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14.04.2015 (17:01) Leading military historians met with Russian and Belarusian journalists in Moscow The participants highlighted the need for joint efforts to oppose falsifiers of history, seeking to belittle the contribution of the Soviet people in the rout of Nazi Germany, to revise the results of World War II.
14.04.2015 (16:42) Crews of military transport aviation participate in the firefighting operations in Buryatia and Zabaykalsky Krai Il-76 aircraft are equipped with spray tanks (VAP-2) that can carry up to 42 000 litres of water. They were located at the Ulan-Ude airfield.
14.04.2015 (16:23) Battalion tactical training with units of the separate motorized rifle brigade of the Southern MD is taking place in Dagestan During the training a special attention is paid to coordinated actions of the servicemen while maneuvering on the battlefield, mastering skills of camouflaging and overcoming of explosive obstacles.
14.04.2015 (15:53) Resuming the results of complex inspection in the Orenburg missile formation The results of the inspection showed the readiness of the missile formation with its armament, military equipment, supply services and anti-terrorist protection to perform assigned tasks.
14.04.2015 (15:20) The Baltic Fleet corvette Boikiy destroyed simulated enemy submarine with the unique Paket A small size ASW complex Paket is intended for fighting the submarines and torpedoes within the close proximity to the ship and has no foreign equivalents to some of its parameters.
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