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03.09.2020 (13:50) Russian team won three more gold medals at the international Army games 2020 Today, on September 3, the "Patriot" convention and exhibition center will host the award ceremony for the winners of the Games-2020.
03.09.2020 (13:30) As part of the Army international games 2020, Russian tankers will compete in the final of the "Tank biathlon" on red tanks on September 5 Today, on September 3, the draw for the final races at the "Tank biathlon" competition took place in the "Patriot" park.
03.09.2020 (12:53) The winners and prize-winners of the Games-2020 contest "Field kitchen" were awarded in the Moscow region By results of the competition the jury determined the following prizes: first place took the team of the Russian Federation, the second — the team of the Republic of Belarus, the third — the team of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
03.09.2020 (11:20) The ceremony of awarding the winners of the Clear Sky competition of the Army international games-2020 was held in the Krasnodar territory Representatives of the participating teams released white doves into the sky with the wish that the use of weapons on the ground was possible only within the framework of the international Army games.
03.09.2020 (11:01) The level of participants in the "Aviadarts 2020" competition has increased by 20% compared to last year It is noted that the Russian and Belarusian teams have almost doubled their combat capabilities for ground targets.
03.09.2020 (08:40) Participants of the international competition "Road patrol-2020" in Uzbekistan got acquainted with the historical heritage of Babur In the final part of the tour, military personnel of the defence departments of the three countries visited the historical square of Andijan, madrasas and halls of traditional crafts.
03.09.2020 (07:59) Participants of the international army games and military personnel of the DVOKU held commemorative events at the places of military glory in Blagoveshchensk In addition, on the Amur river embankment, DVOKU servicemen took part in the first raising of the flag of the Russian Federation, measuring 25 meters by 16 meters.
02.09.2020 (18:04) The Russian team won the international competition "Masters of Artillery Fire" of the Games-2020 Cups and medals were presented to the winners in a solemn ceremony by the chief of the rocket troops and artillery of the Russian Armed Forces, Lieutenant General Mikhail Matveevsky.
02.09.2020 (14:56) Scouts from the People's Republic of China won the IV stage of the international competition "Army Scout Masters" During this stage, live firing, standards for overcoming the mine-explosive and natural obstacles, as well as for throwing a knife, an infantry shovel and a training grenade for accuracy and time were performed.
02.09.2020 (14:42) Military personnel of the WMD won the international competition "Open water" of the Games-2020 in the Vladimir region The crews demonstrated skill in assembling pontoons, managing equipment, and crossing to the other side. In particular, a giant 60-ton ferry was assembled, as well as a ferry for crossing a tank platoon in full strength with military equipment.
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