32) EMD rifle motorised rifle formation counters airborne assault on island of Sakhalin The simulated enemy was designated by reconnaissance units, who worked out air dropping over the blind country.
09.10.2018 (20:06) Su-24 bombers deliver bomb strike on mock enemy in Urals Some ten Su-24 aircraft and more than 50 serviceme were involved in the exercise.
09.10.2018 (19:00) Yars missile regiments start to march to field positions within exercise In total, the Strategic Missile Forces have involved more than 5,000 troops and about 700 pieces of hardware in control integrated checkouts and exercises for the year.
09.10.2018 (18:43) Diesel-electric submarine Dmitrov of Baltic Fleet destroys simulated enemy’s ships by mock torpedo attack During this exercise, the surface forces fulfilled the tasks on providing all types of protection and defenсe of a unit of ships and vessels at sea crossing.
09.10.2018 (18:30) Russian Defence Ministry delegation headed by Chief of Engineer Troops arrives on official visit to Vietnam The visit is aimed to exchange experience in engineering support, learn more about Corps of Engineer of Vietnam People's Armed Forces and to discuss prospects of bialteral cooperation between engineering troops of the two countries.
09.10.2018 (15:54) Novorossiysk airborne troops to participate in international exercises in Africa for the first time The Defenders of Friendship 2018 Russian-Egyptian counter-terrorism exercises are to take place on October 13-26 in the Republic of Egypt.
09.10.2018 (13:30) Russian Navy Commander-in-Chief and Chief of Staff of Japan Self-Defence Forces discuss cooperation at sea During the meeting in Saint Petersburg Admiral Katsutoshi Kawano and Admiral Vladimir Korolyov put emphasize on cooperation on maritime security in Pacific Rim.
09.10.2018 (13:16) Syrian experience to be used during tactical exercise of SMD in North Caucasus Reconnaissance units will practice tasks in the fire attack circuit system, engineers will practice mine-trap deactivation, and mine clearance of improvised explosive devices and masked tripwire.
09.10.2018 (13:02) Plus de 3 000 militaires ont participe a l'exercice de brigade tactique en Crimee Lors du debarquement, des fusiliers marins ont applique une approche non-standard avec le renforcement des forces de corps de debarquement selon differents angles a la fois de l'eau et de l'air, ce qui a permis d'attraper une place d'armes et equiper un camp retranche pour un court laps de temps.
09.10.2018 (10:55) Northern Fleet ASW Severomorsk completes a call to the Seychelles The ship will stay in waters of the Indian Ocean for more than two months. The crew will make a series of military and diplomatic missions, and secure civilian navigation in the Gulf of Aden.
08.10.2018 (23:59) Finnish military experts to visit military facility in Russia On October 9-11, 2018, under the agreement on additional confidence- and security-building measures between Russia and Finland, the Finnish evaluation team plans a visit to a military object of the Russian Federation.
08.10.2018 (23:59) Russian military inspectors to visit a military facility in Cyprus In accordance with the Vienna document 2011, Russian military inspectors will visit a military facility in Cyprus.
08.10.2018 (17:48) Chief of Russian General Staff discuss expansion of military cooperation with his Japanese counterpart In particular, General of the Army Valery Gerasimov and Admiral Katsutoshi Kawano exchanged views on security issues in Pacific Rim and discussed prospects of mutual cooperation with emphasis on implementation of reached agreements.
08.10.2018 (05:28) Сrew of new anti-sabotage boat formed in Kamchatka This boat will be the third in succession within this project to be commissioned by the Kamchatka harbour defence formation.
07.10.2018 (23:58) Russian inspectors to inspect envisaged area in Greece The inspection is conducted in order to determine the scale of military activity within the envisaged area which is subject to notification or to identify the absence of the military activity which is subject to notification.
07.10.2018 (22:27) Navy Commander-in-Chief: Navy has training system for highly professional commanders Admiral Vladimir Korolyov, the Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Navy, congradulated the Commanders of the Northern, Pacific, Black Sea, Baltic fleets and Caspian Flotilla on the Naval Commander’s Day.
07.10.2018 (20:57) SMD Commander inspects construction of Novorossiysk naval base objects By the end of the current year, the Novorossiysk naval base will put in service the buildings of the mentioned detachment headquarters, store, and training centre, which includes the swimming pool, water treatment and chemical cleaning system, decompression system and equipped training classrooms for submariners.
07.10.2018 (15:47) Transport aircraft of Central Military District delivers Soyuz MS-08 spacecraft from Kazakhstan to Moscow The space capsule will be delivered to the Energiya Space Corporation.
07.10.2018 (08:22) Tactical airborne troops mop up mountainous area during Selenga 2018 Russian-Mongolian exercise During practical part of the exercise, the Russian scouts were airlifted by Mi-8AMTSh Terminator to the area behind the enemy lines.
06.10.2018 (17:08) Anti-terror groups prevent sabotage at Russian military base in Tajikistan during drills According to the scenario of the drills, a sabotage group infiltrated into the 201st Russian military base in order to poison purified water at a water pump station.
05.10.2018 (17:35) Russian and Serbian pilots practice night rescue operation within BARS 2018 exercise The Mi-8 helicopters searched for people requiring medical assistance, hovered over a point, descended rescue workers and equipment, climbed aboard of the conditionally wounded and provided first aid.
05.10.2018 (13:49) Russian Defence Minister General of the Army Sergei Shoigu holds teleconference with leadership of Armed Forces The attendees discussed such issues as fall conscription, manufacturing of Tu-160M strategic bomber and results of IV International Army Games 2018.
05.10.2018 (10:48) Northern Fleet ASW Severomorsk makes a call to the Seychelles The visit will last several days. Russian seamen will replenish food supplies and fresh water, and tour the sights of Victoria harbour.
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