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30.03.2015 (09:12) The Airborne Command reconnaissance team is inspecting the condition of drifting ice floes in the Arctic The inspection is being carried out in cooperation with the Expedition Center of the Russian Geographic Society in order to locate possible heavy cargo landing areas.
30.03.2015 (06:00) Air Defence and Air Force command-and-staff exercise started in the Eastern MD Air Defence and radio-technical troops, Air Force and EW troops as well as reconnaissance and motorized rifle units are involved in the exercise.
30.03.2015 (00:10) Joint delegation from the USA and Ukraine to carry out observation flight over the territory of Russia and the Republic of Belorussia The Russian experts will control the use of the observation equipment and implementation of the Treaty on Open Skies.
30.03.2015 (00:00) Ministry of Defence board session to take place in the National Centre for State Defence Control The agenda includes discussion of issues concerning the security of the Russian Federation on the Crimean Peninsula as well as plan of activities of the Aerospace Defence Forces until 2020.
28.03.2015 (20:34) Deputy Minister of Defence General of the Army Dmitry Bulgakov inspected military administrative bodies and military units of the Northern Fleet United Strategic Command During his working trip Dmitry Bulgakov inspected logistic support of the Northern Fleet and the process of construction of the infrastructure in the Arctic.
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