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08.08.2015 (17:07) Participants of the contest “Airborne platoon” took part in an individual race The airborne platoon under the leadership of Konstantin Soloviyov of the Ryazan Higher Military Command School has become the winner.
08.08.2015 (07:07) Russian team of the “Airborne platoon” took the leading position Representatives from India, Kazakhstan and Pakistan watched the stage.
08.08.2015 (06:00) Today the winner of the “Open water” international contest to be defined In the course of the contest, pontoneers from Russia, China and Belarus are to assemble a 60-ton ferry and transport the armored vehicles across the 300-meter water obstacle.
07.08.2015 (19:35) Russian Defence Minister General of the Army Sergei Shoigu congratulated military installers with their professional Day Speaking about their merits, the head of military department stated, that “someone would hardly deploy such large-scale construction as we did in the Arctic”.
07.08.2015 (18:10) Russian Deputy Defence Minister Anatoly Antonov met Minister of Defence, Justice and Security Shaw Kgathi In the course of the topical questions of the Russian-Botswanian interaction in the military and technical sphere.
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