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07.04.2015 (09:01) Pilots of the Northern Fleet Naval Aviation develop cooperation Moreover, crews performed aerial fast-moving target intercept and practiced air warfare performing offensive and defensive air-combat maneuvers at medium and low altitudes.
07.04.2015 (06:47) Eastern MD formation in Zabaykalie undergoes an inspection The commission will check all the aspects of the servicemen’s activities from combat training to organization of food and laundry services.
07.04.2015 (06:33) Cadets of the Syzran affiliate of the MLSC of the Air Force visited a sponsored social and rehabilitation centre The “Give Happiness to the Children” charity was held by the cadets from the Republic of Angola that study at a special school of the university and that are active amateur artists.
07.04.2015 (06:22) Eastern MD formations and units performed tactical exercises on Sakhalin and the Kuril Islands Over 10 tactical exercises with combat firings were held at the final stage of the winter training period.
06.04.2015 (20:44) The Pacific Fleet ships successfully hit air targets In the course of training, Il-38 airpcrafts of the naval aviation dropped small-size aerial targets at a long distance, which the crews of large antisubmarine ships hit using the “Kinzhal” air defence missile systems.
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