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23.03.2015 (14:01) Pacific Fleet ship formation visited Malaysia withiт participation in the international exercise for navigation safety The exercise involved over 20 warships and vessels from more than 10 countries.
23.03.2015 (13:40) Eastern MD combined-arms army artillery units completed combat firing practice at firing range in Amur region The emphasis during the training was placed on fire control, precise crews’ interaction during the training and increasing hit accuracy.
23.03.2015 (12:10) Russian military base in Tajikistan receives more than 100 new BTR-82A armored personnel carriers Commanders and their deputies have been sent for reeducation to the Central MD military units located in Samara Region where BTR-82A has been used since the last year.
23.03.2015 (11:41) Surprise combat readiness inspection started in the Central MD logistic support brigade The brigade units were alerted and marched to the assigned area where they deployed a field station that can provide refueling for more than 1000 combat vehicles.
23.03.2015 (07:47) The Eastern MD engineers performed training ice blasting on the Tom river in the Amur Region Blasting work was carried out using successive explosions downstream.
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