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16.06.2015 (20:09) Visitors of the Forum «Army-2015» watched reconstruction of the Great Patriotic War combat The reconstruction involved military hardware of the Second World War participants. The hardware was presented by the Central Armory Museum.
16.06.2015 (18:30) The Airborne and representatives of the R&D institute of parachute design discussed the improvement of parachuting effectiveness of large loads Particular attention has been focused on parachute jumping with oxygen equipment from the altitudes of more than 4 000 metres and the use of forward-looking digital automatic activation devices.
16.06.2015 (16:11) Strategic Missile Forces to demonstrate all means of the launch-site data acquisition and measurements system at the Forum “Army-2015” The unique Veresk mobile trajectory measurement electrooptical station will be also demonstrated.
16.06.2015 (16:10) Development of the Navy amphibious hardware and base unified platform to be discussed at the Forum “Army-2015” Roundtable conference concerning amphibious hardware development for the Russian Navy will take place in the course of the science and business programme of the International military and technical forum “Army-2015”.
16.06.2015 (15:38) Young pilots from the Tolmachevo airbase took part in tactical air exercises The flight crews practiced destroying of ground targets using cannons, machine guns and unguided rockets at the Shylovsky range.
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