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28.01.2015 (07:50) The Baltic Sea Fleet crews prepare to get under way More than 50 ships, including “Nastoychivy”, “Steregushy”, “Soobrazitelny”, “Stoiky” and “Boiky” are involved in the training.
28.01.2015 (07:30) The Black Sea Fleet reconnaissance servicemen started training at the Daryal training ground to be ready to operate in mountainous districts During two months reconnaissance servicemen will be training to pass hillsides, taluses, water barriers, glaciers and different ravines, to conduct reconnaissance and to handle weapons in mountains.
28.01.2015 (07:02) The Caspian Sea Fleet will be equipped with modern motor boats Project 23370 is the base platform. Depending on installed equipment it could be used for diving, search-and-rescue and fire-fighter.
27.01.2015 (10:46) Military doctors of Russia and China agreed about increasing the cooperation level The group of military medics of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation headed by the chief of the Head Military-Medical Department (HMMD) the general-major of the medical service Alexander Fisun shared experience of military-medical service of People's Liberation Army of China .
27.01.2015 (09:45) The Deputy Defence Minister of the Russian Federation Anatoly Antonov met the Defence Minister of Tajikistan general-lieutenant Sherali Mirzo During the meeting Anatoly Antonov declared that Russian Defense Ministry, giving help to Armed forces of Tajikistan, consolidates safety of Russia.
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