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30.03.2015 (21:10) Central MD artillery men reenacted artillery preparation during the Stalingrad operation In the historical reenactment which will take place at the Totsk firing range on the 3rd of April 2015. It will involve over 1 000 servicemen of the combined-arms formation of Samara and more than 200 pieces of armament and military equipment.
30.03.2015 (20:34) Over 1000 servicemen of Vladikavkaz garrison to take part in military parade Sophisticated armament and military equipment as armored personnel carrier BTR-82A, infantry fighting vehicle BMP-3, tanks T-90A, self-propelled howitzers “Msta-S”, MRLS “Tornado-G”, air defence gun-missile complex “Tunguska” etc., to form part of motorized column.
30.03.2015 (18:10) Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation General of the Army Sergei Shoigu held a regular session of the Defence Ministry Board The Board members discussed issues concerning military security on the territory of the Crimea and implementation of the Activity plan of the Navy, the Airborne Troops and the Aerospace Defence Forces for the period until 2020 as well as the development of information technologies in Russian Armed Forces for the period until 2025.
30.03.2015 (17:59) Storm readiness is announced in the Baltic Fleet According to the hydrometeorological centre of the Baltic Fleet, a sharp increase of the south-east wind to 15-20 m/sec with blasts up to 23 m/sec undergoes in the region. The sea swells will reach 5 points
30.03.2015 (17:10) The Pacific Fleet received the first modernized antisubmarine Il-38N aircraft Specialists from the Ilyushin Aviation Complex conducted repairs of the aircraft and significantly upgraded its electronic equipment, while the cockpit was equipped with the latest avionics.
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