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04.06.2015 (10:32) Marines of the Caspian flotilla get prepared for the international contest “Caspian Derby – 2015” The trainings are held under the conditions of the competition and involve 4 BTR APC crews.
04.06.2015 (10:01) Southern MD sappers defused more than 3 500 shells of the Great Patriotic War 66 mobile groups, including more than 300 servicemen, about 150 pieces of hardware, and sniffer dogs, were formed in the Southern MD in order to provide defuse operations.
04.06.2015 (08:51) Over 7 000 contract servicemen reinforced formations and units of the Eastern MD Starting from 2015, over 7 000 contract servicemen have reinforced the Eastern MD formations and units.
04.06.2015 (00:01) Over 30 pieces of advanced and prospective military equipment to be shown at the International military and technical forum “Army-2015” At the present time the crews of the advanced aircraft and helicopters of the Russian Air Force started redeployment at the Kubinka airfield.
03.06.2015 (20:01) Russian Minister of Defence ordered to accelerate the construction of military hospital in Tajikistan After the inspection of all social infrastructure, General of the Army Sergei Shoigu remained unsatisfied with the speed of the construction process and ordered to strictly follow all the technological requirements.
03.06.2015 (15:30) Issues concerning State Defence Order to be discussed at the Forum “Army-2015” Chief of the State Defence Order Implementation Department of the Russian Defence Ministry I rank Captain Andrei Vernigora spoke about it.
03.06.2015 (14:28) Russian Defence Minister arrived in Dushanbe in order to participate in the session of the CSTO Council of Defence Ministers General of the Army Sergei Shoigu will also visit the 201st Russian airbase in order to inspect combat training organization and infrastructure construction.
03.06.2015 (14:13) Western MD to present over 60 samples of military equipment at the “Army-2015” forum Among them, there are the newest modifications of T-90A, T-80U, T-72B3 tanks, Msta-S self-propelled howitzers, Tornado-G MLRS, BMP-2 and BMP-3 IFVs and BTR-82A APCs, etc.
03.06.2015 (13:49) Crews of bomber and army aviation of the Southern MD became the winners of the “Aviadarts-2015” contest The officers will be recommended for a promotion and will be able to enter the Air Force Academy without exams.
03.06.2015 (13:21) 68th session of the CIS Council of Defence Ministers held in friendly and constructive atmosphere The made decisions will promote development of multilateral cooperation in the Commonwealth considering common, regional and national interests.
03.06.2015 (12:55) Baltic Fleet Korolev MLS joint the Russian Navy permanent operational in the Mediterranean She will replace the Alexander Shabalin MLS, which have been performing tasks in the group from November 2014.
03.06.2015 (12:37) S-400 Triumph delivered on Kamchatka There are over 200 pieces of armament and military equipment as well as repair parts, 40-metre towers for targeting locators and divisional reconnaissance means.
03.06.2015 (11:43) Surprise combat readiness inspection been held at the Northern Fleet Arctic motorized rifle brigade The main objective of the event is to assess readiness of units for performing assigned tasks and operating in extreme and Arctic conditions.
03.06.2015 (10:47) Southern MD signalmen master modern communication equipment The servicemen of the HQ brigade learn to use the newest radio station R-419-MP Andromeda-D, unified radio stations R-16-0,5, modernized operator’s rooms and other military equipment.
03.06.2015 (08:44) Southern MD pilots to increase intensity of combat training In the course of combat training the Su-25SM crews of the Southern MD aviation regiment, which is located in Krasnodar Krai, will fire more than 4000 bombs and missiles.
03.06.2015 (08:18) Russian Defence Minister opened the session of the CIS Council of Defence Ministers The CIS Ministers of Defence will talk on issues concerning national interests of the Commonwealth and its safe development.
03.06.2015 (07:23) Servicemen of military formations located in Chechnya practicing using modern armament Servicemen are practicing at the Gvardeyets, Alpiisky, Kalinovsky training complexes, and in special classes equipped with simulators.
03.06.2015 (06:58) The first tactical air exercise of the summer training period took place at the premises of the Eastern MD air regiment located in Khabarovsk Krai. In the course of the practical one, the crews of tactical bombers Su-24M carried out flight tasks of destroying groups of ground targets at the special firing range “Litovka”. The pilots performed over 15 sorties.
02.06.2015 (20:11) Delegation of the Brazilian Armed Forces visited Taman motorized rifle division of the Western MD In the course of the visit the guests visited the firing range where the international stage of the “Tank biathlon – 2015” contest will take place.
02.06.2015 (18:52) Journalists’ capture at the Black Sea Fleet separate marine brigade training ground After acting as hostages, the “Bastion” course attendees noted the emotional and psychological tension of the exercise.
02.06.2015 (18:30) The number of advanced communication systems increased considerably in the Western MD Military units have received the newest digital complexes Redut-2US, mobile digital radio station R-419L1 and automobile radio stations R-166.
02.06.2015 (17:51) Russian Defence Minister arrived in Kirgizia The session of the Council of Defence Ministers of the Commonwealth of the Independent States will take place under the leadership of General of the Army Sergei Shoigu in Cholpon-Ata on June 3.
02.06.2015 (17:46) Baltic Fleet Coastal Troops fulfilled the combat training plan During the half-year period, the Baltic Fleet servicemen conducted more than 500 firings and 200 combat vehicle driving exercises.
02.06.2015 (17:34) Russian Navy to demonstrate unique samples of armament military and special hardware at the Forum “Army-2015” In particular, BL-680 high-speed boats, motor boats and BTR-82AM will be demonstrated at the Komsomolskoye Lake located in Alabino.
02.06.2015 (14:42) Driving and firing capabilities of the military vehicles of the Airborne to be shown at the “Army-2015” forum Moreover, the Airborne units will show different landing methods of personnel and military hardware using modern parachute systems.
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