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28.07.2015 (12:39) Marines of Russia, China and Kazakhstan actively preparing for the international contest “Caspian derby – 2015” Trainings are held at the “Scorpion” complex of the separate battalion of the marine troops of the Caspian flotilla.
28.07.2015 (11:34) Spectators will be able to get a bird's-eye view of the international contest “Masters of artillery fire” Video broadcasting will be provided by multirole UAVs Orlan-10 capable of continuous flying for 18 hours and transmitting a strong video signal from the altitudes of up to 5 000 metres.
28.07.2015 (10:07) Crews of the new AA missile systems S-400 getting prepared for air defence combat duty on Kamchtka It was preceded by transition training of the servicemen on the basis of the aviation and air defence training centre in Gatchina as well as by combat launches at the Kapustin Yar range.
28.07.2015 (09:32) Egyptian military delegation arrived in Yekaterinburg to meet the Central MD Command The parties will exchange experience in operational and combat training as well as discuss the methods of countering illegal armed groups.
28.07.2015 (08:45) in the course of preparation for the “Airborne platoon” Specialists of the parachute service of the Ryazan Airborne Command High School assured first jumps of the Belarusian servicemen, who used the D-10 parachute systems.
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