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28.10.2015 (10:30) Russian military base in Armenia received new UAV complexes Orlan-10 They are designed for air reconnaissance in any meteorological conditions in high-mountain areas at the distances of 120-600 km and at the maximum altitude of up to 5 km.
28.10.2015 (09:29) Servicemen of the Russian military base in Abkhazia learn to repel terrorist attacks In the course of the training, an anti-terrorist unit was put on combat alert to block and eliminate “militants”, who had tried to capture combat vehicle park.
27.10.2015 (18:10) Deputy Defence Minister Anatoly Antonov invited foreign military attaches for holding a meeting and made several official statements The statements are made in regard of groundless accusing the Russian Aerospace Forces in Syria of performing strikes against “moderate” opposition and civil facilities.
27.10.2015 (15:52) Western MD Special Task Force to be equipped with Granat-1 new UAVs The UAVs are designed to conduct air reconnaissance with photo, video and thermal equipment at the distance up to 15 kilometres.
27.10.2015 (12:30) Crew of Admiral Grigorovich guard ship performed gun firing in the Baltic Sea The seamen also practiced searching and detecting of the simulated enemy submarine in cooperation with Ka-27PL helicopter.
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