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04.06.2015 (10:32) Marines of the Caspian flotilla get prepared for the international contest “Caspian Derby – 2015” The trainings are held under the conditions of the competition and involve 4 BTR APC crews.
04.06.2015 (10:01) Southern MD sappers defused more than 3 500 shells of the Great Patriotic War 66 mobile groups, including more than 300 servicemen, about 150 pieces of hardware, and sniffer dogs, were formed in the Southern MD in order to provide defuse operations.
04.06.2015 (08:51) Over 7 000 contract servicemen reinforced formations and units of the Eastern MD Starting from 2015, over 7 000 contract servicemen have reinforced the Eastern MD formations and units.
04.06.2015 (00:01) Over 30 pieces of advanced and prospective military equipment to be shown at the International military and technical forum “Army-2015” At the present time the crews of the advanced aircraft and helicopters of the Russian Air Force started redeployment at the Kubinka airfield.
03.06.2015 (20:01) Russian Minister of Defence ordered to accelerate the construction of military hospital in Tajikistan After the inspection of all social infrastructure, General of the Army Sergei Shoigu remained unsatisfied with the speed of the construction process and ordered to strictly follow all the technological requirements.
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