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12.08.2015 (09:58) Servicemen of the Southern MD EW units learn to use the newest complexes Borisoglebsk-2 In the course of the field trainings, EW units deployed jamming stations, conducted reconnaissance and suppressed the communication systems of the imaginary enemy.
12.08.2015 (08:26) Southern MD NBC protection units started training in Volgograd region In the course of the training, the servicemen will perform tasks concerning detecting of NBC contamination of the area and conducting NBC reconnaissance.
12.08.2015 (07:18) Combat readiness inspection started in the Eastern MD motorized rifle formation The servicemen performed marching to the assigned area on the origin hardware and started performing tasks.
12.08.2015 (06:53) Railway troops to assemble a ferry line over the river Zeya The railway detachment will recover a 1-kilometre section of the railroad, which is destroyed by the imaginary enemy.
11.08.2015 (18:22) Chinese servicemen preparing the hardware for projecting to Nanjing Thirteen vehicles will be projected by railway. The Russian servicemen are providing assistance to the Chinese party.
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