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18.09.2015 (10:48) Southern MD artillery held approximately 100 exercises with combat firing in the course of the field training The special attention was paid to mastering new equipment, including radio location stations Sobolyatnik and Aistenok, and UAVs Granat-4 and Orlan.
18.09.2015 (09:07) Caspian ship grouping are organizing air and sabotage defence in the course of the Center-2015 exercise Moreover, the Caspian Flotilla supply vessels are installing targets in order to provide opportunity for the warships to perform gun firing.
18.09.2015 (07:08) Reconnaissancemen of the Central MD combined arms formation and army units of Kazakhstan are holding joint operation on blocking simulated sabotage group The servicemen are operating Orlan UAVs in order to detecting the simulated group.
18.09.2015 (06:35) Army aviation of the Central MD assisted in blockage and elimination of illegal armed groups Targeting of helicopters was carried out by servicemen of motorized rifle formation using systems of satellite navigation GLONASS.
18.09.2015 (05:54) Air Defence units of the Eastern MD formations and units located in Buryatia started practical firing Combat crews of portable AA missile complexes Igla and self-propelled air defence systems Shylka – over 100 servicemen in total – take part in the trainings.
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