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08.05.2015 (21:56) Baltic Fleet to pay homage to seamen died at sea during the Great Patriotic War The Commander of the Baltic Naval Base Rear-Admiral Igor Osipov represented the Baltic Fleet Command. Seamen laid a wreath onto water and paid homage by the minute of silence.
08.05.2015 (18:52) Chief of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces held negotiations with the Commanding General of the Nicaraguan Army in Moscow In the course of the talks, General of the Army Valery Gerasimov and General of the Army Julio Cesar Aviles Castillo discussed the state and prospects of the military and technical cooperation between the two countries.
08.05.2015 (18:27) Military hardware of the Southern MD to participate in the parade in the capital of South Ossetia Moreover, the military orchestra of the Southern MD will provide musical background playing 15 melodies of the war years.
08.05.2015 (18:07) Mass swimming race in the open sea devoted to the Victory Day held in Vladivostok The participants had to endure a 500-metre distance and water temperature of only +10 degrees.
08.05.2015 (17:35) The Pacific Fleet is holding solemn events dedicated to the Great Victory Everything is ready for the main event, which is a military parade of the Vladivostok garrison. It will be the biggest in recent memory.
08.05.2015 (16:32) The Northern Fleet ship Viktor Leonov returned to Severomorsk from a distant cruise During 5 months of sailing the crew was performing the tasks assigned in the West Atlantic areas, participated in the joint exercise with the Navy of Venezuela, repeatedly carried out friendly visits to the port of Havana (Republic of Cuba).
08.05.2015 (15:40) Military parade final rehearsal held in Kaliningrad More than 2.000 servicemen of the Baltic Fleet and security agencies of the Russain Federation, 75 pieces of special and military hardware were involved in the training rehearsal.
08.05.2015 (15:12) Pantsir-S to participate in the Astrakhan military parade for the first time At the Volga embankment six ships of the Caspian Flotilla and the Federal Security Service Border Control Directorate will opened for visitors.
08.05.2015 (14:48) Representative of the Main Navy School of the Russian Defence Ministry gave speech at the seminar on the legal and ethical aspects of epidemics countering Professor Kholikov shared experience in organization of work of field infectious military hospital for countering Ebola fever in Guinea.
08.05.2015 (13:13) Russian and Chinese seamen laid wreaths to the Soviet Soldiers Memorial located in Novorossiysk Chinese guests will also participate in festive events devoted to the 70th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War.
08.05.2015 (12:48) Russian pilots are ready to ensure good weather during holydays In this regard, the Air Force Main Command provided 9 aircrafts An-12 and An-26 specially equipped with agent spraying attachments.
08.05.2015 (12:20) Winners of the Eastern MD “Masters of artillery” were defined According to the results of the contest, mortar crews of the separate marine brigade located in Vladivostok are the winners of the stage.
08.05.2015 (11:53) First monument to “polite people” opened in Amur region The idea was discussed by the citizens after president Putin signed his enactment establishing new celebration date – Special Task Force Day.
08.05.2015 (11:42) Warships of the Chinese Navy entered Novorossiysk port Entering the Tsemesskaya bay, National salute has been performed by crews of the Chinese ships and by the Novorossiysk Navy base coastal battery.
08.05.2015 (11:12) Russian Air Base commanding officer to demonstrate aerobatics in the sky over Erevan For the first time in the Republic of Armenia Russian aviation from Erebuni airbase and Armenian aviation will participate in festive events commemorated to 70th anniversary of the Great Victory.
08.05.2015 (11:02) Supply engineering and camouflaging vehicle will be demonstrated at the International military and technical forum “Army-2015” It was designed to conduct mine reconnaissance and mine-clearing operations, route clearance and its planning, removal of obstacles.
08.05.2015 (10:42) Minister of Defence General of the Army Sergei Shoigu laid a wreath to the Grave of the Unknown Soldier RF military leaders and war veterans attended the ceremony held under the Kremlin walls at Aleksandrovsky Garden.
08.05.2015 (10:27) Over 10 types of paratrooper armament and military hardware will be involved in parades on the Victory Day Second and fourth generation airborne infantry tracked amphibious fighting vehicles BMD-2 and BMD-4M respectively, armored personnel carriers inclusive of BTR-MDM Rakushka and other modern hardware will pass in a single motorized column.
08.05.2015 (10:13) Today for the first time ships of the Navy of China will arrive to Novorossiysk Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Navy Admiral Viktor Chirkov checked the readiness of the military naval base of Novorossiysk to receive the Chinese guests.
08.05.2015 (09:40) The “Race of Heroes” participants will meet MG bursts and salvos At the full of obstacles 10-km distance organization personnel will equip several fire ambushes, which are supposed to “cheer up” participants with blank rounds.
08.05.2015 (09:17) Iscander to pass through Krasnodar streets on May 9 Thirty-six parade units consisting of 2.000 servicemen will perform solemn marching.
08.05.2015 (06:30) Ministry of Defence introduced archive documents referring to Belorussia liberation Specialists consider the “Bagration” strategic offensive operation of the Soviet troops to liberate Belorussia to be one of the largest operations in warfare history.
08.05.2015 (06:01) Salute devoted to the Victory Day to be performed in Moscow and other cities Vorobyovy Gory and Poklonnaya gora are the main salute points in Moscow. The salute will be performed by 76mm ZIS-3 1942 cannons at 10 p.m.
08.05.2015 (05:56) Eastern MD Belogorsk garrison paid the tribute to the memory of fallen soldiers of the Great Patriotic War More than 500 people took part in the wreath laying ceremony.
07.05.2015 (20:15) Solemn meeting devoted to the 70th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War held at the Baltic Fleet Commander of the Baltic Fleet Vice Admiral Victor Kravchuk congratulated veterans with the Victory Day and awarded them with present and flowers.
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