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10.05.2015 (11:02) Strategic Missile Forces to modernize combat control systems Modern system will provide opportunity to use missile complexes without range limit and broaden the combat patrol routes.
10.05.2015 (05:44) Everybody wins in the sports competitions of the Russian and Chinese sailors The day before, the Chinese military sailors have participated in sports competitions with the Russian military sailors.
09.05.2015 (13:57) Foreign units marched at the military parade in step with the music of “Katusha” and “Podmoscovnye vechera” songs This was stated by Chief Conductor Lieutenant-General Valery Khalilov.
09.05.2015 (12:49) Military parades came to an end in 26 cities of Russia In total, 85.000 servicemen participated in military parades. More than 16.000 servicemen, including foreign Armed Forces, took part in the Moscow military parade held in the Red Square.
09.05.2015 (12:00) Military parade devoted to the 70th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War started on Red Square Over 15 000 people including servicemen of foreign armed forces will solemnly march on Red Square.
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