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02.06.2015 (14:42) Driving and firing capabilities of the military vehicles of the Airborne to be shown at the “Army-2015” forum Moreover, the Airborne units will show different landing methods of personnel and military hardware using modern parachute systems.
02.06.2015 (14:40) In the course of an experiment 1500 Eastern MD servicemen underwent “Polygraph” testing The testing involves only those servicemen, who are recommended by the commission to undergo a profound diagnostic research.
02.06.2015 (14:10) Su-25SM of the Southern MD airbase practice simulated enemy air defence penetration Training flights are conducted in pairs and wings in bad weather conditions and at night.
02.06.2015 (11:28) Pacific Fleet naval aviation crews performed in-air refueling for the first time This is one of the most difficult elements of flight training. It is carried out at the altitude of 4-5 thousand metres at the speed of 500-600 km/h. The distance between the aircraft was several tens of metres.
02.06.2015 (00:00) Russian experts to carry out inspection of the assigned area on the territory of Slovenia The inspection is held on June 2-5 in order to determine the extent of military notifiable activities within the Vienna Document 2011.
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