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04.06.2015 (20:30) Russian Deputy Defence Minister Yuri Borisov took part in the opening ceremony of the “Normandie-Niemen” regiment museum in France Yuri Borisov donated to the museum a number of exhibit items, in particular, a copy of the Moscow monument “Normandie-Niemen”, copies of documents for establishment of the regiment and photographs of Yak-3 aircraft.
04.06.2015 (18:30) Russian Navy to receive a unique rescue tugboat Professor Nikolai Muru One of its particularities is the system of dynamic position stabilization, which holds the vessel at the assigned point without anchors.
04.06.2015 (17:43) Russian-Norwegian joint exercise “Barents-2015” took place in Barents Sea Russian and Norwegian seamen practiced conducting search-and-rescue operations in Barents Sea and oil spill recovery.
04.06.2015 (16:30) Russian Airborne and Special Task Force of the National Guard Kirgizia counter simulated terrorists in the mountains of Tien Shan Joint two-side exercise of the Russian Airborne units and Special Task Force Brigade of the National Guard of Kirgizia will finish on June 5.
04.06.2015 (15:25) SMT Command complex group working in Tatishevo missile formation Its main task is to provide assistance to the command staff in conducting combat readiness exercises.
04.06.2015 (14:39) “Army and Society” roundtable discussion to be held at the Forum “Army-2015” The main objectives of the roundtable conference is to talk on the role of the Armed Forces in modern Russia, work out suggestions of developing cooperation between the Armed Forces and society.
04.06.2015 (14:35) Journalists learn to render medical assistance in the field at the “Bastion” training in Sevastopol After a 10-hour practice they will pass a testing where they will render first aid and reanimate injured persons.
04.06.2015 (13:50) Field trainings started among snipers and AT rocket launcher operators of the Baltic Fleet coastal troops In the course of the field trainings, snipers and rocket launcher operators learn to use effectively the standard weaponry in the conditions of the modern warfare.
04.06.2015 (12:38) Meeting of Defence Ministers of Russia and Tajikistan took place in Dushanbe In the course of the meeting, General of the Army Sergei Shoigu stated that Russia and Tajikistan have extensive plans in military field. Some of them will be corrected according to results of previous exercises and inspections.
04.06.2015 (11:11) Russian Defence Ministry gives positively assess to the CSTO CRRF unannounced inspection According to the Deputy Defence Minister Anatoly Antonov, the inspection showed that CRRF are capable to perform assigned tasks.
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