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18.03.2015 (16:55) Baltic Fleet corvette “Soobrazitelniy” repelled the attack of the imaginary enemy The target was an anti-ship cruise missile launched from R-257 missile ship. It was destroyed by the “Redut” naval air defense complex.
18.03.2015 (15:34) Pilots of the Kant Russian air base practice touchdown accuracy during parachute jumping trainings Jumps are performed by 100 servicemen from the height of 1000 m from Mi-8MTV helicopters.
18.03.2015 (15:05) Chief of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces has inspected the readiness of the Russian strategic naval nuclear forces General of the Army Valery Gerasimov visited one of the strategic nuclear underwater missile cruisers in Gadzhievo where he inspected the crew actions within the combat readiness inspection.
18.03.2015 (14:52) Servicemen of the Western MD reconnaissance forces practice capturing and destroying headquarters and military authorities of the imaginary enemy For conducting such activities a special training installation was mounted at the training ground. The installation structure allows to changing change its interior in a short period of time in order to develop orientation skills of servicemen in unconventional conditions.
18.03.2015 (14:22) Central MD mechanized infantry, army aviation and special tasks force are alerted for the strategic command-and-staff training After having been put on full combat alert, the units marched to the assigned areas and started practicing their training missions.
Show by:  5 10 25
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