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14.07.2015 (06:33) Crews of Tor-M2U AA missile systems of the Eastern MD motorized rifle formation conducted combat firings in Astrakhan Region In the course of the trainings, the crews eliminated six high-speed maneuverable targets of Saman-type launched from different directions and flying at maximum and minimum altitudes.
14.07.2015 (06:00) The Russian Navy Commander Admiral Victor Chirkov inspected preparedness for the “Caspian Cup-2015” and “Caspian Derby-2015” international contests The contest are to strengthen military and technical cooperation between the Caspian region states in the field of military training and improving the image of military service.
14.07.2015 (05:00) The main stage of the “Open water” All-army contest started in Murom Today three teams will compete for the right to participate in the final stage of the contest: the Southern MD 11th separate engineer brigade, the Western MD 30th engineer battalion, and the Eastern MD separate engineer brigade.
13.07.2015 (20:37) Deputy Defence Minister Anatoly Antonov met the ambassador of the Republic of Serbia in the Russian Federation Slavenko Terzic They have discussed the issues of the Russian-Serbian cooperation in the field of defence as well as the questions of global and regional security.
13.07.2015 (17:45) Deputy Defence Minister Anatoly Antonov commented testing of the American atomic bomb B61-12 According to the Deputy Defence Minister, “the United States of America are not only augmenting military potential and rising level of the NATO activity close to the western borders of Russia, but also modernizing their nuclear arsenal surreptitiously while speaking about notorious and made up Russian threat”.
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