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17.09.2015 (12:02) Caspian Flotilla ship grouping practiced counteracting terrorism The ship crews attended trainings concerning providing civil navigation security and oil industry facilities.
17.09.2015 (11:15) Northern Fleet held exercises with missile, air defence and artillery firings in the Arctic For the first time arctic units of motorized rifle brigade projected on Kotelny Island by the ship formation of the Northern Fleet were involved in the exercise.
17.09.2015 (10:12) Surface ships of the Pacific Fleet from the Primorsky Krai and Kamchatka to show cooperation at sea In the north-east of Russia military seamen will meet dozens of qualifying standards in tactics including actions of ships within interservice tactical groups at sea.
17.09.2015 (08:41) Air Defence units of the Eastern MD formations and units located in Buryatia started practical firing Combat crews of portable AA missile complexes Igla and self-propelled air defence systems Shylka – over 100 servicemen in total – take part in the trainings.
17.09.2015 (08:00) Paratroopers are performing tasks at unfamiliar ranges in the course of the Center — 2015 exercise In particular, the Airborne formation, which is located in Volgograd region, are performing tasks concerning searching, blocking and liquidating simulated illegal armed groups at the range in the Orenburg region.
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