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15.07.2019 (11:19) Russian mission to make observation flight over Italy Observation flight over Italy will be carried out in the period from July 15 to 19 from the Open sky Ciampino Airport. The maximum flight range will amount to 2,500 km.
15.07.2019 (11:12) Spanish delegation inspects Russian Military Base in Tajikistan The event is provided by the Vienna Document 2011 on Confidence- and Security-Building Measures.
15.07.2019 (11:08) Italy and Great Britain mission to make an observation flight over the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation The aircraft and observation equipment installed on it (aerial cameras) underwent an international certification, in which Russian specialists took part, which precludes the use of technical means not covered by the treaty.
15.07.2019 (11:00) Russian inspection to check the scale of military activities in one of the regions of Hungary During the event, Russian inspectors will visit training areas and grounds, briefing on military activity, formations or units located within the specified area.
15.07.2019 (06:54) Ships of the Pacific Fleet fires Moskit cruise missiles in the Sea of Japan The launch of two cruise missiles with an interval of several seconds was made by the destroyer Bystry and the missile boat R-24.
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