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16.10.2018 (14:11) Russian and Lao engineers exchange experience in humanitarian demining Russian engineers familiarised their Lao colleagues with state-of-the-art mine detectors such as IMP-S2, MBI-P2 mine detectors and OVR-2 protective suits.
16.10.2018 (11:55) Indra 2018 international exercises to take place at Babina training ground, Uttar Pradesh. Participants will practise joint planning of peacekeeping operation, cooperation of headquarters and units of the both countries, as well as tactical actions to eliminate mock illegal armed gangs.
16.10.2018 (10:23) Southern Military District troops to take part in joint drills with their colleagues from Pakistan The drills will be held at the Pakistani training centre for special forces in Cherat as well as at the National Counter Terrorism Centre (NCTC) in Pabbi.
16.10.2018 (09:30) Russian and Egyptian paratroopers hold joint live-fire drills They engaged targets when mopping up area. The unit was divided into groups to fire at various sectors.
16.10.2018 (08:10) Young pilots practise anti-submarine warfare on Tu-142MZ Tu-142 pilots supervised by experienced instructors practised navigation over blind country.
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