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26.01.2015 (07:41) The Northern Fleet arctic brigade will be equipped with the high off-road performance vehicles The brigade will be equipped with more than 100 wheeled and tracked vehicles during 2015. The vehicles are suitable to be operated in the Arctic Circle.
26.01.2015 (07:10) The Southern MD combined arms formations started operational coordination training More than 1000 servicemen and 300 units of equipment were involved in the training.
24.01.2015 (08:54) The major anti-submarine ship «Severomorsk» will celebrate the frigate’s anniversary in the Red Sea The Northern Fleet major anti-submarine ship «Severomorsk» performs its maritime traffic security task in the Red Sea area.
24.01.2015 (08:29) The Southern MD reconnaissancemen develop their skills in operating in mountainous regions The servicemen will perform summit ascent of different complexity achieving climbing categories at the final training stage.
23.01.2015 (12:10) The Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation scales the international exhibition activity up Granting exhibition activity the international status, the cooperation of scientific organizations, defence enterprises and technology leading designers with military items’ consumers will be more efficient.
23.01.2015 (10:31) The Southern MD units continue rearming This year the Southern MD formations and units will be equipped with more than 1000 modern units of armored, automotive and communications equipment and with units of engineering and ordnance weapon.
23.01.2015 (07:57) Crews of helicopters of BF Air Force train to land onto the ship deck In the Baltic Sea water area the Ka-27 helicopters crews of the Baltic Fleet Air Force performed more than 30 landings to the deck of the «Soobrazitelny» corvette, which was in drift and in motion.
22.01.2015 (09:39) In the Eastern MD reconnaissancemen conducted the anti-terrorist exercise Within the exercise servicemen trained how to carry out search and destroy illegal armed groups, disestablish of caches with ammunition and weapons in the mountainous district.
22.01.2015 (07:45) The Caspian Fleet held a flood control and fire safety exercise The “Makhachkala” small gunnery ship crew successfully performed all flood control and fire safety training tasks.
21.01.2015 (17:00) The Russian Minister of Defence visited the BrahMos Aerospace Limited Russian-Indian joint venture The Russian Minister was accompanied by the head of the venture Sudhir Kumar Mishra, who leaded the India’s missile-nuclear programme.
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