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03.09.2015 (08:08) Eastern MD special units captured field communication and command posts of the simulated enemy More than 150 servicemen performed parachute jumping with D-10 parachute system from Mi-8AMTSh helicopter from the altitude of 600 metres.
03.09.2015 (07:42) Servicemen of the Eastern MD missile formation finish transition training on Iskander-M complexes At the present time, the units of the formation started tactical exercise with combat launches. It will take place at one of the ranges of the Astrakhan Region.
03.09.2015 (07:03) Eastern MD special task force medical unit to conduct exercise on deployment of the newest hospital The main objective will become testing of the newest pneumo-framed modular hospital designed to render medical assistance to 100 people.
02.09.2015 (17:51) Southern MD flamethrower operators using high-power thermobaric rounds during firing training The Southern MD NBC protection units are training at the Prodboi range in Volgograd region.
02.09.2015 (17:03) Servicemen of the Russian military base in Southern Ossetia started field training at the Dzartsemi range The special attention was paid to improving cooperation, improving their skills in driving, combat firing in conditions of forest and mountain terrain.
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