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01.06.2015 (11:04) Southern MD sappers demined over 200 hectares of the future ski resort in the Chechen Republic Mine clearance was conducted at the altitude of 2 700 metres above sea level in the Veduchi settlement (Itum-Kalinsky district). The sappers detected and defused 4 antipersonnel fragmentation mines.
01.06.2015 (10:05) Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Navy congratulated the seamen of the Northern Fleet with its anniversary and assigned objectives for the summer training period Speaking at the meeting on the heavy nuclear missile cruiser Pyotr Veliky, Admiral Viktor Chirkov stated that the development of the Northern Fleet would be always paid particular attention.
01.06.2015 (05:43) Commanders of logistical support in Eastern MD learned new complex support of forces During specific training commanders of logistical support formations learned the expe-rience in material and technical support of forces.
01.06.2015 (05:23) Pacific Fleet debriefs winter results and gives start to summer training Forces of the Pacific Fleet held over 30 different exercises. The summer training period seems to be same intense.
31.05.2015 (12:01) Aerospace Defence Forces has commenced summer training Overall number of training is around 200 combat training activities. Herewith, number of live firing will significantly increase.
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