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08.04.2015 (22:55) The Western MD troops receive new highly up-graded T-72B3 Thanks to new ballistic computer, modernized stabilizer and auto target tracker the fire efficiency when moveless and moving has significantly increased.
08.04.2015 (21:54) Russian paratroopers are using special sun-screening masks in the Arctic They make it possible to reduce completely the effects of ultraviolet rays, direct and reflected light that cause so-called “snow blindness” during an around-the-clock solstice.
08.04.2015 (20:11) Holy Fire from Jerusalem to be delivered to Black Sea Fleet warships and units The tradition of delivering the Holy Fire from Jerusalem to Crimea and to Sevastopol by a Black Sea Fleet representative has existed since 2008 and is held thanks to the support of Andrei Pervozvanniy Fund.
08.04.2015 (19:02) An airfield for military and transportation aviation is being built in the Extreme North The landing of the military and transportation aviation will be made in severe climate conditions on the island of Alexandra Land, a difficult landscape with peaks and a mountainous surface.
08.04.2015 (18:31) Eastern MD fighter and attack aviation tactical training started in Primorye In the course of the first stage of the training personnel of the fighter aviation regiment was alerted, performed arming of the aircraft and alert forces took off in order to ensure security of the airfield.
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