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16.07.2015 (08:30) Moskva Guards missile cruiser successfully conducted missile firing against surface target during training in the Atlantic Moskva GMC crew conducted firing against air targets with Fort air defence system and warfare ship artillery during the air defence organization training.
15.07.2015 (20:07) Caspian Flotilla ships moved to sea to prepare for the “Caspian Cup – 2015” international competition At sea ranges crews will perform gun fire and conduct trainings of moving to offshore mooring and anchorage trainings.
15.07.2015 (19:39) Interdepartmental working group to hold a meeting in Severodvinsk The working group of the Main Navy Command under the leadership of the Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Navy on armament Vice Admiral Viktor Bursuk will take part in it.
15.07.2015 (18:45) Western MD tank crews learn to act in case of underwater emergencies Western MD tank units located in Nizhny Novgorod have started underwater training.
15.07.2015 (17:05) Southern MD artillery crews are testing new weapons, equipped with automatic fire control systems More than 1,500 servicemen and 300 pieces of military hardware are involved in the training.
15.07.2015 (16:20) “Open water” competitions show high level of professional skills of the military engineers This was stated by the Chief of the Engineer Troops of the Russian Armed Forces Lieutenant General Yuri Stavitsky.
15.07.2015 (15:31) Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Air Force Colonel General Viktor Bondarev inspected preparation of the Dubrovichi air range for “Aviadarts – 2015” international competition At the present time, preparation of infrastructure and facilities of the firing range is at the final stage.
15.07.2015 (15:20) Southern MD army aviation crews started practicing bad weather condition flying Pilots are also practicing projecting and disembarking assault forces, covering attack units and hardware columns.
15.07.2015 (14:07) Staff conversations held at the Russian Defence Ministry with the representatives of the Republic of Korea The Korean military delegation was received by the Chief of the General Staff of the Russian Federation General of the Army Valery Gerasimov.
15.07.2015 (11:48) Northern Fleet Severomorsk major ASW ship moved to the Barents Sea for training In particular, artillery crews will perform firing with AK-100 artillery systems and repel imaginary enemy air attacks.
15.07.2015 (07:21) 201 military base tank crews are training highly maneuverable enemy elimination at Laur mountain training ground During the training tank crews are executing fire against targets imitating recoilless weapons, rocket launcher squads and other imaginary enemy firing means.
15.07.2015 (06:45) Eastern MD motorized rifle units returned to permanent bases after combat readiness inspection The maneuvers involved about 1 500 servicemen and over 300 pieces of military equipment.
14.07.2015 (19:56) More than 150 Western MD servicemen are participating in orienteering competition in Leningrad region The regional stage winners will get a chance to represent their region at the all-army competitions in this sport.
14.07.2015 (18:42) Southern MD military engineers won the first semifinal of “Open water” competition The second semifinal will take place tomorrow followed by the competitions for the forth, fifth and sixth places. The final is planned for July18.
14.07.2015 (15:49) Central MD logistic support units to conduct special exercise of the rear The servicemen have effected march from their permanent bases in Urga to the departure station, accomplished loaded the train with military hardware and set off for the Totsky range.
14.07.2015 (14:27) Peacekeeper Day to be celebrated in South Ossetia The celebration is dedicated to the 23rd anniversary of the Russian peacekeeping force joining the Joint Peacekeeping Forces in the Georgian-Ossetian conflict.
14.07.2015 (13:11) Tank crews of the Russian military base in Abkhazia practice the basics of diving training After that, servicemen will learn how to overcome water obstacles of up to 5 metres depth at a specially-equipped water training area.
14.07.2015 (12:58) Over 10 ships to be found by scientific expedition of the Russian Ministry of Defence in the Black Sea After the ships are found and identified, memorial boards with the lists of their crew members will be installed on their hulls.
14.07.2015 (12:43) Veliky Ustug small-sized missile ship performs combat training missions in the Caspian Sea The crews of the ship’s combat department will meet qualification standards in shooting at sea, shore and air targets during a training combat.
14.07.2015 (12:02) The first rehearsal of the Navy parade dedicated to the Russian Navy Day held at the Baltic Fleet More than 1,5 thousand Baltic Fleet servicemen as well as 30 warships, motor boats, speed boats, support ships and more than 15 pieces of coastal troops materiel were involved in the rehearsal.
14.07.2015 (09:13) Training of the Russian Navy Command in organization of defence at the Northern Fleet mooring sites has started The activities are held under the leadership of the Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Navy Admiral Viktor Chirkov. Special attention will be given to the issues of countering the enemy underwater sabotage forces.
14.07.2015 (07:15) Solemn event commemorating the 70th anniversary of the II WW end to take place in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk The event is supposed to involve T-72 tanks, BTR-80 APCs, combat reconnais-sance vehicles, BM-21 Grad launch vehicles, Tunguska tracked self-propelled anti-aircraft weapon, and S-300 anti-aircraft launch vehicles.
14.07.2015 (06:33) Crews of Tor-M2U AA missile systems of the Eastern MD motorized rifle formation conducted combat firings in Astrakhan Region In the course of the trainings, the crews eliminated six high-speed maneuverable targets of Saman-type launched from different directions and flying at maximum and minimum altitudes.
14.07.2015 (06:00) The Russian Navy Commander Admiral Victor Chirkov inspected preparedness for the “Caspian Cup-2015” and “Caspian Derby-2015” international contests The contest are to strengthen military and technical cooperation between the Caspian region states in the field of military training and improving the image of military service.
14.07.2015 (05:00) The main stage of the “Open water” All-army contest started in Murom Today three teams will compete for the right to participate in the final stage of the contest: the Southern MD 11th separate engineer brigade, the Western MD 30th engineer battalion, and the Eastern MD separate engineer brigade.
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