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16.02.2015 (11:50) Caspian flotilla assault marines units have held joint exercise with the transport aviation of the Southern MD Marines practiced small arms firing at land targets and have performed landing operation from transport compartments of Mi-8 helicopters.
16.02.2015 (11:45) “Yaroslav the Wise” guard ship returns from the long-distance cruise The “Yaroslav the Wise” guard ship of the Baltic Fleet accomplished her missions during the long-distance cruise and has set heading to the base.
16.02.2015 (07:45) Eastern MD armoured vehicles drivers will have more time for practice exercises In the course of practicing their skills drivers of wheeled and tracked vehicles will cover route marches of 100 and 200 km as well as to operate in extreme conditions.
16.02.2015 (07:27) Surprise military discipline inspections are introduced in the Eastern MD The inspections will be performed by military police under special regulations
16.02.2015 (06:30) The Central MD formations’ commanders practiced counteracting the high technology equipped enemy Tactical groups performed detecting, blocking and disposing imaginary enemy tasks which is in operational service with high-tech vehicles and armament.
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